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  1. Wow. I think Ive stated that word for word a number of times! Finish the race, by the time you are in, boats packed up, sail cover on, beers opened...
  2. 12 knots is bloody stupid (wake wise) and ignored by so many cocks its worthless. If you arnt going to enforce (or even educate), why bother with the bylaw. Make it slower or faster, i dont care, just actually make it happen.
  3. One more issue: There was no bloody wind!
  4. I had them on my old boat, loved them, didnt have the ball issues the harken tracks can have.
  5. Clipper

    Coastal 2020

    The lack of discussion here probably has more to do with crew.org than lack of interest in the coastal classic?
  6. And im pretty sure the course to be used is picked the evening before as well. Quite the undertaking to get the stakeboats (Yacht marking corners), marshall boats, big orange boundary buoys all sorted, well before race time.
  7. Wireless headset and hoist the phone up on halyard
  8. I agree scarfing is the best. But if getting panels cnc’d it wont work. unless i guess you scarf whole panels together than cut out of that.
  9. A lot of cnc kits use puzzle joints in thin ply
  10. I agree re plans. I have bought 2 sets of plans and built 2 dinghies before. No matter what they cost, they are prob good value compared to doing it yourself. For me, there arn’t plans available for a sleek looking, nesting, sailing dinghy. I love the PT11, but that is a no go as either a kit or plans. I was. Very tempted by the woods duo, but it is just a bit basic/ugly for my tastes. Seems very close to what i was after though. https://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/designs-2/46-beach-cats-and-dinghies/420-duo-10ft-sailrow-dinghy
  11. I assume wireless nation work s better than just hotspotting a mobile? Why? Is there a mounted antenna?
  12. Yeah, nah, not going that flash. Just thinking of the AC courses, so within sight of the sky tower mostly. Budget is limited, not really a fan of TVs on boats, so will remove post AC
  13. Im thinking of installing (temporarily) a tv on the boat for the AC. 12V tvs are easy enough to come by, but am not sure whether to use mobile data to stream race coverage or to install an aerial for normal TV. Will all the boats in the same area using the cell sites mean mobile streaming is too slow? A quick google brings up some small omni-directional antennae. Anyone have any experience on how well these work?
  14. Clipper

    Fridge Timer

    Those are all good ideas, thanks!
  15. Clipper

    Fridge Timer

    Because Fridge only runs when engine does, dont mind it getting 'too cold' during that time. Trial and error has shown about 30 mins does what we need to keep it the 'right' temp.
  16. Clipper

    Fridge Timer

    Our compressor driven fridge is very efficient. We have a serious 'first world' problem in that if we run it for more than 30 mins, the beers freeze. I am after a simple timer so we can turn the fridge on and after a set time it will turn off. Anyone have a simple solution?
  17. Clipper


    Im looking forward to it!
  18. Clipper


    WCGW? What does that mean?
  19. Very tidy looking boat. Good luck, have fun!
  20. I'm perhaps too simple to understand these big words, but did you say that KM does not contribute to NZ society?
  21. This should be 3 day sails with a night in between. But if light winds, will be bloody tough (long)
  22. What time does the saturday leg begin from marsden cove? Ive had some very slow R66 races, some where boats dont get in before cut off time. Is there a plan to deal with that if it is a lightwind race?
  23. Please run your posts through the “does anyone care what i think” filter.
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