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  1. Interesting. I see it as a cluster of 3 on my iPhone’s Navionics but I’m not sure how it shows on my boat plotter (Navionics card bought new Dec 2020). Will check when we get to L2…
  2. No naming names but it’s easy to see from voyage history that can one of the boats out there right now departed an Auckland marina at about 10.30pm on Tue night about 4hrs after the L4 lockdown was announced and 90 mins before it came into effect. They would have been underway as it came into effect at midnight. So a clear intentional breach. There you go - we’ve covered the ins & outs of ignoring the orders last time around so I’m not intending to reopen that discussion again here. It’s more a point of curiosity that a few stubborn types are still out there.
  3. I can only speak for GH Marina which is not locked off and allowing owners to visit their boat briefly to check all ok, lines secure etc. But no extended visits or non-essential activity eg if they spot you doing maintenance work you’ll be asked to leave. And obviously no movements of the boat. If you can’t get to your boat but are worried you can ask Marina security to check it for you. This has all been clearly communicated to berth holders via email.
  4. No idea but those that have it seem to fall into different habits: 1. Leave on 24x7x365 2. Switch on when arriving onboard and only switch off when leaving boat at end of trip 3. Switch on only when underway but switch off at anchor and all other times Interesting that some of the NZ boats out there haven’t even tried to hide by turning it off at anchor. Might be inviting a visit by Deodar sometime…
  5. A curious browse of AIS traffic shows a handful of private boats out & about across the region. Far fewer than last L4 but that might be partly time of year as well as fear of stricter policing. The foreign flagged vessels presumably have a valid excuse as international liveaboard cruisers still caught here in NZ. But the NZ-flagged vessels appear to be only a few hours from their home ports but nevertheless sticking it out.
  6. Ironically I have no paper charts on the boat but I do at home.
  7. True but I’ve managed to get mine acclimatised to sleeping whilst I continue reading with a small over-shoulder reading light! 😊
  8. Talking of books has anyone else read this? It’s a new story to me and so far it’s been harrowing reading. 😳
  9. I know this makes eminent sense especially on a boat. But I just can’t bring myself to make the leap. I spend too much time staring at screens as it is and for me the tactile feel (and even smell) of a paper book is an essential part of the reading experience. I even enjoy picking up new bookmarks if I see them on my travels. Most of Gen Z will never even know what a bookmark is!
  10. Cool, are you legally qualified CD? If so, I’ll bow to your better judgement / knowledge 😊
  11. Given the speed of those things I was hoping he managed to 'jump start' it by sailing at 30kts then putting the engine in gear...
  12. Well yes and no. In theory there is no such thing as 'international law' because there is no way any state can force another state to obey any laws they don't want to. So the UNHDR relies on willingness of everyone in the UN (about 190+ countries) to adhere to these rules / standards which forms the basis of international law'. Yes most countries codify 'mirror' versions of these laws in their own domestic laws / constitution. So yes in theory any country can ignore / break these but do you really see a NZ prime minister standing on the floor of the General Assembly and ann
  13. Potentially yes, if it tries to prevent us moving freely and reasonably to go about our business including our right to enjoy free leisure time (yes that is another basic Human Right). The grey area would be, if in exercising those HRs, we cause harm to others or society (which could include the environment). And if we are breaking rules / laws that are designed to protect them. But Human Rights trump local laws in International Courts. In other words if a country introduces crazy new local laws that restrict UNHDRs - like forbidding people from reasonably moving / sailing freely aro
  14. It IS a Human Right. The UDHR says we all have the right to move freely within and explore our own countries (and the oceans are included).
  15. Which is the tragic downside of today’s 24x7 globally inter-connected world. In the ‘old days’ news, current affairs & opinions played a proportionally much smaller part of our lives eg 1-2 times day as we read the morning paper over breakfast and then listed / watched the evening news. Then we got on with our day being a productive student, apprentice, tradie, farmer, artist, athlete, manager, professional, domestic scientist or whatever we did. But nowadays we are bombarded by 24x7 feeds (I won’t call them “newsfeeds” because many feeds are fact-free opinions or politicised spin fro
  16. Depends on situation. In normal cases yes of course stealth mode. But for example when arriving back at home country / port in peacetime for a scheduled return then not so much. A few decades ago on approaches to the E Solent we had a navy patrol boat arrive on our seas ward side and a few mins later a periscope and contrail appeared followed by a sub surfacing in full view. There was quite a bit of excitement onboard at the time so I can’t recall exact details of our compass behaviour but we noticed something happening.
  17. This is the kind of paradox that baffles me and keeps me awake at night. Because it’s an endemic problem around the world in every corner of life. We are surrounded by silly rules apparently written by bureaucrats who are disconnected from the practical reality. This was supposed to be solved by ‘stakeholder engagement’ by getting the right feedback & consultation from affected parties to ensure the rules are better. Or better still get some of the front-line folks embedded into the bureaucratic teams to influence better outcomes. Both these approaches - and many more - have been trie
  18. Yes a 49-50 footer (LOA) will generally squeeze into a 15m berth. But that extra 2ft tips you over the edge into the 16-18m berth bracket (depending on marina). With a big cost increase. This was one of the reasons we limited our upgrade to a 50 footer rather than a 53-54 footer which was very tempting at the time. And this is the reason you will see some 52-53 footers cheaper (or at least sitting on the market for longer) than many 50 footers - it’s down to cost of berthing. By the time you get to 50ft you’ve got a big boat whatever the vintage. The extra 2-3ft is barely noticeable in terms o
  19. Wouldn’t you say a Cav32 would be a better all round proposition than a H28 for these guys? And worth extra $? 4ft extra length at that size is huge.
  20. Yes I’ve been ‘used’ by Coastguard chopper for winchman practise in the Solent. And ‘played with’ by a Spanish frigate in a joint exercise off Lulwirth firing range. They used us as a turning point for high speed turns - was a calm day so ok but pretty spectacular watching a 10000s ton navy ship turning around you at ~30kts. We’ll probably never solve the mystery if IT’s compass. But we should be able to solve the even bigger question of why IT was “browsing FB the other night…”. WTF? I thought most grown men had left FB years ago???!!!
  21. That might do it. MAD (magnetic anomaly detection) is a thing for detecting subs but you need to be pretty close to see a significant change eg a few 100m. But if it was passing under you in shallow water it might do it especially if it had a problem with some of its stealth equipment which was failing to reduce its natural magnetic signature. Don’t ask me how I know this.
  22. As W says there’s a (former?) de-gaussing point at SW end of Tiri Chl between the two yellow buoys. Not sure if it’s still used and I’ve never seen any military ships in there. I sail between them every other weekend and never noticed anything.
  23. There’s a 70 footer on a mooring in Herne Bay near Watchman’s Is. Been there for ages. Was recently on the market I think.
  24. That’s v weird. Did you notice if any other compasses on board behaved the same way? Could only have been caused by moving through a spurious (but strong) EM field - any undersea cables in the area? Where was it?
  25. They all cater for different needs resulting in different fits with your situation. When I was buying Fogg my requirements were: 1. Buying a 8yr old yacht sight unseen in Malaysia (pre-purchase survey done) but no rig survey. 2. Being delivered through Covid-restricted region 250nm by a South African delivery skipper who lives aboard in the same marina in Langkawi who sounds good but whom I’ve never met. 3. Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpar delivery skipper hands Fogg over to a new crowd who de-rig and prep Fogg for lifting into a cargo ship for delivery to Auckland. 4. Fog
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