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  1. tmouse

    Lead Casting?

    Kawerau Engineering
  2. Didn’t get very far, heading south at 3knts just off Little Barrier. Any reports?
  3. Noordam and Le Laperouse I believe, are out there at anchor.
  4. tmouse


    Check out Southern Clams, supplier to most NZ supermarkets.Based out of Dunedin
  5. tmouse

    Battery Drills

    Hilti for me all the way.Have 3 at work and they are used 5 days a week ran for 15 years.Dropped often from 1.8m ladder no problems.2 new battery pack in that time.Finally the variable speed/ braking started to go.Just got a new 18v Hilti with new steel chuck,hoping for another 15 years
  6. Webber Baby Q all the way Mounting it can be challenging but I have mine mounted on a bait board that has a sliding fitting I adapted Easy to store, clean , simple and great taste
  7. Time for a oil change,old plastic hand pump broke. Are the vacuum ones any good,and if so what is the best one? Does anyone have any experiences using them or one they would like to sell?
  8. Does anyone have a Speed/Depth - Multi instruments lying around that they want to sell Must be in working condition pm me Bump
  9. Check out Mayor Tim, I think he still has one!
  10. "DaveNoy"]Can some one give a run down on what ETNZ new rear beam 'spoilers' might do? Flux Capacitors
  11. Husband teaching wife to sail in one sentence. "Look at the Windex, It tells you everything you need to know"
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