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  1. Pro tip - spray on the way down, not up, makes climbing hard! 😂
  2. My old weaver hatches need new seals. I have 5m of new seal, but am after a bit of guidance. Do i need to glue the ends of the seal to make a complete ‘loop’? Or can i just butt up against each other? Do i need to glue into the slot? Ive tried google without success, but that may be my skills rather than lack of info!
  3. Clipper

    NZ Team in Sail GP

    epic epic mullet
  4. Found it: http://westhavenmarinausers.org.nz/join-us/
  5. I cant make it, but would like to support the Association - how do I join?
  6. The maps are indicative, the wording of the SI's is what counts.
  7. We installed a horn cleat beside each cabin top winch, great for putting the halyard on to stop slippage in the jammers and to unload the jammers a lot. We can use that to do as you described too if neccessary.
  8. The ‘inadequate clips’ are fine if used as intended. I believe if most tether clips get caught and side load they will be much weaker. i had 2 strobes on voom that floated on their side, replaced after Tim C bought it up. I had an old liferaft i inflated. Torch batteries were flat, possibly spares flat too. Flares were 2 years out of date, liferaft only 1 yr out of service. My PLB with a 7 year life stopped working after 5, replaced by manufacturer. Test them people (check the time, just after the hour maybe?) And here is one of my own making. I unscrewed the canister in my inflatable lifejacket for flying. 12 months later opened up to service and canister fell on floor. I forgot to reattach!
  9. Its amazing to see that many boats out on a cool winter day. I know there are bigger events around the world, but 175 boats must be up there. Took wife as crew, she loved the atmosphere of the trip out, the start and the beat to Tiri. Incredible sight. The video does a good job of capturing it, the iphone camera does a bad job!
  10. Wasnt really a tussle with Gale, you literally sailed up, did a circle around us and then sailed away!
  11. Rig came down on T-Rex during Richmond race on Sunday.
  12. Lifejackets serviced New Flares sourced (Thanks Carpe Diem). New Crew this year (Wife) 145 Entries so far. Looking forward to it!
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