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  1. Very sad, the local sailing community will be in mourning. https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/223700-tauranga-sailor-dies-yachting-incident.html
  2. Cazzette the JP54 was designed and built in Tauranga for John-Pierre Dick a french ocean racer. Website here https://www.jpdick-yachts.com/ As for the comfort of cats, I did a delivery of a 50 foot cruising cat to Vanuatu a few months ago and was shocked at how uncomfortable it was in a seaway. I have sailed on smaller monohulls all my life and thought that it would be more comfortable and faster than a 35 foot racing mono. This was simply not the case. So much leeway in waves that what should have been cracked sheets was on the wind. Not impressed. Any half decent 50 foot keelboat would
  3. I would be interested to know what the "life of the Tug" is. The electric motors are not an issue as Steve states electric motors have been used for donkeys years and theoretically should last forever. The batteries however have a limited number of cycles and are an environmental problem to dispose of and produce. The other issue I see is the cost of power in the future with it predicted to go up as demand increases and the supply of local natural gas dwindles. Is the 12 million return based on current power prices ?
  4. Got our entry done, 34 boats on the entry list now. Wow!
  5. Dyneema would be good, one thing I like about wire is there is very little drag when moving about, webbing especially when wet is a pain in the arse as the hook catches and drags. And leaving wire on permanently is not an issue. Doesn't move around much in the wind either and chafe is not an issue. Oh and took a 50 foot cat to Vanuatu a couple of weeks ago, definitely clipped on and wasn't worried about flipping
  6. My preference is for wire Jacklines, they only need to be small diameter and have never rolled on them, I have seen webbing lines chafe through in high winds/waves and they are susceptible to UV damage.
  7. I know a fisherman in Napier maybe I could ask?
  8. Looking similar to 2011 with 40 entries. Hope the weather is better. Is it to early to say that?
  9. Truxton is on the waiting list, got sidetracked with work then had an oh sh*t moment when I saw it was fully subscribed.
  10. Also called a jockey pole or reaching strut, popular in the IOR days.
  11. Official Yanmar advice is to leave the engine in neutral while sailing.
  12. We had a Glass bowl the always leaked, looked fine got new seals and still leaked. Best solution was to throw it away and get a new one. Now it doesn't leak ever.
  13. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    Seems all the moaners are usually not the competitors, instead of going on about how sh*t stuff is look at the good stuff. Perhaps being a bit more positive toward your chosen sport would help. Some people seem to go out of their way to put a negative spin on what was a great event.
  14. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    It's not individual stuff, it's all on the RAYC page and publicly available. Don't really care either way but there is a lot of good stuff on the platform. If you are not on it you are missing out, don't shoot the messenger.
  15. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    Also, @SNS, Truxton and Motorboat got caught initially between Barrier and the Mokes, the wind shut down for about 4 hours, sloppy seas and no wind wasn't much fun. The rest of the fleet slowly brought the wind down, we could see them for the first time at the Mokes and they finally caught up by the Poor Knights after sailing in a lift all the way down. Was pretty cool with four boats in spitting distance rounding the Poor Knights finally in some breeze again.
  16. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    Most of what you guys are missing is on Facebook. The Audio update from Motorboat is great reminds me of the Whitbread Days. https://soundcloud.com/live-sail-die/akarana-350-audio-update-from-motorboat-2?fbclid=IwAR1kRODznUiMpvUVwTt1XjjQqTG6aDPbADkpSJCczEAu1tv1tPlAwIG_8co There is also Video from the boats and lots of photos.
  17. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    There are quite a few photos and a lot of info on the Akarana Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/royalakarana/?__tn__=K-R&eid=ARD5jqOYW_f3FUoBk1AmmdSSnzGYNlJ8jY7Qh54KigDdAffgXAn1zDbo9RU6Iu2tKe_vM0KVmfUwv0BE&fref=mentions
  18. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    I don't think the lack of news will stop current participants from doing it again but may not inspire to many new ones. I am hoping to see a few photos appear soon as there were some camera boats about. From my perspective I feel really grateful that these Guys and Girls gave up their weekend so we could do what we love.
  19. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    I don't think that is the case at all. The race took longer than anyone expected, originally there was to be a BBQ on the Saturday evening. Everyone was asked at the briefing if a Sunday Prizegiving was ok and all agreed. Was just a some unusual weather.
  20. There are performance and cost advantages, but seeing as people expect their standing rigging to last at least 10 - 15 years it is hard to imagine Dyneema lasting the distance and there is the chafe issue. There is also the question of whether an insurance company would cover a rigging failure if it was Dyneema. I suspect most would prefer to stick to tried and tested wire\rod or carbon for the well heeled.
  21. Battleship


    First make sure you are connected to the wifi network the Go free creates. You can tehn check the ip address on the device to make sure it it as stated, it can be changed manually. If the ip address is correct try another device.
  22. Battleship

    Akarana 350

    If it's light they can just crank the stereo and the woofer should generate a breeze.
  23. Whew, he is off again. Will be an interesting story for sure.
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