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  1. Yeah, Fish, that kind of girl! ???? Am one of two women in the regular 8.5 fleet here in Auckland. We were the only boat to go out today (gusting high 30's). Took great pleasure in telling the other crews to woman up and stop being a bunch of a boys ???? And if you know me, you'll know those comments were dripping in love and sarcasm. Equality for all! What's between your legs has zero impact on how you sail a boat!! (I can't believe I have to explain this to some people!)
  2. put my new (to me) winches on! was initially happy but after sailing Westhaven to Waiheke on them I felt like the self-tailers were in the wrong position, so I shuffled them around. in doing so I over-tightened them onto the base so the drums weren't turning smoothly, and then sheared the head off a bolt off while adjusting them again to allow room for the drums. so, that was fun. fixed it all up now and relatively happy. they're a little bit big for the boat (beggars can't be choosers when you find a pair of winches for $150 at the car boot sale) so I need bigger sheets if I want to r
  3. Ahhh haha getting into the long shelf-life food and I discover I failed to bring a can opener. No tomatoes for me Also forgot ice during my departure but fortunately realized it right when I got to Westhaven, and could swing by the cafe at Z Pier.
  4. I'm from Chicago. These are not unfamiliar conditions (2+ meter seas), but they are not particularly common. Also, the air might be warm but the lake is 900ft/280m deep and it does not warm up. Surface temps are around 65ºF/18ºC right now (https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=m&ext=swt&type=N&hr=36 sidenote: I really miss having a gov't that obsessively tracks this data; NOAA is amazing) We used to go by the 50-50-50 rule: 50 minutes in 50 degree water (that's 10ºC) means a 50% chance of survival. Lot of sailing deaths this year. Be safe out there, folks
  5. they did it! so good. I'm so happy and proud of them and I seriously want to install a pedal drive...
  6. prone paddleboard bro pulled out, sadly he went aground and re-injured some old injuries, I think? he's 64, so the fact that he made it anywhere at all is SO impressive. I'm totally in love with this race, and super keen to do it sometime as well. if anyone is putting a team together, let me know!
  7. ohhhh no! I thought it was rough when I had to take my mom to the emergency optometrist for supergluing her eye shut (turns out superglue can come in little bottles that are identical to eye drops). That was solved by a lot of vaseline. I hope you recover fully! And yes... how?! Current achievements: 3 coats of primer and a sanded hull that's now back bobbing around in seawater. I hauled out yesterday and was just about to open the tin of antifoul when the storm that had been threatening Auckland made good on its threats and shat all over Merc, me, and my best-laid plans.
  8. I resisted a lot of really bad jokes for the title... So, I posted about this last year (http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/14945-reinforcing-mast-base/) and promised everyone it was the next thing on my list to repair, and here I am making good on that promise, 7 months later... To recap quickly: my mast has compressed the spine of my kauri boat and is modelling itself after the leaning tower of Pisa. It makes for interesting pointing. I got a lot of great advice in my last thread and have opted to cut out the compressed wood and replace with a new piece. But... I don't
  9. couple weeks ago I was working late on bored when I started hearing similar noises, though to a far lesser extent. best bit was when I could hear one thumping against the hull. almost made me not want to install the stereo system... (I bought speakers the next day)
  10. I've got Musto. I purchased the previous season's jacket on clearance from waveinn.com, and (touch wood) and it's currently on year 4 (racing 1-2 or more times per week) with no sign of weakening. When I was ocean racing, most people had HPX. They all agreed it was amazing when things got really hairy, but somewhat overkill for everything else. I think you will be fine in MPX considering what you're looking to do. Maybe go and try it on at a chandlery and see? This post has reminded me again that I need new bibs... Sigh. Goodbye, paycheck. I hardly knew thee. Oh, and if you don't c
  11. https://livesaildie.com/david-witt-speaks-out-regarding-the-leg-7-tragedy/ this is not an easy watch he seems pretty haunted by it all... and rightly so because it sounds like a nightmare...
  12. only the best, Zozza and those are some great highdeas if I ever read any!
  13. or outboard sheeting? I can't see a second set of cars though...
  14. I have done a decent amount of international travel with my lifejacket and had no issues. Sometimes I took the cartridges out and left them on top of the jacket in a plastic baggie (looking at you, American TSA), other times I left them "plugged in." Once I left my knife attached to the jacket (grateful I didn't end up in Malaysian jail for that one...) This is all to say, YMMV, especially considering this is my experience with a jacket, not a raft. You can always ring the airlines or airport and ask what their requirements are for liferafts. I'm not surprised they're strict, but you'd
  15. Coast Guard just sent out an update in their emailer: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12021330 lucky man!
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