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Bayswater Marina housing plans released

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$300m Bayswater Marina scheme out for public notification - documents on council site

Plans for the $300 million 121-apartment project at Bayswater Marina have today been publicly notified.

Auckland Council's website now shows the details of the scheme for the North Shore land owned by Bayswater Marina Holdings, part of Simon and Paula Herbert's Empire Capital business.

Application is being made for resource consent to redevelop the existing marina reclamation land with public open spaces, landscaping, apartments, terraced housing, commercial activities and parking in the Bayswater maritime precinct.
The master plan, architectural plans for the apartments, landscape plans, a high analysis, geotechnical investigations, acoustic and transport assessments, a report on construction, stormwater outfalls, and engineering drawings are all now available to view.

Plans posted today show courtyards in the middle of apartment blocks, but instead of being landscaped as they are in many other projects, these have car parks at their heart.
Chris Darby, a North Shore councillor and planning committee chairman, said genuine community engagement was being sought from the developer.


Darby encouraged Herbert to visit the best waterfront developments overseas and said that Herbert had done that.

Plans are for 94 terraced homes and 27 apartments in three buildings. Around 350 people could live on the site under the revised plan, the application says.

Existing marina berthage areas will be untouched and associated car parking and marine-related commercial activities will be upgraded.

The Bayswater Community Committee said last month it would undertake an online survey asking about the proposed development, what people value and what they want.



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I hope every one is looking at what is proposed and that there will be objections and lots of.

"associated car parking and marine-related commercial activities will be upgraded"  all existing marine related activities are gone and only retail type industries will possibly be in the new development.  The boat ramp will now be unusable for most if not all and trailer parks are basically gone.  Unless it's a jet ski as that's about all that will fit.

While the majority of current users are power boats this also rules out the kids training with 470's and there coach boats which are often down there.

Here's a petition which would be great if more signed,  if you do add a comment as well if possible.


Another option is to support the local berth holders association which is looking at challenging.

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Let's see, some simple[?] arithmetic. This development is not being done by one developer with half a dozen trucks etc. It's being sold as approx 90 odd separate lots, for individual builders. If we assume reasonably, that each builder will bring at least a truck and a ute to the build - which seems to be my observation of what is going on in my street - that means a minimum of 180 vehicles on site each day. Where will they park? That means on average - neglecting peak times, a truck movement every 90 seconds. Add in the delivery hiabs with precast materials and timber??

I'm not saying this development cannot go ahead, but not in this format.


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Bayswater Marina terrace, apartment housing sliced by a third to new $300m+ scheme

The number of terrace and apartment residences proposed for land beside a North Shore marina has been cut by around a third from 119 to 78 homes after hearings at Takapuna closed yesterday.

A $300 million-plus scheme is still planned there but less intensive than originally proposed.

Simon and Paula Herberts’ Bayswater Marina Holdings revised plans for the scheme beside the marina not far from the Auckland Harbour Bridge and within a few minute’s journey from Auckland CBD via ferry.

Hearing commissioners now have 30 working days to make their decision and rule whether the revised scheme will be allowed but they can extend that timeframe.

Plans last year were for a 250-home scheme. The original plans changed after Auckland Council officers withdrew their support for the scheme in September.

In 2018, the Herald reported the Auckland Marina Users Association opposed plans to change marina areas with housing developments but Herbert said the Unitary Plan encouraged regeneration of barren marina carparks with new waterfront developments.

The association opposed the sale of land around waterfronts by public bodies but Herbert said use could be improved by development.

As for the new 78-residence scheme, whether critics will accept even that scaled-back new plan if it wins approval from the commissioners is yet to be decided.



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Boaties ‘devastated’ by decision allowing $300m+ Bayswater Marina project

Reacting to yesterday’s announcement from independent hearing commissioners that 78 apartments can be built beside the marina, two groups indicated boaties were increasingly being squeezed and the latest consent did nothing to relieve that.

Richard Steel of the Auckland Marina Users Association and Paul Glass, chair of the Bayswater Marina Berth Holders Association issued statements. Both opposed plans. Witnesses and experts appear before commissioners headed by Greg Hill.

“The decision to grant a resource consent... is devastating news for current and future users of the Bayswater Marina precinct,” the joint statement from Steel and Glass said.

Steel and Glass said more than half all Aucklanders were involved in marine recreational activity, using a craft of some description. Population growth of 50 percent was expected by 2050 but “where will the demand of current and future generations for recreational access to Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf for be accommodated if not at locations such as the Bayswater Marina Precinct?”

“The development will mean the loss of potentially the best location for improved and expanded trailer boat launching facilities and marina expansion in the Waitematā Harbour,” Steel and Glass said.

The North Shore will lose the opportunity to develop a community-oriented area focussed on serving the access needs of marine recreational users. “That user group is already well aware of the shortage of space and facilities to park a car, rig, launch and enjoy their kayak, stand up paddle board, kite surfer, rowing skiff or sailing dinghy. Housing, however badly needed, can be located in many locations around Auckland. There are no such alternatives for the Bayswater Marina Precinct,” Steel and Glass’s statement said.

The area set aside for marine-related activities is between two residential areas, so likely to be untenable for industrial marine services including haul out and hardstand facilities, they said. That area has no direct water access - needed for a dry stack operation comparable with others in the Auckland region

“Submissions drew attention to the fact that haul out and hardstand facilities formed part of the original development plan when the marina was first built and they remain permitted by the Precinct Plan as a part of the Precincts primary purpose,” Steel said.

The opponents now have an opportunity to appeal yesterday’s decision.



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I might be wrong (it has happened) however these decisions on closing/retaining boating facilities seem to be taken on an individual and ad hoc basis. Pier 21 is a slightly different issue but falls roughly into the same category as Okahu Bay hard stand and the Bayswater Apartment decisions.

There doesn't seem to be an overall AUCKLAND WIDE plan for boating - facilities like haul out, all weather ramps, car parking at these facilities etc etc. It seems that each individual case is taken as if it were a stand alone - not affecting anything else. 

If Orams closed for any reason (and we know it's already a rich mans hard stand now that Pier 21 is closed) and the floating dock had 'technical issues' then Westhaven Marina (still the largest marina in NZ by a long shot) would be stuffed. Why would you keep your boat there?

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On 21/12/2022 at 6:48 PM, Terry B said:

I might be wrong (it has happened) however these decisions on closing/retaining boating facilities seem to be taken on an individual and ad hoc basis.

From what I've read, the council has actually refused to make a marine plan in light of these issues rearing up (before covid).....

But, of course, Panuku does seem very determined for some select developments to go ahead..... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/116638559/why-is-auckland-council-so-eager-to-sell-prime-waterfront-real-estate-to-a-millionaire-developer

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An update, the council withdrew its support for Bayswater but the commissioner’s granted consent, figure that out! There are many comments on this page about improving or installing boat-ramps and access to the water. Unfortunately many Ak Councilors do not share your view!
The good news is that the AYBA (Auckland Yacht and Boating Association) has joined the fight along with the support of the AMUA (Auckland Marina users Association inc.). While the first fight is at Bayswater this will also provide evidence for other battles they are currently fighting. These include the hardstand at Okahu Bay and Little Shoal Bay, while watching Pine Harbour and Hobsonville Marinas and more than likely your boat ramp. This fight is not just about Bayswater. This is about access to the water for all marine users and our grandchildren. Other councils are also watching what is happening and being allowed so be warned. Both the AYBA and the AMUA are run by volunteers, unpaid fighting for your access to the water so let’s support them.
If everyone  donated $5-$10 (or more:-))we would have a fighting chance.
Thanks to one generous supporter the appeal was able to be filed as they picked up the tab but this is only the beginning.
Remember the AYBA are fighting to get access to the water to remain and be improved for all users through-out AK.
Donations here; (and perhaps add Crew.org after your first name)
As Terry has mentioned this is the AYBA's plan, to push for an Auckland wide plan so access to the water remains.
We need your help!
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