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  1. Yes if you get any gas work done you need to be careful you don’t get bitten by this law being unreasonably applied retrospectively. On my last boat I was quoted about a million dollars to fit an outside nipple for my bbq followed by a domino effect of other work to become 2013 compliant. It was cheaper and simpler to sell the boat and buy another one.
  2. Yes IT loves it when I add to his to-do list…
  3. Thanks. Do you know if that makes mine any better or still equally susceptible? As usual, other people know more tech info about my boat than I do…
  4. Well done and congrats! Sounds like you’ve got the right approach to getting started so best wishes with that. I think you’ve done the right thing by starting at the small / modest end and then grow into it. If you find yourself going 2 seasons in a row thinking “We’ve outgrown this boat and we’re ready to go bigger” then that’s the time to upsize.
  5. Ok will take a look. Mine is the turbo (700hrs).
  6. Sounds great! If only! Good luck finding crew and with the trip...
  7. I would put it straight back on them. Show them your receipt for a recent floating dock lift & wash and ask them to prove it’s inadequate not the other way around. Partly just stalling tactics but you need to play these buggers at their own game.
  8. That’s a curious story. The article said it was blown off its “mooring” but the owner said it was probably due to a windshift overnight that caused the anchor to move and not reset. Which is very different from a mooring. Does he really keep it anchored there permanently?
  9. I think these are still his details but disclaimer: I haven’t contacted him for a few years so if these turn out to be incorrect don’t blame me! Name (I think): “York” 104 Roberts Road Te Atatu Auckland 09 835 2128 027 231 6288
  10. Yes! I’ve used him to fix some old end-of-life Raymarine kit a few years ago. When L&B gave me the “too old to fix but we can sell you new” line. Most of the marine electronics folks will replace components at best but this guy isolates and fixes issues at circuit board level.
  11. I like this idea. I would be tempted to tell them I have appointed a lawyer to handle this. Including compensation for a failure of service ie in return for paying berthing fees you reasonably expect your boat to be provided with a safe & secure berth environment. But they have failed because instead, the poor quality marine environment they are providing has exposed you to a double-peril: 1. Your boat has caught fanworm from their marina not the other way around. This is evidenced by the fact you regularly clean your hull but after a few weeks back on the visibly infected berth it’s
  12. Did you get the carbon hull (seems to be 8kg lighter)?
  13. Sorry I missed what your other / new dinghy is Jon? And why the change / addition?
  14. On the wet bum thing my previous dinghy (which I sold to Booboo) had chaps / covers which were great. I don’t know what material but they seemed to dry out v fast after getting wet and were far more comfy than sitting on bare tubes. Who makes similar in NZ?
  15. My priorities are (in order) 1. Weight (ideally <40kg) 2. Length (3m) 3. Price (ideally <$5k) This list of reqs is what led me towards Truekit because it scores 32kg / 3m / $3,600 (with the options I added of wheels, seat pockets, mobile phone holder and 2x rod holders). But I admit I’d prefer the durability of an AL floor RIB but they spike in weight. The closest I’ve found so far was Seafarer 3m which weighs in at 38kg (or 42kg with false / flat floor). Although it will be on davits I’d prefer to avoid adding 10kg weight but I might live to regret going for a soft f
  16. Mmmm, that’s interesting. Was the stickiness inside or outside the boat ie on the bottom?
  17. I’m buying one of these (light, stable, fast, durable, fair price + NZ made / assembled): https://truekit.nz/
  18. Does that include mine? 😊
  19. I think that’s actually the rationale for my design. Maybe the French do know what they are doing with boat design after all…
  20. There’s a reason so there are so many great deals in the SE Asia region - accessibility (or lack of). There are many ex-pat owners who can’t get to their boats and can’t get their boats out to them without the expense of shipping. Hence the numerous sales. If you’re serious then you really only have 2 options depending on your wallet size and attitude to risk. If you are budget constrained and couldn’t contemplate the costs + aggro of shipping (it’s a whole project in its own right) then you and / or your delivery crew will need to be bold adventurers to tackle that trip with all the
  21. I bought a boat in Langkawi this time last year. Bottom line the shifting Covid restrictions across the whole region made it impossible for any delivery crew to plan a viable trip. If it was your own boat, you knew and trusted all the systems, had good crew and plenty of endurance then you could contemplate the trip with the very real possibility of having to do the whole thing non-stop. But that’s not realistic with an unknown boat and delivery crew so in the end I got it shipped from KL to Auck.
  22. Yes of course - it’s French - everything is done the opposite way around. When it rains it rinses the dust off the companionway steps.
  23. Hah! Tbh I thought we’d covered the windows thing - the general consensus seems to be it’s a nuts idea which many folks aim to avoid by various means ranging from discussions with inspectors right through to registering offshore in a fit of pique - hence the thread drift into other emotive areas of regulation in NZ. I’m still debating whether it’s easier to re-register in Cook Islands or repaint my transom…
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