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Single handed sailing

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unless anyone has a Raymarine st4000/6000 ram sitting around i could borrow im out for this weekend also...

after 8 years great service it broke coming home last friday in 30 knots coming up the harbour. (plastic end cap coming in from aussie next week)

So this weekend im working on the house again, architraves and skirtings to be ready for plastering/painting 

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just watching them come past east coast bays now....  guess who is in front?...  yes heaven n hell as per usual... running a shy blue kite holding it well at the mo......  quite  a few ones behind him are making good flags out their kites....

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Great weekend on and off water with the SOLO IQ series !


Fun sailing, and few bumps and bruises and a great venue last night.


Grant - thanks to you and Thursday  - great work on getting results up too !


Imagine RAF race one as went round tiri outer to port - was in SAANZ mode - but course was to Stb.. 

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Some great shots from the race on LSD!! 

Poor little Gr8 Fun - that is the most spectacular noodle, and the shot of Gr8 Fun with the giant pennant in the background!


Looks like an awesome start to the series :-)

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What an awesome weekend!

We sure are sociable for a bunch of solo sailors!!!


Great prizegiving, great food and just good fun! And it all ended up in a singalong on Kristina!!!!


Andrew has given up so much of his time (and money) to make this series what it is. And i would just like to say big thank you to both you and Helen. Shirts look awesome (although wearing them whist hangover is not advisable)


Bring on the next overnighter in a solo series!!!

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Thanks to all for a great weekend, good food and good company. Especially Andrew and the organisers and Grant and His Daughter on the Watchman.

I had a great sail home, boat was trucking along, Crossed tacks with the Watchman at Torbay bouy. I saw the catamaran chasing hard and closing quickly on the reach after Torbay bouy. But then he peeled off towards Tiri. Guess Charlie broke something, Be good to hear what happened.

Rolled around A bouy and laid Rangi Light. Then had a drag race to the finish with the Watchman. He seemed  to be able to point a little higher and laid  the finish, I had to throw in a couple of tacks. and crossed the line just as his anchor took hold.

Also thanks to Dave and Antipodes for standing by at the finish.

Will hit the voltaren for couple of days to recover. Enjoyed it all and will be back. Be good to get a few more 35 footers out there.


Gale Force




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