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  1. Sorry, busy at the moment so can't be specific. I recall solving the problem a few years ago. Stuff from this cut and paste from my charts info may be useful. Chapszip.zip = USA Chart 1 “Nautical Chart Symbols Abbreviations and Terms” [similar to NZ use of Chart 5011 (INT 1) Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts, published by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.] I’ve cut and pasted from chapszip into: chart symbols not legend USA.doc see also chart.doc For information on symbols, terms and abbreviations used on nautical charts, LINZ recommends that you refer to the following two publications: Chart 5011 (INT 1) Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts, Edition 3, published by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office - available from Trans Pacific Marine Karte 1 (INT 1) Symbols, Abbreviations, Terms used on Charts, 6. Edition 2008, published by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie). Both of these publications are regularly maintained and contain all the symbols, terms and abbreviations used in New Zealand charts. Publication NZ 201 (INT 1) Symbols, Terms and Abbreviations Used on Charts has been withdrawn as advised on 15 August 2008 in Notices to Mariners Edition 17 - NZ 162/08. LINZ no longer provides an online PDF version of this publication. NZ Notice to Mariners says “It is emphasized that the List of Lights is the authority for lights and that many alterations, especially those of a temporary but operational nature, may only be promulgated as corrections to the List of Lights.” The Mariner’s Handbook (NP 100) gives a fuller explanation of the limitations of charts. All users should study it in their own interest. For compliance with New Zealand legal requirements for nautical charts and publications please refer to Maritime Rules Part 25, as supported by Maritime New Zealand Marine Guidance Notice 8 "Use of Electronic Charts, ECDIS and ENCs in NZ" available from the Maritime New Zealand website www.maritimenz.govt.nz/Commercial/Shipping-safety/Safety-updates/Guidance-notices.asp. Further details can be found in the New Zealand Nautical Almanac (NZ204), Annual New Zealand Notices to Mariners, No.1 and on the LINZ website www.linz.govt.nz Land Information
  2. madyottie, solving the equations for fluid dynamics, including gases and steam, is an NP-Hard problem (ie with current maths you won't solve the equations within the life of the universe). But I suspect your steam may still escape from that set up to fog your bathroom and help your mould. Hee hee. Good luck.
  3. Well said John. I was going to post exactly that idea too. Simple sheet of perspex and no need for tight seal or silicon. In fact ours is just placed on top. I take it outside and give it a hose down every now and then.
  4. Geoff Cooper built his own amphibious cheaper, better and road registered!
  5. Leave the door closed until the steam is cool. Then open the door and make sure the room is ventilated. They don't stay damp and the evaporation is more gradual.
  6. Does lubrication with water or oil make a difference?
  7. I had a related problem on my Parkercraft too. Not fixed yet. If you find out I'd love to know.
  8. Simple. I've been doing it. Anyone else? https://www.nzgeo.com/stories/how-to-fix-the-hauraki-gulf/
  9. Guy at the end running on deck unharnessed.
  10. Whatever you think of the Chinese government It's incredibly offensive and racist to say China would be thinking solely of "the economy". And anyway, there is no such thing as "the economy" - it's an intellectual construct, not a real thing. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/open-letter-to-colin-james-cc-rod-oram/
  11. 1. "The Economy" is not a thing. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/open-letter-to-colin-james-cc-rod-oram/ The world, COVID or not, is a place of abundance. If we share our toys nicely everyone benefits. COVID provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reset how we run the world. Big improvements for the majority are possible if we have the political will to make them and the intellectual honesty to reassess our notions of how the world should run. 2. If you want to speak on behalf of disabled people and you're not disabled you should be very very careful. In particular don't make generalisations about all disabled people.
  12. I support Aleana re his Coastguard post and was considering a similar post. I don't mind legitimate criticism with facts and figures, but smears and generalisations I don't like. Aleana said it better than I was going to.
  13. That's a false comparison and therefore false conclusion; heaps more people bike, walk or ran than sail. I'd be happier if everyone chilled and stopped thinking of ways to get around the rules.
  14. Your comment is out of line and I've reported it. We don't need racism in NZ, or anywhere. #givenothingtoracism
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