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Single-handed dinghy that *could* take two ?

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I'm looking for recommendations on dinghy classes to consider (that aren't crazy difficult to sail), that are essentially single-handers but could potentially fit an extra person on board sometimes.

The cockpit on a Laser is very small, so this wouldn't really work, right?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Cheers :)

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Thanks for the replies thus far :)

Would the 420 be practical to rig, etc, just by yourself? Or would you miss that extra person at those stages, since it's designed with the expectation of two people being there?


The main purpose is for single-handed sailing, but it would be cool if the boat it could be practical enough to take another person.

I'm about 65kg and 6 foot tall, if that's any help.


There aren't any single-handed (semi-performance) dinghies with two sails, right?


With regards to storage, 'car topability', etc:

How much does it normally cost to store your own dinghy at yacht clubs, where this is an option?

Is this generally better than buying a road trailer?


Thanks again!

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A jollyboat or J14 I think they are called these days. designed for 2people but have self tacking jibs and are raced with one most of the time. Basic boats that are easy to sail and fast with regular racing and an active class association.

That would be my pick.

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a stayed mast on a 420 would be a bit tricky solo as someone has to hold the mast up while the stays are pinned. so you'd be best joining a club and having mast up storage for something like that


for more crew flexibility, launch places and speed what about a weta?

you get 3 sails to play with 9 knots upwind and 14 broadreaching under gennaker


jollyboat here


http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 840527.htm

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what about a sunburst small rigs easily sailed by one has a tiny jib and spinnaker to give the kids or g/f something more to do. They row ok as well


or if you wanted a good boat what about a 3.7 and get a starling main if you want to de power it

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2nd the Jolly Boat.


Perfect fit for your requirements. Class rules even allow for one-3 crew to race if you wanted to do that. Personally I'd go for a Paper Tiger but that's just my multi bias! Plus not car toppable.


That said not sure if the Jolly boat is car toppable, probably on the large side but could be done.




http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 840527.htm


http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 790265.htm

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Phase 2s are the way to go, basically maintaince free, bit like the laser.

Plenty fast enough, easy and quick to rig up, great to take the kids out and when they get bigger they can go by them selves.

Lots of fun for not much dosh.

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