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  1. Nice setup , sponsor rings a few bells …https://akarana.co.nz/akarana-eatery/
  2. Quite true . You are probably the most qualified person on the forum regarding aquatic flora and fauna , do you think Caulerpa is or could be a problem ?
  3. Sounds straightforward ….PVC tarps , chlorine , some good underwater operators and approval from wherever it needs to come from and soon not next year when it will cost 100s instead of 10s of milliwongas https://www.researchgate.net/publication/250218150_Eradication_of_the_invasive_seaweed_Caulerpa_taxifolia_by_chlorine_bleach#:~:text=Based on these results%2C chlorine,to reach stolons and rhizoids.
  4. You could get a Velocitek prostart or novasail . Not sure if wait times are still an issue for the Vakaros ?
  5. Not Delaware but relevant . Eradication techniques are further down the page . https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/west-coast/habitat-conservation/caulerpa-species-west-coast Seems quite involved but surely no more expensive than holding meetings , hiring consultants or underwater companies to check boats . 100% they know the information above that took me 2 minutes to find and any other methods of eradication , so why feck around and find out ?
  6. Hi Zoe thanks for letting us know you are the newsletter editor . The number one tool for boat owners to combat marine pests is effective antifoul . There has been mention on clean below good to go about Selektope . Hempel paints have a Selektope containing antifoul available offshore . I have emailed the Hempel distributor but they don’t reply . We need to get proven effective antifouls here pronto , the soft coprous oxide paints just don’t cut the mustard and aren’t great for the seafloor either . Pressure needs to be applied to whichever Govt department approves antifouls to get
  7. Yeah I pondered doing that but I need two hands to bleed the injector pump . went for a small automotive pump that allows fuel to flow through when it’s turned off so lift pump can do its thing when the engine is running
  8. Read a very interesting opinion by a fuel specialist who argued the full tank theory to stop condensation is a myth . he reckons the condensation is caused by the hot returning fuel from the engine eventually warms the whole tank if it’s run long enough . The tank expands a little bit displacing any air and it also usually becomes warmer than ambient temp . The tank then stays warm for hours and draws in cold air as it cools which then condenses on the walls . His conclusion is you can’t stop the water but you can filter it out . He also recommends 6 monthly dosing with biocide regardless
  9. Have just finished putting in a new filtration system and polished the fuel in the tanks . Have two 280 ltr tanks which had a mild amount of bug , one worse than the other . One deck filler had a perished O ring letting in water ,that tank was worse than the other , tanks are connected so it spread via the connecting line. Shock dosed both tanks with fuelright cause I’ve had success with that in the past in a bulldozer . Polished both tanks with a cheap 40 ltr per min fuel transfer pump running through a cheap high flow water separating filter and 20mm clear vinyl hose . Connected pump t
  10. Oh crap , must’ve been the Auckland and Whangarei boats that went to watch sail GP what spread it there (purple font)
  11. Permatex have 5 or 6 hydrocarbon proof sealants and gasket goos
  12. Yeah sorry my bad . It Certainly won the conquest in this situation
  13. Ah bugger , no preachers frame up the front on DP
  14. Never trust a skipper with a pornstache either
  15. It’s a trophy not a Boston whaler and not a launch either . Heavy solid boats and it shows when you look at the difference in damage to either vessel .
  16. Yep going to be “retirement “ complex with attached marina for apartment holders
  17. On the subject of antifoul . I spent a good deal time last week down a rabbit hole of active ingredients , legal and illegal . There are several off the shelf pharmaceuticals you could conceivably add to your paint to deter/kill inverterbrates . Most , if not all the ones worth considering bio-accumulate so probably won’t be for sale in antifoul . The most promising one is the main ingredient of “Selektope” . Hempel and chugoku are two Antifoul brands that have Selektope paints available but not in NZ . The Hempel distributor here has not replied to my email asking when and if Selektope antifo
  18. Hope Rudolph didn’t buy that one ?
  19. the Westhaven one is still the best i reckon . 100ft yacht on its ear and the footage of the cat flying through the air where moments ago a ferry had just gone past .
  20. Yeah but getting to hear DP on guitar afterwards is priceless !
  21. Cool looking boat …what is it again ? Have a similar looking boat at our club , a Beale 780
  22. Seems like stuff is reporting the same incident as two boaties .wasn’t It was all the same incident ?
  23. Just Bloody amazing . Props to the crew of Te Mana and northland trust helicopter ….and that guy on 888
  24. Thanks for pointing that out , learn something everyday ! . The whole situation is quite distressing and the way it unfolded could not be predicted .
  25. Te Mana has launched a boat by the looks of it on AIS I would be able to see it from here if there wasnt so many sheds and sh*t flying through the air
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