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  1. Frank

    Dinghy choice

    The beachmaster wheels come in two versions, one of which is removable
  2. Does anyone know where I might source a complete burner assembly for an alcohol fuelled SS marine stove ? Its a primus burner I think but the manufacturer was Seven Seas Marine, alternatively if someone has some spares or an old one they don't want let me know ? P. S I'm aware of the outlet in CHC but they have limited parts. Chrs
  3. Rosenfeld and Kidson in Mt Wellington usually have teak https://rosenfeldkidson.co.nz/. prepare your wallet for a shock though as its damn expensive. I use Iroko when replacing old teak parts that are left to be weathered such as handrails etc, its more affordable and just as good for strength and durability in my experience. I was in Belize a few years back where the coach driver pointed out a teak plantation, the trunks were maybe 100 mm in diameter at the most , he said they were panted when he was a child and he was 44 yrs old at the time.
  4. Frank

    herald ban?

    RNZ news - but it can be a day or two behind Scoop- Scoop.co.nz
  5. Frank

    herald ban?

    No self respecting chip would allow itself to be wrapped in the Herald, shocking !
  6. Looks like my old Bri-Ski, they were made in NZ and are still in business just google Bri ski propellers NZ. I sold one the other day for $150 which cost me $1500 new, never had a problem with performance fwd or reverse.
  7. Frank

    prada 4, 29 Jan

    I try not go there, its like calculating how long it took to earn the money as I glug my favourite craft beer, best just to enjoy the experience.
  8. Frank

    Boat rage

    How did a topic of boat rage segue into prison reform ? this is not sailing Anarchy,
  9. Frank

    Boat rage

    No excuse for his behaviour but I have heard speeding powerboats are a particular PITA in Tairua, its not a large harbour, we all have our breaking point.
  10. I should add that I reinstalled it with the core retracted so the motor is back on line we just stop it with the mechanical cutoff lever for now, at lease we can go cruising again
  11. Good call, the update is the solenoid is confirmed as US, it remains "Sticky" even after some freeing, I reckon something has failed inside. Its a Shibura Motor so that will be the first search thread, I wont even bother looking up Volvo.
  12. Fush and Chups should be banned by the Guvmint
  13. This is a good watch and unlike my observations has a scientific basis
  14. Well, I was being sightly facetious naturally I have heard of crays at Waiheke but have never looked, and probably wont, any cray alive on that coast today deserves a gong and should be left well alone. Seen some scallops at Hooks a few years back but the bed looked sparse, I've never bothered as there is a healthy bed nearby (for now) Maybe in time the mussel farm will help with Schnapper breeding stocks, the ones at Fitzroy seem well occupied with fat specimens. My totally unscientific observations from diving around the gulf is that Crayfish seem a rather hardy species that if left
  15. I hear your concerns but frankly sometimes it feels like "If not them then who ? MPI are hopeless. You want to see the fish life in Deep Water Cove due to the 2 year Rahui.
  16. Wait ! there are mussels, scallops and Paua on Waiheke ?
  17. Ours arrived last week and we are very pleased, the DHL shipping was fast with regular email updates right to the front door. Its a shame they don't make Volvo D1-20 stop solenoids LOL.
  18. Oh yes all jokes aside, the Junk rig has its place, a relative did a 7 year world cruise on a Junk Rigged boat and very successfully too !. He rigged a forestay on the otherwise free standing mast and had a small Jib which helped with going to windward.
  19. It rates under the old IOR rule, (Inordinately Odd Rig.)
  20. Guilty as charged sir ! there is another nasty isolated brick in a rocky cove just around the corner towards the SW. I hit it many years ago in my old 1/4 tonner I was motoring out of the cove and seemed well out into open water when BANG ! . The stern lifted 3 ft clear (as witnessed by another boat) and my wife did a flying dive thru the companion way. Luckily we were not at full throttle as I was just about to wind the twist grip full open when we hit. It was a low overcast and near sunset with a spring low tide, as I reached over the stern for the throttle I looked down and some reptilian
  21. Frank

    Lead Casting?

    You also need to have a decent butane torch and some unmelted lead to use as the lead cools. This is due to shrinkage causing a cavity at the top, you keep that bit ,melted with the torch and fill it with the remaining lead until you have a level top surface.
  22. Frank

    Lead Casting?

    1.3 Tonnes is not that heavy you should be able to move that with a half decent trailer and your mates ute. A few years back I had a 1000 kg keel cast to replace an old concrete and steel punchings one which was useless but weighed the same when out of the water. I took the old one to the tip with my dodgy garden trailer and a 1300 cc car with no problem. later I considered casting a Carpenter 29 keel myself but after hearing all the horror stories of DIY casting gone wrong I paid Terry Bailey to cast it. Yes it was expensive (even then) but it was worth it. For DIY I was to
  23. The expelled raw water should inject on the downhill side of the riser like the diagram in this link (https://www.sbmar.com/articles/the-benefits-of-fresh-water-flushing-your-marine-diesel-engine/) In my opinion there should not be pooled water anywhere near the riser after engine shutdown, if there is then I'm sure its going to cause problems. I agree with Fish that using off the shelf components is a good option but clearly they must be sized for your engine and the assembled configuration suitable for your installation. I'm sure most technicians will give you appropriate advice when pu
  24. I agree with Harry Tom, whatever you decide on avoid welding dissimilar metals., try and use a bolted flange where Cast Iron meets Stainless Steel. I have fabricated exhaust elbows using threaded pipe elbows, nipples and such from ANZOR, they were in expensive, the range is huge. A local fabricator welded the seams once assembled, the flanges were laser cut, good luck !
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