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What timber is my interior joinery?

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Looks like mahogany to me

although fresh machined timer has a very red colour to it over the years U V bleaching tends to take it into that oak or teak like coloring. Sadly any new work will be a much more red colour for a period. We often use yellow stains to help blend new timber with existing 

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2 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

I'm  a schoonerman. 

Well I was close.  :)

2 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

I looked at that link and can't even figure out what it does. does it play cds?

No. Sounds like it's time to convert your CD collection to digital and get rid of that dead weight. 

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39 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

Angela won't let them go, Juan Luis Guerra, Tonia La Negra, Paloma San Basilio. If you tell me you know them I'll be astounded.

But now you know why people don't anchor too close to us (or why we don't anchor too close to Booboo🤣🤣).

BP a man of you stature surely would be using 8 track😀

Ever listened to Pink floyd "Dark side of the moon"on Vinyl?? Has far more detail than a CD

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The other fun thing is trying to translate the lyrics.  They tend to be overdone and flowery and don't always translate well.

Like this


The song is called Love Bubbles and my best guess at one verse is

I want to swim up your river and blow love bubbles.


(Have we hijacked this thread? I was looking at the interior photos to find a colour for our upholstery that goes with varnished wood.)

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