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Olympic Sailing

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5 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

Starts soon.

Any advice for the television challenged to keep up with the play?

You have "Sky" ?? this is where sports falls down in NZ.Unlike Aussie(I believe) national olympics,rubgy test etc must shown for free on national tv.

might be wrong.

https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/125759566/how-to-watch-the-tokyo-olympics-2020#:~:text=Here's how you can watch,to air on TVNZ 1.

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You can get sky (sport) for a month for $40, no decoder req, I've been casting to the tv but I'm sure you could do the same from your phone.  

It's good as you can scroll back through the schedule and watch anything you want at any time.

Apart from the fact I seriously begrudge paying sky a single penny it's been really good (we got it this month and will keep it for the Olympics)

Or you can save $40 and watch on tv1, the fee is having to put up with Toni Street... ;)


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1 hour ago, Black Panther said:

Next silly question,  when is first race?

Glad you asked that .BP. After your inquiry on how to watch. I listened to the news all day and heard no sailing results now I know why🙂

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Man, what a tough start to the regatta.

Boat speed looks good but struggling in the fleet enviroment. Josh Junior could have been pinged several times until the ultimate port starboard that cost him so much close to the first mark. 

everyone else doing it the hard way too

Pete and Blair look quick so I'm picking them to come back strong. 


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In the Finns Josh Junior is now 7th after 6 races / out of 10.

49er FX = 11th (9/12)

470 = 3rd (6/10)

Nacra = 12th (6/12)

Laser = 8th (10/10)

49er = 1st equal with 2 others (9/12)


Why do Laser, Finn and 470 only have 10 races, but other classes have 12?


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Great to see some sailing on TV. Josh Junior was in line for a medal at one stage during the race yesterday, then it all turned to custard. The Finn medal race looked like a lottery, but the 470s were more consistent.



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6 minutes ago, chariot said:

Noticed the Aussies who won the 470 gold hardly pumped the boat at all and still sailed away from the rest of the fleet.

Really? We were definitely watching a different race then. They pumped all the way up the second beat, and it looked to generate about 0.5k boat speed. 

The 470 is an embarrassment to sailing based on that medal race. Ridiculous. Yachts should be powered by the wind, not the crew bouncing away to flap the sails upwind and down. 


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So Uncle Dave told us the measure of his success as CEO of YNZ was "number of gold medals at the Olympics", what now Dave?

Safety Regs review was a disaster, Racing Rules came out late, multiple clubs questioning why they affiliate....

Maybe you should start working on pleasing the other 99.999% of yachties you are meant to be serving, if you don't want to do that maybe the board could step in and find someone who will.

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But these are only some of the minor and most recent failings of our great leader.

When he first got the job he apparently hadn't heard of NZ's great success in Olympic Boardsailing. And when it was briefly dropped from the Olympic program he blindly complied. It was quickly reinstated, but that didn't stop our great leader from failing to send the two boardsailers who had qualified to the  Rio games. He likewise failed to send the Laser Radial sailors who had won NZ a slots at both Rio and Tokyo. Does he not know that young athletes need role models and expectations of a pathway to the Olympics  for their class.  Apparently the High Court Judge who presided over the Court of Arbitration in Sport proceeding over the non sending of the  3  sailors to Rio didn't think much of the great leaders conduct either ,describing it as lacking in fairness and natural justice. That is as damning a comment of someone's conduct as a High Court Judge is ever likely to be. In all 4 cases the sailors concerned had won YNZ 2  years funding for their own class That the great leader then diverted that funding to other classes is an action many of us find obnoxious and nauseating . It is a fair reflection of a man of little sporting background himself who has always wished to stand in the reflected glory of greater men. His job is to fill in the paperwork and wash the dishes.

Peter Lester quietly had a dig at our great leader when commenting on the Olympics  saying how it was smart that some nations had sent much lesser sailors than those refused the right to  sail for NZ , so that these developing sailors could experience competition at the highest level. And likewise Mark Orams made public comment on the changes to the nature of training and coach crew relationships YNZ would need to embrace to ensure our future success in  International  sailing

Can you recall the National  Watersports  Centre on  Takapuna Beach? YNZ were supposed to have a 1/3 share in this . Fully funded and about to be built. Just then the great leader got involved with a machiavalean scheme trying to divert the facility to solely YNZ use and the process was abandoned. YNZ  was also made wholly unwelcome at the Okahu Bay facility.

Many of the sailors competing for NZ at the Tokyo Olympics must now be at a stage at life when they need to consider getting a trade or  professional qualification or even just a job. And there seems to be just nobody in the pipeline, nobody with the early stage success that most of our succesfull Olympians have had. Just a load of manufactured crews that have had a go and just aren't likely to make the grade.

How many total failures must NZ's yachties suffer from this man before the Board of YNZ recognise the disdain and contempt this man is held in by the  average Kiwi yachtsman. He is getting fairly long in the tooth now and surely it is time  for the board to demand his departure. NZ's Olympic sailing medal results at London  and Rio  were by sailors highly succeessfull well before the great leader arrived. Things have has been going down hill since he took over . As the man said himself, " judge me by our Olympic success".  Will he have the dignity to leave of his own accord. We all doubt it very much.

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