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So one of these almost hit me yesterday out in the Waitemata....

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Harbour Master is one of the worst driven vessels I’ve ever seen both in terms of behaviour and attitude. They once tried to ticket me after a close encounter at 30+ kts when they failed to give way to me as stand-on vessel on converging courses. I had no option but to accelerate and pass ahead of them whereas they flagged me down and told me I should have dropped my speed right down, turned hard left and ducked under their stern. I told them they had stopped the wrong person because unlike most of their ‘victims’ I know the rules of the road and I pointed out:

1. I was stand-on vessel (on their starboard bow side) and they should have given way to me

2. Ducking their stern was near-impossible anyway as there were multiple other boats following close behind them (it was Sunday afternoon summer rush-hour back toward the Waitemata)

3. I had taken a video of their actions which I was about to send to the Harbour Master himself who was a colleague whom I had on speed-dial

At that point they backed down, put their ticket book away, wished us a pleasant afternoon and motored off.

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