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  1. hey fish. I'm ready to collect on our bet now.
  2. I've asked before here but haven't had a response. Why do Auckland ferries seem to create such massive rooster tails? Surely the captains know their boat parameters (hull and planing speeds) and know that applying more gas is just a waste of fuel?
  3. https://www.3dnatives.com/en/3d-printed-boat-university-of-maine-161020195/ Hopefully it can be recycled at the end of its life too.
  4. Starting a new thread seeking info. User:Tamure just said on the safety thread " motorbike gear is better and cheaper than sailing wets". Any info on the best wet weather motorbike gear would be greatly appreciated, including boots (though I see from earlier info the advice "throw your seaboots away and wear SealSkinz long waterproof breathable merino socks."
  5. We've still got a long way to go in improving safety culture. One big thing is the definition of a life jacket. Maritime NZ allows the wearing of devices that it knows can leave the wearer face down in the water for chrissakes. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/lifejackets-lifejackets-and-sissies/
  6. Ray Avery is a ..... After he tried to suppress the fact that his intravenous drip controller didn’t work so well, I lost any respect for him. To tarnish such a massive org as the UN with a simple statement that they are fools is absurd. Clearly the UN is flawed but to toss the whole thing away is to toss the baby with the bathwater. Much better is to make it more democratic perhaps along the lines suggested by Democracy Without Borders, or in the case of peacekeeing along the lines suggested by Global Action to Prevent War and Armed Conflict http://www.globalactionpw.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/uneps-statute_december-05-2010.pdf
  7. A militarized oil tanker is not ideal for delivering emergency relief. Some charities do invaluable work with very low overheads (when I was in the game Oxfam was good), others are very thinly disguised religious proselytisers with high overheads, advertising and high executive salaries (World Vision). A better UN system would be ideal; significant reforms have been stymied by major powers. Most aid is needed in war situations (though the unfolding climate crisis will pose huge challenges) so peace keeping operations are vital. Tight logistical operations can be delivered by any competent organisation, not necessarily military at all.
  8. Best aid is often cash directly to poor people, who despite the myths, are well capable of making smart spending choices. If investment is needed in health systems, transport systems, school buildings, training etc, then the equation changes. But it's still best to source and manufacture locally wherever possible. Unfortunately the aid game is set up to benefit the industries and consulting companies of the aid-giving nations. Consultants in the aid game make mints of money. I once got paid $5000 for a half a day's work flying up to China and back - I'm happy to say now that that was obscene on so many levels and I've tried to pay it forward. But underlying all that is the need for a system of fair trade and free movement of people (allowing capital to move around the planet but not people undermines the way neoclassicals teach their ridiculous version of economics anyway). And before you start worrying about foreign hordes, most people like home unless Trumpistan or some other deranged empire is bombing the sh*t out of them. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/philanthropy/
  9. DTWO, I used to work in foreign aid. In terms of supporting Pacific neighbours, if you wanted to waste as much money as possible for as small a return as possible, you couldn't do much better than buying a monstrosity like this.
  10. Just what we need - an oil tanker to help Trumpistan prepare war against our biggest trading partner. NZ needs to do the max to promote multilateral supervised disarmament.
  11. It's not the "public domain"; it's sovereign territory. Whining about it being an abuse of human rights is peak self-righteousness and peak-entitlement. By all means make the argument for better systems but framing it this way makes me sick.
  12. Not the Ezibuoy (not Ezybuoy). Too much to go wrong. And in a chop you'd have a better chance sweeping your boat pole to get the buoy rope (not the top of the buoy ring) than getting the magnet close to the top of the "Ezibuoy". https://cruisingodyssey.com/2017/12/29/ezibuoy-a-new-magnetic-system-to-help-pick-up-your-mooring/ If it was the choice of two (and their are others) I'd pick Fergi (not Fergy)
  13. If the seller is Rudolf Shack or Jason Wilson (possibly the same person) 0277127409, 0211452247, walk away. You cannot believe a single word that comes out of his mouth and he's a very sweet talker with lots of stories and excuses. Good luck. Or you could post the ad here too.
  14. Ta for reminder. Yes. Great info and would be good to get another report in a year. I bought a second hand electric car recently and have been very kind to the batteries. By keeping within the advised levels I've actually been able to INCREASE the range compared to what I bought it at. It's only been a 4.3% increase but every bit counts and I hope to improve on that.
  15. I've got a 30 foot Easterly and no lazy jacks. When I douse the main solo I'm careful to flake it nicely on the boom as it comes down. I have a system of ties already attached to the bottom of the boom to wrap up the main quickly. I don't usually get sails on the deck.
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