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  1. Hah! Gust Buster is a Raven 31 that I used to race on out of the Weiti about 15+ yrs ago.
  2. Sherpa spotted in MoW. A few secs earlier it was in the vertical ‘victory’ position. Can’t accuse them of lack of planning... just in case it continues to go well for Ineos...
  3. Yes. Although technically once you have been issued with the Maritime NZ registration number you are supposed to display it somewhere visible on your hull - they define font size and other details when they send you your registration. Also, there are 2 registration options Part A and B. A is for commercial vessels but for a private vessel seeking registration simply for offshore purposes you only need Part B - which is about $500 from memory (A is about $3-5k I think depending on your size).
  4. Overseas trips is really the main advantage - or if you’re selling the boat to someone contemplating it. Clutching at straws the only other ‘advantage’ is that as a registered Maritime NZ vessel you officially qualify for protection by NZ navy vessels (or their allies) if you ever needed it. Maybe piracy issues if you were travelling - but again you’d need the number anyway to depart! I have NZ registration for a slightly different reason - mainly because it made it much easier to explain to Malaysian officials why Fogg was being sailed through a restricted area and loaded onto a cargo sh
  5. I’ve had multiple issues with 2nd alternators (inc Balmar) mounted on Yanmars primarily due to misalignment - which leads to all sorts of problems. If you’re getting a 2nd one mounted make sure it is confirmed 100% aligned and don’t muck about with v-belts (even good quality doubles) just go straight for a serpentine.
  6. Yes you have to be really careful around that point. And the problem I’ve found there (and other similar spots) is that over-familiarisation over many years can easily leave to over-complacency. Not saying that’s what happened here but I know I’ve given myself a few ‘wake up calls’ over the years despite being in home waters! 😳
  7. Lack of market scale and poor practises (read too many incidents as a % of the NZ fleet) means marine insurance in NZ is becoming non-viable. Which is why I insured offshore with a bigger global ‘at scale’ insurer who can weather these kinds of local losses without closing their books.
  8. What are my options here (apart from trashing the thing)? Obviously not a new puncture. How would I repair a repair?
  9. Problem solved temporarily (although like many temp solutions it might end up lasting a while). A friend had an adaptor that fits perfectly into the 1 in valve and even has an o-ring on it to improve the seal. At the other end I taped it tightly to the end of paddleboard pump hose and it works (for now)!
  10. Thanks guys. Yes the valve cap is missing which might be contributing to deflation so if I can replace that, that would be a bonus. I might well order from those links CP - the only issue is time for delivery of parts. And right now we’re hoping to finish the ‘must do’ to-do list tomorrow so we can actually depart for our maiden voyage on 6th Jan - we’ve spent the entire last 2 weeks since the boat arrived sitting on the hardstand / marina getting things ship-shape and the dinghy is one of the last things I need to solve before we can go - which will improve the family mood significantly!
  11. Problem: Have inherited an Achilles dinghy with no pump. And of course a slow puncture. As an aside I have a Red paddleboard with pump and hose. Ideal solution: Buy / make up a hose that I could attach to my Red pump at one end and the Achilles valve the other (see both pics). Alternative solution: Buy entirely new pump with hose that would fit Achilles. Any suggestions on achieving either solution - currently based at GH but could drive around a bit if I could ID place that sells this stuff?
  12. The main tank (200L) was empty but is now full of NZ diesel plus a shock dose (1L) of Diesel Doctor. The reserve tank has been empty for about a year I believe. Hence I’m thinking of pouring in 10-20L, pumping back out then refilling (200L) plus another shock dose (ideally was hoping to use same brand of Diesel Doctor).
  13. For 30 years I used nothing except a policy of keeping the tank as full as possible and was fine until about 3yrs ago when a routine engine service showed signs of bug in the first fuel filter after the tank. It was the start of summer season and I feared the worst and started imagining ripping out our built-in tank as a summer project instead of cruising with the family... but my local mechanic advised me to give the tank a shock dose of Diesel Doctor (an entire 1L into my 130L tank) then fill up and check filter again after 10hrs running time. Result = no sign of bug. Thereafter I used
  14. Anyone know if different brands of diesel treatments can be mixed? Reason being I’ve put my regular brand in my main tank (Diesel Doctor which I’ve been using for years) but the only local supplier at GH I know is closed for a couple more weeks. And I want to treat my 2nd / reserve tank which transfers into the main tank. But only options are different brands to Diesel Doctor. Any hazards here with mixing?
  15. Looks in good shape. Wonder if it’s floating unassisted or an array of fire-pumps keeping it up?
  16. I don’t think I need to worry about extra blocks to give me more purchase - I’m planning to run it to one of the sheet winches which is a huge electric thing (I think ~2000W) so pulling power shouldn’t be an issue (in theory)!
  17. Thanks guys this is great advice (I think)! Sometime over the next few days I’ll try this and report back on how well it turns out.
  18. How about that??!! What a star! Fantastic thanks. Let me ponder that and work up a plan with either the existing or some new blocks...
  19. Is there a simple way to convert 2 separate lifting lines into a single longer line (can’t get my head around how to re-thread the blocks to achieve this)? Thinking that if I can do this then lead the single line to one of the sheet winches for an easier lift.
  20. There has been a spate of fires on yachts and launches over the last few months and not just older boats. Not sure what’s behind this but very sobering and worth re-checking: 1. Fire-fighting equipment onboard 2. Family fire-drill 3. At-anchor vs underway fire plan
  21. I’ve inherited a small 4-stroke O/B - think it’s 7hp Suzuki. It has spent at least a month not just on its side but tipped closer to vertical. It hasn’t leaked any fluids and it’s not upright again. Is it usable? What checks or servicing required?
  22. After months of planning Fogg finally arrived in Auckland on Saturday afternoon. I motored her up to GH (through the AC spectator fleet obviously not ideal) and she was looking a bit travel-worn after weeks of waiting on commercial ports and then buried in the hold of a cargo ship. But after 3 intensive days on the hardstand she’s starting to come together just in time for Christmas. Now, what’s the weather going to be doing....?
  23. Thanks for the comprehensive write-up. I’ll digest it more fully over the break!
  24. Yes I think dredgers are a lazy relic of the past and should be banned. Go diving or go shopping. Personally I don’t want the hassle of scuba diving so I free-dive for them when I can - which serves the dual purpose of keeping most scallops safe and me fit.
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