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Interior fitout Ross 830 - Bare bones cruisable.

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Ok, so now the outside of the boat is well on it's way to being sorted I am faced with the inside of my little boat with a view to making the debut Xmas cruise survivable if not enjoyable.


Guys who cruise on SR26's, Ross 780's Elliott sports boats etc would be whom I'm directing these questions at. Particularly those who've holidayed with little kids.


Obviously a massive, battened boom tent and possibly lee cloths would be a good starting point.


We are talking a maximum 10 day stooge out to the Barrier at Xmas, 4 days at Easter and a few overnighters at Oneroa or Mansion House Bay over the summer.


Mum, dad and two little guys - 5 and 7yrs. The boat has a v berth up front, two quarter berths, an extra long saloon berth and a 3/4 length one.

Separate head walled by two bulkheads and the retractable keel trunk.

It has a small galley amidships, with a sink plumbed up to a removable 20 litre water drum underneath, and cooking wise there is a wire framed 2 primus camping stove type deal.


She's going to be a club racer casual overnighter usually, so I don't want to overbuild/weight the interior for the sake of one or two extended family jaunts per year.


Questions I have are:


Toilet - what do you suggest or recommend I avoid? I was thinking a manual pump type with a bulkhead mounted holding tank.


Waterpump - electric or manual? If manual then foot pump or tap mounted hand plunger?


Cooking - stick with the race stove for everyday but add an LPG bbq in the cockpit for cruising?


Plates/cutlery - do you build a proper shelf t shaped hole thingy for plates or just bung em in a plastic container under a bunk?


Water - take 3 or 4 20 Litre containers away and top them up when able or splash out (Tee hee) on a bladder type deal like Motorboat?


Charging - short shaft Yammie 8hp 2 stroke in a well so no charge coil. The boat has two battery boxes one either side of the companionway down low so I could just go with two fully charged house batteries and maybe a solar charging system? Electronics wise other than navionics we are probably going to be talking a DVD playing LCD bulkhead mounted TV for kids movies and a stereo/ led cabin lights plus cellphone charging.


Refrigeration - obviously with no inboard compressor driven fridge is out, as may be 12v cooling with limited charging potential. LPG Camping chest fridge under the cockpit floor, or do I build a decent well insulated icebox - (Weight).


Showers - with limited water is it going to be solar showers or do you install a califont and water bladder?


Heres a few pics of the area available:


Got a massive cavern under the cockpit floor, above which there is a slide out dining/chart table. Thought a fridge/cooler on tracks under here could be good.










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Like KMM said,for a shower, heating up bucket of water and using a plug in electric camping shower is a great option. The shower head can be hung off the boom and a bucket goes a long way, Solar showers never seem to get hot enough, I reckon.

Also, making a shelf set out of plastic storage boxes (fish bins etc.) that can be removed for racing and preloaded at home with the necessary items. If I could load an image then I could show you what I mean.


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If you're more into the racing side, why not make things like the icebox clip-in and totally removable? That way they can stay in your garage for 8 months of the year, and can live on the boat between Christmas and Easter when you want to do the whole cruisey thing.

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A sealed locker in the back of the cockpit is worth is weight in gold. Takes petrol, water, dive/fish/snorkel gear and rubbish. It will be the best thing you can do to make life easy.


Lee cloths around the cockpit also make the boat feel way more secure and also make it effectively bigger as you can chuck gear against them to clear the cockpit.


For the water I would just do the beat setup that time and money allow. Having a Califont on Cordite and a shower on the back made life fantastic. Nothing better than being able to give the kids a hot shower after the beach or swimming to wash the sand off. We held 250l of water and could get an easy 10-14 days without having to top up.


Bean bags are essential.


Put plenty of solar panels on and you will be fine for power.

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For cruising my 930:

  • 20L plastic water drum (the squareish one) strapped under a berth with hose from the spigot to a hand pump at the sink, plus a spare tank in aft locker
  • Porta pottie toilet with 18litre(?) holding tank plus a spare in the aft locker
  • I had a stainless tube (like stanchion tube) made to fit in place of top transom lifeline. This then had starport things to hold an 80W solar panel. Panel had a strut down to the transom top to brace it.
  • I was only running an 85Ah battery which was bit small
  • Waeco compressor fridge
  • Pots and pans and plates etc in two plastic bins under the stove, held in by a bungy
  • Stove is a two burner meths - slow to boil water but what's the hurry, and safe because water will extinguish it. Also had a magma bbq that runs on camping gas cylinders.
  • Shower was solar shower bag thing hanging end of boom, then I upgraded to one of those battery shower pump things.
  • The shelf above saloon berths and below side windows - what's it called? - I had a bag made to fit each side, so about 1.5-2m long, with vertical spacers i put some thin ply in to make them rigid. Zip all the way round the top. plus handles. Load clothes whatever at home, take it to the boat and clip it in. Primo.

Yep, it's just a movable tent :-)

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FLC - you would be welcome to come view the setup on RevoBlues - could be improved upon but I've cruised it all around the coast (BOI to Barrier to Mercs) for up to two weeks at a time using a convertible racing/cruising setup.


PM me if you're keen.


Don't know where you will be racing from but we have two 830s in Richmond now and more would be most welcome. Might be time to organise a nationals!

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Yes it's essentially tenting on the water, and we are fine with that.


Cruised in a Piedy, then a skinny Quarter Tonner then the SR but always shortish trips with adults.

Always had things I'd like to install given the chance which I now have.


As far as a removable kitchenette goes ala Motorboat - love it but as my boat has a keel trunk floor to ceiling it utilizes a permanent bench to tie it to the hull. If I was to add anything removable I'd look at more bench space - something that folds down from somewhere inside as a workspace for mum and can be removed and fitted in the cockpit as a table.


Never thought of Lee cloths as a means of stacking gear against - more a wind break so thanks BooBoo. What material would you recommend for them?


Inline waterpump shower - brilliant.


With solar panels whats the general idea - a largish rigid one mounted on a pushpit or multiple flexi type deals on the coach roof?


As far as sealed locker aft goes, I have dead space either side of the motor well behind the quarter berths. You can see the bulkheads in the above photos. My aim was to seal this area off and cut into the cockpit floor to make use of the space. Sealing the lids is something I'm wondering about - whats a decent hatch lid that can be stood on and is waterproof and light-ish? am I looking for a Unicorn? lol


Those clothes bags for the shelves - fantastic Idea!


Great info guys - keep it coming

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Absolutely agree the more water you give them the more they use. I carried only a few 5lt bottles of water the first 5 years on PC, then put in tanks carrying around 300lt, and a hot shower.... guess which last longer? To be fair though I did add a wife and two kids over that time.

I now carry 600lt on the raft and it goes in the same time again.

Damon has done a great job on the solar on Motorboat, just remember, you cant drink salt ice.....

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Hi there

Come and have a look at Rafferty Rules if you like when we're in cruise mode in October.

We're in homestead road.


Our boat is about the same size and has the same issues. Looks like you have a pretty sweet set up to be honest; 

This is what we use-

Toilet - chemical toilet for number 2's. no through hulls, can't block, has an inbuilt holding tank and its cheap. bucket and chuck it for number 1's. keep it simple.


Waterpump - electric, just makes it easier and you can chuck a tube and shower head onto the tap for a shower. 


Cooking - we have a 2 burner stove with a grill. Use the grill lots. don't actuallly use the bbq much.  


Plates/cutlery -  plastic container under a bunk


Water - We use lots of water and like using lots of water. We have a 100l bladder next to the center case and then 2 x 40 l containers on the other side. Balances up the boat as well as giving you LOADS of water which is really nice. It also makes the boat really stiff under sail, which is nice when cruising.


Charging - basically you need charge for devices, lights, radio and refrigeration. We have a big solar panel plus 8 horse yammy lighting circuit. we can last 2 weeks as long as we keep the fridge loaded with ice. Near the end of the trip you sacrifice the cold beer as the battery runs out. We also run an electric keel winch off this too.


Refrigeration - I reckon you start with a decent well insulated icebox ( keep the beers cold while racing). Then its just a case of how much you want to spend. The cheap electric chilli bins are a waste of money as they are amp hungry and poorly insulated. Really a waeco or similar is the best, but at $1000 for a couple of weeks cruising are they worth it? I managed to find a really good compressor driven fridge in a skip in gulf harbour. It had blown a fuse so someone had binned it-score !! It lives under the cockpit wen cruising which is a great place for it. It is awesome to have ice cold beers 10 days after you've left home so maybe try to find something second hand. Also having mates with BIG BOATS is great too as they can donate frozen stuff to us little boat commoners .   


Showers - solar shower, bucket, tube on the end of the tap. keep it simple


Really its important to keep it all simple, light and cheap.

Your boom tent is probably the most important thing.


Look forward to seeing you guys out there.  

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Hi Nig


Box of 2 litre water bottles, box freeze dried(assorted- they do desserts too), jet boil and  swimming gear. Then you an strip out all of that weight, Agree with Josh on the water tight locker. Fuel odours on  a boat are a killer as are rubbish smells. Lock it up and vent through carbon filters.Are you going to fit jumpers so you can still launch yourself from the masthead?

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The other thing that's primo is that ring thing you see on the stove. It's an oven :-)


There's a lid that fits over it all, to cover the hole as well, so the heat from the stove heats from underneath and also up through the hole to heat the top of the food. 


Works a treat on the little alcohol stove. That's home made bread baked in there - en route to the Nelson Regatta.


I just remembered what it's called, or the brand anyway - Omnia: 



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