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  1. Fogg

    White antifouling

    Maybe treat myself to it 1st season but be ready to go back to black later...
  2. Has anyone used white antifouling in the Auckland / Gulf area? How practical is it before it becomes unsightly vs black?
  3. I think he'll be fine (checkout his equipment): https://www.waihekeworkingsail.org/mikes-journey/
  4. I agree with both Fish and 44 that cruisers are not a high political priority.... but again I don’t imagine cruisers are a high priority for the Malaysian or Indonesian politicians either - but they seem to have found or way? Go figure!
  5. I think you know what I meant but for the avoidance of doubt I was simply asking whether a country (like NZ) known for its close affinity to the sea (ocean racing, leisure cruising + adventures, relatively high % boat ownership, AC pedigree, history of boat building, superyacht building & servicing etc etc) then would you not expect NZ to take an equally notable position relative to other countries with solving for the ‘cruisers caught out’ problem? As I’ve observed before, other less noteworthy maritime nations seem to have found creative win-win solutions, so is NZ failing to live
  6. Most people here have outboards but mainly for tenders so mainly at the small end up e.g. 2.5 - 15hp. Not many people here are used to dealing with bigger units like yours hence the shortage of answers I suspect!
  7. Bullet-proof boats. Good luck.
  8. I’m trying to keep this tightly on-topic and not about wider immigration policy and political refugees etc... Purely a comparison with how other countries - like Malaysia, Indonesia and Panama for example - have dealt with the issue of cruisers over the last few months. Should NZ be thinking more creatively & pragmatically - and doing more specifically about cruisers in our region?
  9. Are these the right actions for a boat-loving and “kind” nation: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12362523
  10. Fogg

    Boat Show

    Good boats are selling like hot cakes in NZ too. Especially late-ish model production boats which are flying off the shelves. Brokers tell me they can’t get enough good stock. Combination of realisation that it won’t be possible to do the big expensive foreign family holidays for a while plus returning kiwis apparently.
  11. Fogg

    Boat Show

    Talking of big boaty events it’s hard to envisage how the AC live spectator crowds could work with summer rushing towards us and ‘Level Lotto’ hanging over us...
  12. I’ve just had a (pleasantly) surprising experience dealing with Pantaenius. I’ve got a particularly complex offshore insurance requirement which I expected would blow most insurer’s minds. But they took it all in their stride and I went from a nervous initial enquiry to confirmation of cover within 24hrs - all at very reasonable / affordable terms.
  13. Fogg

    Bloody Windy

    A few months ago I had a similar issue with payments being charged by Apple - it turned out that I had mysteriously notched up several subscriptions for App services that I had thought were the free versions and some of them were not cheap e.g. USD$15 p/m. And guess what? this list of subscriptions isn't actually invisible but it's not exactly easy to find either - you have to tap through several stages of un-intuitive options within iPhone Settings to get a view of what's actually going on. It took me a few weeks to get refunds of the erroneous charges via a combination of claims to Apple an
  14. Good question re salt damage. Why not contact Watercare and ask them directly?
  15. https://sailwiththeflo.wordpress.com/our-dinghy/
  16. It takes a pretty severe impact to knock off a propeller. When did that last happen to you? I’m referring to the more realistic scenario where you run over a piece of wood too small to easily spot and the first you know is the brief sound of the prop touching it as it passes underneath. I’ve had this several times over the years. Admittedly more in Europe than in NZ but it’s still happened to me here. No prop damage to a metal blade but I don’t fancy my chances with a plastic blade or the prospect of a rough motor to a haulout facility.
  17. All of which is great until you run over a piece of debris that a metal prop would take in its stride...
  18. Ok all I’m saying is that I’ve had 3x Volvos and 3x Yanmars in similar environments and I’d go grey over green every time!
  19. I can never get my head around a mission-critical component like a prop being made of plastic when plenty of good metal options exist.
  20. My experience with Volvo marine diesels is such that I would go for Yanmar every time. And if a boat I wanted to buy a had a Volvo that would almost certainly be a show-stopper for me. Are they a lot cheaper than Yanmar? Is that why people put them in?
  21. So..... I wonder what the situation would be if you had complied with all of those things and were legally 'clean' but for some reason the Customs guys decided to not issue you with a clearance doc, then if you decided not to go to court but to go sailing instead would they actually try to stop you and if so how? And if they did stop you, would they be found to have acted illegally if they had no reason to withhold clearance? In the current climate of stringent regulations I'm probably more inclined to challenge authority on some of these points - no doubt a knee-jerk reaction to the late
  22. Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 contains the first post WWII expression of the right to leave a country. It states: “everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country”. This call for a right to leave was transformed into a human rights obligation for states in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 (ICCPR). Article 12(2) states that “everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own”.
  23. Mmmm, this is quite interesting.... I don't actually think you do need permission to leave. I think that right is already part of the International Declaration of Human Rights. The onus is on NZ to show you why you can't leave, namely for the 3 main reasons I already gave (criminal, debt or security threat). But I think we are all so conditioned to giving an explanation as to why we are leaving that we are accepting of this. For example, at the airport, the airlines policy is to check you have the right travel documents not so much to leave NZ but to visit your destination legal
  24. Mmmmm, I'm no legal expert but I think that might be illegal under Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Which I think says that anyone with valid travel documents (such as passport and Cat 1 certificate in this example) can always EXIT their own country unless they are a criminal on the run, a debtor or some other threat to security. But otherwise, I think that's not legal for NZ to stop you leaving if you so choose. They can obviously impose all sorts of restrictions on your return - especially under C-19 - but far fewer restrictions on your right to leave. But you'd obviously need to
  25. I think if we keep seeing lockdowns in response to resurgence we’ll see correspondingly less compliance. This weekend dozens of boats were moving in & out of Gulf Harbour marina and this was a big uptick from last L3. I reckon the next L3 - when it happens - will see even more non-compliance.
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