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I believe those maxi multis have been fast enough for some time now that it is up to weather systems and not to some further increase in boat speed.


The next speed level would be to not only pace weather systems and pick the right place relative to the low but to be able to skip to the next one in front, and the next...



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It was never a question of out right speed we know she is capable of high forties and truly high averages.


We also know that she won't average around the world her Atlantic speed of 33.4 knots which would have her finishing in 27 days or her ridiculous 24 hour run of 37.8 knots which she would sail the course in 24 days.


45 days is only a 20 knot average, sub 40 days is 22.6,


To make it interesting may be Mr Crew Ogre could put up a bottle of his finest sponsors product for the closest guess on how fast these French loonies can get her around the planet only payable if it’s a new record and your guess is in before the weigh anchor.


What do you say Squid, ogre or what ever your name is now. if they are off soon it could be a nice christmas present fo some one.

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