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  1. but other than caulking they have the same maintenance burdens? And risks of worm etc? just wondering why he'd have chosen traditional construction over eg triple skin, glassed.
  2. What are the maintenance differences between Carvel and edge butted and glued?
  3. On the market again? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3176061134
  4. I didn't think there'd be a link, nor that the government would have suggested it. The cost/benefit studies on the second harbour crossing aren't a secret and nor is the fact that the writers of them bend over backwards to make them look better. Even massaged hard they show that it's bad spending. Not sure where your'e getting your info. The roading lobby is pretty strong though, and a lot of people believe the spin.
  5. I'd like to see a link to the fat bikes being proposed like that, sounds like an urban myth. The numbers on all of the second harbour crossings options are pretty bad. Even with heavily massaged numbers they don't break even. So I guess if we want to Think Big again and waste money with last century thinking on roading then a tunnel is a good option but it's not a good use of our taxpayer funds.
  6. Thanks. I was interested in that boat but timing wasn't quite right when it was on the market. Maybe when they tire of it...
  7. Does anybody know where Witchdoctor went to? Down country somewhere?
  8. the edit to the second one? I put the wrong link in the first time, only edit was the correct link. doing two things at once. Did you read the report?
  9. I did it before you responded to it, or at least I started editing it before your response was showing. Thought it risked seeming rude so dialled it back.
  10. You'd best read no COVID news Scottie - magazines and news outlets are breaching your professional standards rampantly, publishing graphs without footnoting the source. This is pretty normal journalism where the data is of the well-publicised official and settled kind. Googling something like "state of the hauraki gulf 2020" will get you plenty about this report: https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/about-auckland-council/how-auckland-council-works/harbour-forums/docsstateofgulf/state-gulf-full-report.pdf which is in the same category. This comprehensive unrebutted report was well c
  11. There's some pretty clear data in it, per the graphs. Are you suggesting you think he made it up, or you want footnotes for every bit? If the former, have a look at the data and go underwater with a mask on - it sure seems right. If the latter, this is a magazine article not a peer-reviewed scientific journal and it's normal not to footnote it up the wazoo. You won't get much COVID news read if you reject all graphs unless they're closely footnoted. I think he's right to say the science is clear. But hey, read the science and you'll know!
  12. Bad Kitty, who are the two surveyors you use? Also, interested in what people say about fijian kauri, as used in this Dickson 45 https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2587783128.htm Faster growing and softer than kauri, and apparently used alongside nz kauri in a triple skin build.
  13. Sorry Kevin - I thought it would have been obvious I meant the government's policy response but have amended to clarify. It must get exhausting correcting people every time they say "the economy"!
  14. It's not surprising that special time hasn't been spent writing fine-grained rules about leisure boating that make everybody happy. This is a massive global crisis and it was urgent, and broad brushstrokes on a luxury pastime is no surprise. ScottieE, I'm not sure your science and economics are sound. If we eliminate we will be visiting rest homes sooner than if we wait for herd immunity and antibody testing protocols etc etc, especially if we pace herd immunity at a speed where ICUs aren't overrun (don't understand where you got your 0.1% mortality rate - the global numbers show tha
  15. Yeah, I believe that. Presuming the structure is good (it's not young and has been well used) it seems like good buying. But then the maths are changing, and berthing costs are a real problem. With a global recession, who knows how these things get valued. Starlight Express seems like a lot of good boat for the money too, but who buys and maintains these boats when the racing scene has moved on?
  16. Sailing NZ, you could always cruis-ify one of the glass racers that is struggling to sell. Plenty of space for you in Starlight Express, and plenty of speed in the Elliott, Prowler. Both have to be pretty negotiable given time on the market and COVID.
  17. what boat is that, sparky?
  18. I've seen the ad and marina prices, but was wondering if people knew much about basic construction and hull integrity details (eg epoxy or polyester, build quality etc)
  19. Anybody know much about its construction or other details?
  20. I will shortly be listing Timberwolf due to a change in circumstances that means we can't use it much for a few years now. While a racer, we bought it mainly to cruise in, for which we found it great, but not everybody would. Bunks for up to 5 but far better on the tramps under the boomtent. Meets most of your criteria but no enclosed head so presumably out, but PM me if you want to talk.
  21. Various anchors used, and the range of variables in anchoring makes comparisons hard. But moving form a CQR to a Rocna while often anchoring in the same spots was pretty compelling proof of the difference. I would never buy a CQR again. Had an Excel and only negative was that it slowly but surely moved through light sand where other anchors didn't. Don't know why. Dived on it, no wiser.
  22. I assume the problems with the keel referred to above relates to Emotional Rescue not Witch Doctor, but does anybody know what they are? Did the new keel not work reliably or is it something structural? If it's reliable the main issue with ER would probably be cruising and short handing that spindly rig with runners. Both it and WD are pretty although it's sadly true that they have the room of much shorter more modern boats and to keep them in a marina round here would make the eyes water.
  23. which boat are you referring to there myjane, and what problems? interested to understand.
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