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    Pogo 36

    Yeah it’s a ‘big gulp’ moment to pull the trigger on buying an oversees boat sight unseen but we’ve just done that very thing (not a Pogo tho)! In this respect Covid is both an opportunity and a pain - the opportunity is there are now some amazing deals to be had on nice boats stuck in places around the world where their overseas owners can’t get to them. Asia and Europe are hotspots for this right now. The downside is obviously the risk of buying sight unseen but some of the deals available make the risk worthwhile (in my view). But I might change my opinion once our new toy arrives. 😳
  2. Yes somebody told me that he arrived in NZ in the summer and was up around BOI originally
  3. He’s the best nautical writer I can remember for a long time...
  4. You’re probably right there’s not much competitive impact from Covid. But viewing spectacle will be diminished by the lack of ‘buzz’ from seeing all the international visitors in Auckland both on water and land. And this ‘buzz’ is evident whether you are physically at the venue or watching TV from other side of the world. If it’s just a scene of kiwis watching with few other supporter flags being waved it will feel flat for viewers - and competitors surely?
  5. Agree. Which is why I think he should write a book. It would need minimal editing and be a great mini-story.
  6. In summary it demonstrates that buoyancy is all about surface tensions & pressures - not gravity.
  7. Too much time, BP, you have way too much time...
  8. I hope he's able to get some video footage - it would make epic viewing! Nowcasting is showing N 60 kts so it's the real deal down there.
  9. If all the pointers now suggest the AC will be a flop on several fronts: 1. Commercially 2. Competitively 3. Experience & viewing spectacle ... then why not postpone it 12 months? If they did it for the Olympics to preserve the spirit of the event then why not for the AC?
  10. Holy cow this is turning into a true adventure story in real-time. He should write a book afterwards (I’d buy it). I’m also with the others here who now feel this guy has more than earned a donation to the trust. Anyone know how to do that?
  11. Yes that could be a whole new thread - things that you could recycle Rivieras into. And don’t forget you’ve got to melt down the gold medallions & chains...
  12. Haha! My retirement dream is to put together a consortium to build a sustainable marina somewhere in the Auckland region - and it would be for sailing boats only...
  13. Yes there are some new boats coming into NZ with some big sums being spent on new or imported boats rather than buying existing NZ stock. And the prospect of virtually no cruisers arriving, stopping & selling up in NZ this season means that’s another source of supply switched off. But one of the big pressure points is berths - there are almost no 15m berths available in Auckland with some new boats being forced to head north.
  14. If you look at ‘latest listings’ of keelers on TM there has been a surge of cheaper (sub $100k) listings last few weeks and some of them are well below that eg in the $10-25k range. What’s happening at this end of the market? Are these owners selling to upgrade? Or cashing in because of hard times? I know that in the $250-400k price range late model good condition production boats are flying off the shelves and there’s an acute shortage of inventory. Mainly being bought by well-funded upgrading buyers plus newbies to boating who know they won’t be spending large on expensive foreign
  15. Still available but now also on TM.
  16. Still available but now also on TM.
  17. Still available but now also on TM.
  18. The current theory in Europe is that this behaviour is a stress reaction to declining food & populations now down to only about 50k globally. Which is a sign of fish stocks under them (ie their food source) also in decline.
  19. Fogg

    Best AGM battery

    Yes I agree, I suspect there are lots of boats out there with a mismatch between the battery’s ideal profile and the charging system’s actual profile. And some of those have been setup up by so-called experts.
  20. The gas lockers on most recent production boats (that comply with EU regs) are in the cockpit with a sealed bottom (so nothing can get into the bulges) and a small drain hole at the bottom which goes overboard. The lid itself is a standard cockpit locker lid ie it’s not airtight. It doesn’t need to be because lpg gas is heavier than air and sinks to the bottom out through the drain hole. It doesn’t float up out through the top lid.
  21. Fogg

    Best AGM battery

    My experience last 12 months tells me that is a recipe for disaster.... I had 4x big expensive AGMs fitted to my boat last year by a well known professional marine electrics company and they made the schoolboy mistake of assuming all AGMs are the same. So they installed them and made sure all my charging systems were set you AGM (engine, shore, solar) and declared it “job done”. 9 months later I noticed performance dropping off and at 10 months my shiny new AGMs were taken off the boat, bench-tested by the official supplier and declared dead. The cause was at time of installatio
  22. Sure - it’s yours. Will PM details.
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