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20 hours ago, waikiore said:

With Westhaven pricing ever going north, your new ship is looking v attractive to me.

Yup it's criminal the way exorbitant berth rates have slayed the value of moored craft.

Those who own or manage marinas should hang their heads in collective shame and a plague on all their houses I say.

We have been without a yacht for 3 years now and looking at the costs of ownership in today's terms we could no longer justify the outgoings.

I have reached for a sail and oar alternative the LOA is far more compatible with my retirement income.


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6 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

Looks like it would even tow a dinghy to a boat ramp.

Beats an old Fergie TE

Bet it don't chew up the lawn like the old Fergy tires did.....

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15 hours ago, LBD said:

Bet it don't chew up the lawn like the old Fergy tires did.....

Has 4 wheel drive but the “glide steer”disengages the corresponding rear wheel drive to limit chewing whilst turning.

The steering lock is also brilliant.



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21 hours ago, Addem said:

Weekend still going but this comment shows the commitment to allow us to work on the mastimage.thumb.png.cc3a5c47ed2ad688f043569ea38f2231.png

A light load in 35 kts is game, but at least the boat is on the hard not moving around....

Must be  the season, my stick 2 weeks ago was 270 kg without all the rigging... 460kg all up


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Dropped the mooring lines at 15:12 and picked up a mooring buoy at 20.13, 39 miles later. Brest to Audierne, mostly 20-25 knts very deep so I played it careful and only when with the Code0, putting in an ugly first reef and changing down to the genoa about 5miles out from Raz de Sien - didn’t want to be caught awkwardly over ragged around there.

Saw 13.8 on the speedo at one point and also had SOG of over 15 for a while. 

Should have reefed earlier (shouldn’t we all) and then would have had better balance to keep the code zero up for longer.




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