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Chains Ropes & Anchors ANZAC 150

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SSANZ in association with Chains, Ropes & Anchors is organising the ANZAC 150. Starting at 1730hrs on Friday 21st April 2017 and finishing at Great Barrier Island with a Rally home on Sunday.




Key Details:


Longhaul starts at 1730hrs on Friday 21st April off Westhaven


Shorthaul and Cruising Divisions start 0900hrs Saturday 22nd April


3 Courses Longhaul 150 miles


Shorthaul 75 miles


Cruising Division 60 miles




IRC Divisions subject to entries


Finish at Great Barrier


Prizegiving and Party Smokehouse Bay Great Barrier




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One of mine is 7. How 'bout

"A yacht may enter the cruising division with primary school children on board provided they have one of their parents is part of the crew.


Also thinking about ladies (or indeed lads) taking their girls (or indeed lads) for the weekend.

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In all seriousness, if SI's were accomodative of the carrying of movable ballast in the form of kids, this would substantially ease the logistics of getting out to race. I'd be interested in the actual number of people that used to race regularly but are taking a bit of a break due to having kids. Being able to bring them along on short handed racing (at an age when they clearly aren't going to be a benefit to racing the boat) would be a great way of getting out for a race, and getting the kids time on the boat.

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