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  1. Any indication on the price?
  2. Ignore the age, anyone checking (with a brain) will just look at the expiry date.
  3. Yup, instant fine the selfish f*ckwits. As Aleana says, this is not week one. People know the rules. They break them with intent. Same to the idiots at burger fuel. Personally I'm a fan of going all North Korea on their arses and shooting them, but my wife says I cant say that sort of thing in public. So i better not say that here either.
  4. Clipper

    Gil OS1

    I have thre gul boots, they are awesome, especially for the price. Bloody hard to dry when they get soaking wet though
  5. Clipper

    Gil OS1

    Maybe. Do some more research on reviews perhaps? Like i said, i love the jacket, excellent for the price. Its a big brand and seems to produce some decent gear in general.
  6. Clipper

    Gil OS1

    Mine is 2018(?) stuff. Was so bad i checked for holes and then found sam had the same issues.
  7. Clipper

    Gil OS1

    Got Gil OS1 stuff before RNZ jacket. Both Samin and I. We both rate the Jackets but hate the pants. I would buy another jacket, would never buy the pants again. Wet arse as soon as water on deck. Both of us. From new.
  8. Clipper

    2:1 halyard hardware

    looks like the ones equiplight makes?
  9. Clipper

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Dont think thats right? Bit worried to have a go at this, but in the 1:1 case, the sail applies a 50kg load down, the halyard the same vaule to hold it up there, therefore masthead has 100kg of compression. In the 2:1 case, the load required in the halyard becomes 25kg each side of the main, and another 25kg tension, so maybe 75kg compression? Im ssure ScottiE or Ed will correct me if Im wrong.
  10. 1. Had an amazing trip with the family up as far as Whangaroa, and then out to Barrier at xmas. Then came home and raced around NI two handed, so have had a pretty good summer anyway. 2. Anywhere is good, be great to have a night away, even if its just to izzy bay.
  11. What about launching at westhaven, keel up, motoring to marina and leaving crane on the finger next to a friends boat?
  12. Clipper

    Old life raft

    Mine looked very old, and yep, we now assume there is nothing in the raft and have a grab bag with what we might need.
  13. Clipper

    Old life raft

    My raft was 18 months out of service. The torch didn’t go, the flares were at least 2 years out of date, and it went down quite badly too. Tried to use pump and it lasted 2 pumps and was stuffed.
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