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WAVE - around the world or half way!

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Hi, created a new log in as we have sold Oracle and now own Wave, a grand Soleil 50 from 2005.

as some will know we brought her last July in Croatia and are sailing back to NZ. 

we have crossed the atlantic and went from Barbados to St Lucia and are now inthe Grenadines where we will be untill the restrictions lift with Corona Virus. 

all borders around us have closed. we still have some freedom to move within the Grenadine islands Bequia, Union, Myreau, Tobago Cays etc.. supplies are still easy to get but not cheap.

we are still making our weekly Vlogs if any one is interested on you tube, mainly for family back home so not that professional but is a record of where we have been and what we have done.


Hows the boating in NZ at present?

Glen, Nicola, Leo, Blake on Wave around the world.!

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well, to do races in NZ, is in the back of my mind. but we would ahve to get there first and in the current climate isnt happening for a while. our world tour has been extended by a year now.

would be interesting how she shapes up against other 50 footers, not just the beneteaus and jeanneaus we brush off over here.

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Tobago Cays.gif

Taken in Tobago Cays in the Grenadines a few weeks ago. this is a marine park, with lots of diverse wild life to look at in the water and on land, including Iguana's, Turtles, Tortises, coral, and of corse fish. 

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Hiya Wave, thanks for sharing, pretty interesting times to be cruising, must be a lot of confused cruisers up there wondering where they're going next. I guess y'all just sitting there & seeing what borders open up?

Good luck, and enjoy the sunshine!

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hi Guys,  I think you will see that normallly the kids arnt allowed out of the cockpit unless they have their life jackets on. and then if the wind is up they voluntarily put on PFD's before coming into the cockpit. 

In the caribbean at present we are just in the Grenadine islands, cant move from this group to others as its alll locked down.  but before C-19 struck we found it relatively easy, and no bribes necessary. wont be getting to Tahiti for atleast a year. Costs for Panama have doubled this last year, even for our 49.5 foot keeler. its something like 3-4k nz all up now i believe.

anchoring for us over in Grenadines is free. or we choose to anchor where its free, there are mooring balls but we have only used one in Marigot in St Lucia, where the only place to get inthere is by using a mooring ball.

keep safe. Glen and family.

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We never had to bribe anyone anywhere on our trip. Officials were friendly and helpful everywhere. Worst we had was in the canary islands where I made a mistake clearing out in Gibraltar and they got a bit upset with me. Oh and I had a falling out with the officials in Antigua when they tried to charge me $90 departure tax for each of my 3 boys as they were classed as passengers not crew. 

However the boat boys in the Caribbean can be a little pushy and half the time it seems like you are paying them to just leave you alone. They like to lead you into the bay and show you where to anchor, then come and ask for money for that service. I always treated them well and gave them a bit of money and my rubbish bags. Often inviting them on board for a beer. Once you are friends with them, doors seem to open and you are made welcome everywhere and feel safe and secure. We made some great friends with the boat boys but sometimes you get a dud. If you treat them badly then bad things seem to happen.......

Mooring fees around the Caribbean were US$30 or 100EC. The British virgin islands had moorings everywhere in the good anchorages and it was hard to find a decent spot without picking one up or anchoring in very deep water.

In 2018 the panama canal cost us just over US$2000 in total for under 50ft. That included agents costs, line and fender rental.


Glen are you planning to wait it out there or park the boat in Grenada and come home? 


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Only place I've had a issue with bribes was Sri Lanka - also the only place that had signs saying "To Offer or to receive bribes is a crime.  Offenders will be prosecuted"  at the point of entry. When asked for Whiskey - (Illegal in most Muslim countries), I pointed at the sign, and the official just laughed. "Well, what have you got for me?"

Corruption and dubious charges though are pretty common in many places in the world. Often it's their system - one place, the "officials" get no salary, they live off what they can make the mariners pay. That is pretty hard too get your head around for a Kiwi, but its how they are, and normal for them. 

NZ is a great place!

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As Boo Boo said if you treat them with respect you won’t have any more difficulty than here

It amazes me how a bad story is repeated a hundred fold yet good ones aren’t repeated, plus if you dig deep the bad stories are usually some American with a bad, self righteous attitude.

We had a guy in Antigua that tried it on but that could have happened here, only time I’ve had someone ask for something was clearing into Fiji years ago when we were asked if we had any beer onboard, when we told him we had a tray of cans in the forward cabin he said “no have you got any cold beer onboard “ I grabbed him one out of the fridge. After that I always offer drinks to officials that come aboard.

Some charges may have not been official but they were never stupid and we were wanting to visit their country. 

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