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SSANZ---Safety At Sea Triple Series,2015

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Entered.  Courses look great.  Tides for race 1, not so good - will be an early start and maybe a very late finish at HMB Marina for us.  Need shorter keel!


Dear SSANZ.  Would it be possible to put all the sailor names and the PHRF for each boat on the entry page, so we know who we are out racing with.  Thanks


Looking forward to another great series.

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Navigation questions. Help please!


1. Shearer Rock Buoy. Which is it, the yellow round buoy, or the Eastern Cardinal Mark (black yellow black)?


2. The Noises. Do we just round the two big islands to the north west (Motuhoropapa and Otata), or does this include the David Rocks, and Maria Island?


3. Browns Island Navy Buoy. Is it back in position now? It was gone this time last year.

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Just a heads-up... Sailonline is back again as the virtual partner for SSANZ for this year's trio of races and... we'll be racing our Y88 Polar in the hopes of competing against entrants from the Y88 Association!




The virtual course for the NZ Spars and Rigging 60 will be open for pre-race practice from 2110utc tomorrow, Tuesday, 7 July and you'll see the Race Description on the Homepage from 2110utc today.


Do tell all your chums who can't race in reality... the competition on Sailonline is getting tougher as folks are getting more skilled in the art of wind navigation.



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I'm told the safety checkers have been told - 'Pick anything you like from the Safety Regs and ask to be shown it/them'.


"Can I see a keel bolt please?" :D


No it's highly unlikely any boat will hear that.I'd expect.


I'd say the most likely items to be asked to be shown will be life jackets, harness's, jacklines and similar gear.


Don't forget last year there were some shockingly poor Nav lights on some boats. Poor in brightness and shocking in the line up of them i.e. at times we could see both red and green while 15-20 degrees off to one side. Things like that will be why some nice but boating knowledge challenged BIG fizz nasty owner runs you down, you've confused the probably already confused bugger.

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Define massive Elly?  My experience is that if it's going up, 0.001 is massive, if it's going down, 0.5 is inconsequential.


Simplified a little, handicap has three parts :


1 part (25%), RaceTrack
1 part (25%), an opinion of the design
1 part (50%), SSANZ race history 2012 onwards.


If you have fewer than 5 races previously in SAS, that 50% SAS part is smaller.


After each race, the handicap is reworked.


If a boats handicap comes out changing by more than 0.01 it may be manually assessed (still may change by more of course).


The problem with a series that's only three races long is that if only small changes happen and any handicaps were not spot on to start with, the series is all over after race two and you may as well have not bothered making any changes. 


No right answer, there are good reasons to run a series where you make no changes at all and there are good reasons why you should change.  It can be though that if you make change but do it in a way that makes them inconsequential, you end up with the worst of both worlds not the best.


Any opinions offered after race 1, well after the race 1 handicaps are known, are treated with the smallest degree of cynicism.

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Thanks for the thorough reply Mark.  :thumbup: And 'massive' is probably an exaggeration!


But we saw Begorrah down from 0.674 to 0.661. And Settlers Reach up from 0.740 to 0.750. And some others by more than 0.01


All on the basis of one very light wind race. Contrast this to the PHRF which didn't seem to change so much.


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Weather looking OK. Cool but not totally fading out as was being suggested earlier in the week.

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And they are all off. Nice clean starts in 5-7 knots of wind and lots of sun. It's a magnificent mid winter day out there... assuming it doesn't fade away to nothing which sadly is the forecast.


Sadly one or 2 boats may have left the marina for no reason today due to not being prepared as per the very clear SI's, safety briefings and very well know SSANZ tilt towards safety. A couple were just stunned mullets when asked to show very basic safety gear. One or 2 also took longer than it takes to sink to find their safety gear.


There is no reason not to be prepared. Jacklines in bags marked 'safety gear' are only bits of webbing in a bag. Fit the bloody things to the boat and then they become jacklines.


This year we asked to see jacklines FITTED, 2 lifejackets, 2 harness's, 2 torches, at least horseshoe complete with drogue, whistle and light, plus the odd other random item.


Generally most were perfect but one or 2 weren't. Also it was commented some of the torches, while perfectly fine for sussing ropes on the cockpit floor, wouldn't be much use if you wanted to see more than a few meters. Maybe have a think about what you will use a torch for and get one with the grunt to suit.


The checking will happen again next race and we pick boats totaly at random...except Anarchy as we just wanted a closer suss sorry lads (and they were better prepared than most as a FYI). Will you be the random that gets picked next race? Will you be ready?

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Needs to be available to everyone, so if you were un-friended it would be outside assistance. It would also have to not be specific info for a boat or group of boats, I.e. It would need to be 'general info'.

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I was looking at various posts from today.


In one photo it showed slow going, in the other there was a reef in so a suggestion of a change in breeze.


Such information in the hands of someone smarter than I, might be useful.

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Sounds more like a handicap than anything, if your racing and looking at Facebook instead of your sails and wind on the water. If it's a publicly available page it's no different to the now casting, which would be much greater advantage to anyone monitoring that in the situation of significant changes in wind condition. Private messages from one boat to another or an exclusive group of boats about changes in conditions would be outside assistance though.

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