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CNC Cutting

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Yes - Harry Harrison in Grey Lynn. Very approachable and excellent, considered work at a reasonable price.

Harry Harrison harrih@xtra.co.nz

Also I have known him for years and he has done work with me. That's the only connection BTW

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Took a while to find somebody who was interested in cutting the Morby files Paul and crew at https://www.fineformes.co.nz/ did a sterling job at a very reasonable rate too.

Cracked into building/assembling the mould as the biblical rain on the ranch shows no sign of abating.

Have a pressing order a new kitchen island for the house so will complete the mould and put it on castors so I can gain some space before I receive a whipping...




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Making some progress life’s a journey not a race.

Absolutely fantastic to have some space where I can go on a rainy day and play with all my buddies….

Transom plus forward bulkhead in place rudder and centreboard glued sole joined and awaiting glassing on the interior face before attaching to hull.

Milled and dressed some very old very tight grained kauri for bits and pieces such a joy to work with and the waste from the thicknesser and saw bench goes on the garden.

Stem resting and ready for laminating.



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1 hour ago, vesper1 said:

Hi Re the image with the sheets of ply joined is that join another way of joining  instead of scarfing the ply by tapering the edge. how strong is it compared with a scarfed join.

Does that profile come with the dinghy plans?


The puzzle joint is CNC cut along with the rest of the dinghy and the fit is very accurate.

As to strength the sole and garboard will get glassed both sides and the hull strake joints will receive a light cloth backing glassed on the inside.

It is one version of many puzzle joints for marine applications ,Russel Brown utilises a variation on his PT II nesting dinghy and I do not see any disadvantages.

Scarfing has its place too and Vivier supplies plans that include this method however I am embracing the CNC big model kit thing wholeheartedly and it certainly makes for a very tidy workspace.





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13 hours ago, Guest said:

Nice work, there's no such satisfaction in being in the boat shed. however long it takes.

I still have a 91/4" skilly from the '80s, & a 13" metal cased beast. Bet the latest iterations wouldn't pass that test.

Only ever used cnc for custom SS parts for various applications including  steering mechanism.

The tik-stick got well worn.


Hah, I still have two 9 1/4 Makita skilsaws as a young fella my first table saw was one without a guard  attached to 1/2 a sheet of 1” plywood clamped onto over height saw horses.

Bloody grunty and bloody terrifying.

The workspace is a dream come true and my first intention was to purchase a Minimax LAB300P combination machine however I have stuck with a basic collection of separate machines with no regrets.

Boat building is the male equivalent of giving birth😀

Amongst other projects I am considering attempting a Garth Chester Curvesse replica.





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