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  1. Okahu Bay Management Plan Hearing – 28 September, 2023 Janet Watkins attended the Okahu Bay Management Plan Hearing and this is her submission: The Landing at Okahu Bay is a Regional asset that provides Coastal access to the Marine Environment for all Aucklanders and visitors. https://www.ayba.org.nz/blog/post/111169/okahu-bay-management-plan-hearing--28-september-2023/?fbclid=IwAR3_S_gYTujLy2KwpMyqGtx-EejjsrWr8XZdq7wYOcj5n6VmrjK6NRLedKk
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  2. Hello Chook... up for an adventure?
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  3. We are all for contrasts now, aren't we? I mean J's, dinghy around Tasmania's NE corner and now Greenland. /Martin
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  4. din't even look that fast until i changed play speed to x 2
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  5. Cruising on a different scale
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