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Not this weekend but over the last month i have been doing something new. I had a delivery planned Tahiti to Auckland but it failed to materialize. Angela had gone to visit her mum in Florida so

Got 10 boats towed back into the environment before 10:30 this morning, waited until tide came in, floated off the cradle and went to the mooring only to find it had become an ecosystem all of its own

School holiday cruise me and my boy

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8 hours ago, Fish said:

In NZ?

Would be nice, but alas, no :( - openings in my field are slim to none in NZ even in a good year.


On 28/09/2020 at 6:35 PM, Frank said:

No mean feat in a Covid economy.

Yeah, one area that's still doing ok is Pharmaceuticals and associated Covid research. Many investors looking for quick gains there.

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this weekend - Wairoa (Clevedon) River to Rotoroa Home Bay on Friday, pleasant day strolling around the island (water's still a bit cool for me for swimming) pre-evening drinks watching the sun go down and the moon come up in the company of about 12 other boats of various types.

Saturday Rotoroa to Rakino - I've lived in Auckland since 1989 and never been to either.  Slow going motoring against the tide up the Waiheke Channel but finally picked up some wind off Onetangi and circumnavigated Rakino before deciding that Home Bay must be good since they named it twice and everything else was like apartment living - Woody Bay was jam packed.  Wandered the ridgeline road and side roads marvelling at the state of island cars and the wide range of accomodation.  More pre-evening imbibing, another clear night with a bit less company.

Up at sparrow fart and off back to Clevedon as we are still not confident on the river approach at anything other than half-tide.  A nice sail from Rakino to Papakohatu where the wind died and the iron sail had to take over again.

Whle out we fitted tested and commissioned a new depth gauge, enhanced the stereo with a second amp and speakers in the saloon, installed skin fittings for the manual and electric bilge pumps and tried out a few bits of sailing and nav freeware.

First sunburn of the season.  Feels great.


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Finally got around to fabbing up a mast bracket for the Garhaeur vang bought used off TM.

A lot more attractive than purging my overflowing workshop/garage, so worked outside.

Nothing went according to plan, surprise@! Multiple trips to boat for dry fit.

In the process of shortening discovered inner shaft had been bent and masterfullly repaired/. I wonder what their boom looked like!

 Frozen grub screws, inner sleeved repair, design flaw on upper pully being 90° to mount axis.

Some head scratching about off axis loading, no worries, just go up a couple of dimensions.

Not to fussed on finish, xmas is coming.

Save money, yeah,  but lost two days, X amount of satisfaction tho!

No massey fergyish comments please.



Mast fitting.jpg

Boom end.jpg

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On 4/08/2020 at 11:55 PM, DrWatson said:

.... and coming around to about 125 TWA in about 4 knots we could sit for relatively long periods (4-5 min at a time) nominally above windspeed.

Nice! faster than windspeed while cruising! That's awesome, what design do you have?

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Weekend run - Friday night Clevedon River to Ponui Island, Chamberlain Bay.  Up early-ish and out around the gulf side of Rotoroa and Pakatoa, then up to Kawau smashing and rolling on a second-reefed main and semi-furled headsail.

I now know no more about the finer points of reefing than I did three days ago, but I do know that our set-up needs serious revision.

Bon Accord for the evening and then back into the Spin Cycle on a triple-reefed main and down to Oneroa for lunch and home to Clevedon at 6.30pm.

Blew out a headsail turning block (a spare in the tool box got us underway again in 10 minutes) and have serious doubts about the wisdom of the 5mm shackle holding the mainsheet to the boom.  She Who Has the Helm is a fan of the crash-gybe and other high stress techniques, so some upsizing is in order.

On the lookout for a couple of small-ish secondary winches, 16 to24-ish to improve cockpit language and relationship management.  Let me know if you have a pair gathering dust.



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