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Takapuna campground and YNZ

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It has now become apparent why YachtingNZ were so focused on building a centre in Takapuna.  

They were gifted $3 million by North Shore City council on condition that they build a base on the North Shore.



The unused $3 million is sitting on the council's books because, in 2010, the old North Shore City Council assigned it to the Harbour Access Trust, a group of private parties interested in delivering a Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) sailing facility.

However, in the 2010 "Relationship Agreement" between council and the trust it states the $3 million depends on a list of conditions that "must be completed or performed to council's satisfaction in all respects within two years of the signing of agreement".





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If you want to ensure the safety of the Takapuna Campground, do NOT vote for Fay Freeman.


Jan O’Connor
Mike Cohen
Grant Gillon
Garry Venus
Rohan Lord
Trish Deans
Bruce Tubb
Don Campbell

Anne-Elise Smithson
Grant Gillon

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ScottiE, on 28 Sept 2016 - 6:51 PM, said:

Geez - that's starting to look really really dodgy.

Who was on the board of YNZ at the time and who are the trustees of this trusr



The Harbour Access Trust, registered in 2007 with a board of Ralph Roberts, Dave Donaldson, Peter Montgomery, Peter Wall and Sandra Wakeford, was established for seven aims - none appears to cover this project. Chairman Peter Wall says it was set up to get wharves built at Takapuna and Browns Bay.



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Yes I saw that and it came as no surprise. There was no way in hell what was happening was straight up, there no way all that could happen without dodgy sh*t going on.


All these things going against YNZ and making yachting look more like arrogant fuckers yet no way of holding YNZ accountable. Aren't they a lucky to be so protected they can be arseholes with impunity.


'They' being just a few at the top, certainly not all.

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$800,00 gone, unbelievable.


The way McSkimmin brushes off the auditor generals findings is appalling, his head should be the first to roll.


Good on Colin Flavell for stirring the pot, not that it's made an iota of difference to the top brass.

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That is all true MB, and the limited dealings I have had with them in the past few years have been good. 


However, It's not sensible for the sport to build in a place that promotes the image that yachting is only for rich people, has huge resistance from sailors and public alike, plus its supposed to be Yachting NZ, not Dinghy NZ!


IMO an expensive facility like this should be in a location that caters for all types of sailing, not just dinghies .


SO while I support the aims of the mission statement as above, I do not support that location, nor the fact that they wasted 800K on trying to flog a dead horse. I'd expect (much)  better use of limited funds from a competent management....

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We've not had anything either.


I'd be seriously disappointed if some in YNZ were my kids. Mine do have manners and common curtsey.

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Well MB as a payer of three lots of Yachting NZ levys I do object to a high performance centre being allocated most of the money for just the Olympic sailors (a very small number of highly sponsored people) - though when you look at the latest funding round you can see why YNZ put such emphasis on them. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against dinghy sailing, and some of the people at YNZ are great supporting the grass roots of yachting Kim Admore springs to mind, however they do appear to have forgotten the silent majority of us who pay each year - for what exactly? Clubs are administering their own safety rules and races.... 

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MB I think you've missed the point here a bit.


The opposition to the HPC at taka was 99.9% on the location that YNZ & HAT wanted to put it.


Originally they wanted to put it beside the Takapuna yacht club, dug back into the side of the hill (I still think that's a great location), but then they realised the telecom internet cable comes in there and it was going to cost about $300K to move the cable.  That wasn't an insurmountable task, Telecom and the North Shore Council were both open to it.


But YNZ and HAT got on their high horse and said no, lets go over the road and get rid of that cruddy campground and build ourselves a glass palace, and that's when the community opposition built momentum.


And that's when YNZ and HAT started looking like pompous twats, seemingly determined to fly in the face of a large majority of local people.


So now sport NZ are $800K worse off for nothing to show.  I've not paid membership fees for years but I'm about to start again and I'll be pissed off if they keep throwing money away like that.


I'm actually pissed off about it now as it's our taxpayer money that Abercrombie and co have wasted.

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You have nothing against dinghy sailing but you don't support them as part of YNZ's role? Pretty selfish point of view if you ask me.



And a POV that wasn't expressed. Does the term Straw Man mean anything to you?

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For someone who was expressing some rather disparaging comment's about YNZ only a couple of weeks ago one wonders why this sudden change of heart Mr Bike.


For someone who has said many times the elite are sucking off the public tit at the public expense and that's a very bad thing, one does wonder why this sudden change of heart Mr Bike.


For someone who has expressed the need for the public to be listened to by the powers that be, one does wonder why this sudden change of heart Mr Bike.

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