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Stepping Out, Spencer Saraband, 2389

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Eels in your nether regions?  Isn't that a verse from T'was On the Good Ship Venus?

Aaaaaaanyway, heater is now operational, and spinnaker socks got a test today because the river was totally becalmed and it was easy to do...

The heater is bloody fabulous.  Worked first time, not tooooo noisy once its started (first start-up is a bit like an elderly P&W turbine winding up, after that its ok), controls are easy to use once I'd youtubed some instructions.


Spinnaker socks are in two designs - one with (orange) and one without (green) an internal sleeve for the endless line.  The one without works better.



Oh, and Mrs Aardvark has almost finished re-upholstering the squabs, and they look much better now than in the 1970's forest green vinyl they were in.


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