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I'm not so sure what's going on there, but alot of the photos have beer bottles in hand. you sure little elves don't come out at night and do it while you're all asleep drunk?


Looks awesome though!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Looks fantastic and good progress being made.


What will be the new LOA?

When will you be back in the water?

Guna do the Multi RNI?


I hope so. Good luck


Thanks, it was a great day yesterday to see it for the first time.


LOA measured from forward tip of prod to transom around 11.4 metres, whether that would get us through the 10m minimum for the RNI remains to be seen I guess.


We are still 4 weeks from completing the second ama, then I think we have to reckon on another 6 weeks to get the Painting and finishing done.

So I'd say straight after Christmas is around when we'll be sailing again.


Certainly before attempting the RNI in a boat this small we would need to be very sure everything is up to standard. So no way is it a possibility this year, but with a bit of work, (and perhaps a changing of the wording of the entry requirements), it would be a great long term goal to get a boat like Timberwolf around the North Island in one piece.

I would also imagine that before a proper campaign including some long distance races we would probably need a sponsor.

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ok - Zoe has you doing the CC on the latest homepage news - thats why I asked. I thought CC might be a bit soon. Your time-frame sounds more reasonable.


Great Job.


Yeah I know. The coastal is the reason we bought the boat in the first place, so it will be very hard to watch all the other boats racing while we are still finishing things off.


But we still have BOI regatta and the Tauranga Race to look forward to as well as next years Winter series !

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