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Marshall Law Ross 40, 2 handed build up.

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Bluetooth = power sucking.  I have a plug next to my Fusion into which goes a USB stick.


Hows the prod going to work for marina length, have you just gone up a size?

We don't get into a 12 metre berth anyway, it's 14 metres or nothing. (Original OL = 12.2 metres). Now it will be 13 metres with the prod withdrawn, so no issues.. I can put a USB stick into that port if I want to, that's the idea..

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mmm carbon hinge on the instrument panel too. wow smithy thats taking it to the nth degree.


Now we have to see if its the carbon panel or the 400kg on the bulb making a performance difference.


It'll be the panel for sure..

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It's already got paint?


.......... maybe it's just me working off a lower base due to my boat's glamour paint work {insert Tui advert here}

The cockpit is a lot rougher than it looks in the photos. Prod is only undercoat..

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