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Cruise ship rescue, south of Fiji...

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The NZ Herald story above made it sound like there was two crew, this story says 3, but one dead.

Perhaps the NZ Herald story was referring to two crew alive. One taken off and being treated on the cruise ship, and one still alive with one dead on the yacht, which appears would be rolling around like a bastard. All sounds very concerning / bad / sad whatever is going on


One person has died after getting into trouble in water near Fiji. They were on a yacht with two other people when a mayday was called on Sunday night.

Kiwi cruise passenger Ali Gilhurst told Stuff the captain alerted the passengers about the death on Monday afternoon.

“He told us one person on the yacht was, unfortunately, deceased before we got there last night. Another passenger was rescued from the vessel today by the Fijian crew. There were originally three on board the stricken yacht.”

One person is dead as a cruise ship sailed to rescue mayday call | Stuff.co.nz

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One member of a New Zealand yachting crew has died and two more are seriously injured after being struck by a broken mast off the coast of Fiji.

The Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Fiji said the crew sent a mayday distress call near Nadi at around 9pm last night.

"One of the yacht's mast broke and the crew got hit by it," a spokesperson said.

Maritime New Zealand's Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed that one person died after being hit by the mast.

An Australian cruise ship, the Pacific Explorer, diverted its route to help the yacht.

But a Maritime NZ said the cruise ship was too big and could only pick up one of the survivors for medical treatment.

One dead, two seriously injured after NZ yacht accident off Fiji coast | RNZ News

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It would appear from the last two days Herald reports -that the paper is lacking editorial oversight of the articles pasted up by their cub reporters -who dont even have a grip on the English language -dirigibles ! And even making up the story to the point that it was factually incorrect -obvious from the first pictures . 

An extremely sad event for those involved and left . 

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5 hours ago, Zozza said:

Autopilot packed up, leading to the skipper getting knocked unconscious by the boom, later dieing.

Following the Platino and now Second Life, I wonder if CAT 1 will make boom-breaks or some other form of gybe preventer mandatory.

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On 25/09/2023 at 5:07 PM, Island Time said:

Seems the boat is a Senior, called Second Life. Sad day. Rig was intact before going alongside cruise ship. Possibly a medical event 1st....

Agree sails are off the mast so likely the dismantling happened when going alongside.

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