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Move Weta Trimaran from Wellington to Picton

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Hi Team,


I'm looking to move a Weta Trimaran from Wellington to Picton, it's only on a beach trailer.  Does anyone know the easiest way to do this?  I had a quote from a freight company that scared me greatly!!  






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Pick a nice day and go for a sail? ;-)


I vaguely recall Gavin Brady sailed his P class across cook straight?

Mate was really thinking about that.  Was just imagining getting the tide wrong in Tory channel, might be fun without an engine!!

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Mana to the sounds is not that bad, I've done in a boat slower than a weta,(see my photo) also had the benefit of a motor when the wind died and easy to adjust sail. 


If you can get it delivered I would talk to the freight office at StraitNZ (Bluebridge) you need the freight part not  the Bluebridge passenger side. 


Mana cruising club is a good idea too.

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