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We've started clearing out. If no one speaks up they'll go to the hospice.


Francis Chichester  Along the clipper way

                                The Lonely Sea and the Sky

                                 Gypsy Moth circles the World


Mary Blewitt         Navigation for Yachtsmen


Jim Murrant              Reaching for the limit


Bill Tilman           Mischief in Patagonia


Stephen Hawking   A Brief History of Time


John Glennie and Jane Phare   Spirit of Rose Noelle


Hamilton Adams ---- The Racing Schooner Westward


David Lewis          Ice Bird



Hindenburg - an illustrated history (OK it's an airship)


Alan Sefton - DB Yachting Annual (74 - I'm in it)


Peter Heaton - A History of Yachting in Pictures


L Francis Herresschoff - Common Sense of Yacht Design


Simon Charles - Cruising Guide to Cuba


Eric Bauhaus  - Panama Cruising Guide ( has a picture of our old boat)


Jaques Cousteau- The Ocean World.  This is a big glossy coffee table type book - great photography.


Bob Fisher - The Longest Race


Will Millar  - Messing about in Boats


Naomi James - At one with the Sea


Paul Rogers - Loner


Rob Mundle - Ocean Warriors


An unauthorised biography of Michael Fay


Joan Druett - Petticoat Whalers


Chris White - The Cruising Multihull


Kathleen Crane - Sea Legs  ( Excellent biography of a leading oceanographer)


Don't Shoot the Albatross - Nautical Myths and Superstitions


Alan Sefton - Sir Peter Blake


P A Eaddy - Neath Swaying Spars  (Trading Scows of NZ)


Eric Hiscock - Cruising Under Sail


John Ridgeway and Chay Blyth - A Fighting Chance (Rowing the Atlantic)

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I'll up date the list as some are gone. If you want them come and get them.




Fast light boats


History of yachting in pictures



Reachin g for the limit

Mischief in Patagonia

Panama CG

Stephen Hawking

Rose Noelle

Michael Fay

The longest race

Petticoat whalers

Sea legs

Peter Blake

Neath Swaying Spars

A Fighting Chance

Cuba CG

Ice Bird

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the Fay book


and if you still have these please


Francis Chichester  Along the clipper way

                                The Lonely Sea and the Sky

                                 Gypsy Moth circles the World

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Commonsense of yacht design is a rare book.  Used to be worth a lot of money , but book values have plummeted and  they don't seem to be worth much except intrinsic value now. 

 The book was a collection of articles LFH wrote for Rudder magazine in the ? 40's? 50's.

 Great reading , he's  quite the funny/ curmugeon  writer.

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