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busy weekend! just finished the new garmin ghp12 autopilot install, rewired the engine room electrical panel after a small meltdown (removed trailer plugs from wiring harness!!) and got the strange VSR box in our kitchen now working between both batteries (it came with the boat and I didnt think it was ever working - and confirmed because it now has LED's blinking :mrgreen: ), then went out in the harbor and let the autopilot do its self configuration / setup and then let it sail us around the harbor. We learnt today how cool it is to not steer 8)

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Not this weekend but over the last month i have been doing something new. I had a delivery planned Tahiti to Auckland but it failed to materialize. Angela had gone to visit her mum in Florida so

Got 10 boats towed back into the environment before 10:30 this morning, waited until tide came in, floated off the cradle and went to the mooring only to find it had become an ecosystem all of its own

School holiday cruise me and my boy

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We were busy down at Evans Bay.


We bogged, sanded, primed, undercoated the bottom of Airship.

We bogged & sanded the gunwales too.

Removed the pulpit (to have it modified to be scooped in the middle).

We also ate some pies from the Hataitai Hot Bread shop, and I swept and mopped the floors at home and did some washing in between coats of antifoul.

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Built a pair of subwoofer cabinets, twin 21" B&C 21SW152, massive massive cabinets, discovered that my crown plate amplifiers do not drive a 2 ohm load ( as they are supposed to... :evil: ) and then decided to tidy the garage up. Currently there is a huge amount of my garage contents out on the driveway, and I am too stuffed to bother continuing. :D

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Major major major rum race friday night meant a whole lot of holding the couch down to the floor on saturday... That couch would walk away if i got off it, so had to do the right thing and look after it all day. Then today we took mercenary out and dominated the BBYC fleet, then farewelled a very good mate Tommy K who is heading over to europe to join the superyacht circus. A good night had by all!

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Got a call on Friday and wen't to help the old man paint his living room on saturday.


Watched the All Blacks lose! (Geeze Ausy played well!) :-(


On sunday installed new Water Witch Bilge pump switch, fixed leeking raw water inlet, adjusted jazy jacks, re-ran windwane lines, rewired secondry Bilge pump, topped up oil and cdolant and drilled drain holes in base of mast!


Also found a seized open throughull valve (that I duidn't know existed) that was below the waterline and the pipe had no clamps on it! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Managed to get it closed and added to the haul out todo list!


went home happy! :-)



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i slept, went fast in the javelin, learned that it is quite hard to right a javelin with a kite up, a cracking centre board and while being blown in very close to the rocks. then i spent the rest of the day sulking in my room because my boat isnt here yet.

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