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  1. Well we already have YNZ . They could hire someone with clout and funnel some funds into that ? There’s a prominent QC that sails and the omakiwi infestation is outside his front door . Come to think of it the affected area is right outside some very influential characters front door , all who have boats with anchors . That area is basically a who’s who of NZ and offshore big business … Maybe the big people could could help out the little people ?
  2. We need someone inside NIWA or NRC who’s an avid boatie
  3. Cruise ship anchor ? Where they anchor in the roads off Tapeka is a great distribution point , the current fangs out of there . Plus cruise ship passages are measured in days not weeks so greater chance of the stuff being nice and fresh
  4. Yeah the place is rooted as far as seafloor life goes .
  5. Found in a lot more places now in BOI over the last week
  6. Those board member names ring yachting bells , are they RAYC members ?
  7. Ex Machina


    Why is the prop up the front of the boat
  8. Well heck . The buggers are an aquarium item and the young start life as larvae , those would be hard to detect in a fish shipment . https://www.liveaquaria.com/product/3554/?pcatid=3554#:~:text=The Freshwater Asian Gold Clam is a filter feeder that,quality and lower nitrate levels.
  9. I have a hunch it maybe to linked to global immigration and someone in Hamilton or Cambridge hankering for some downhome fried clams
  10. Yeah sorry guys I may have brought it back from the Yangtze River when I did the Asia trailer yacht champs
  11. We are under assault . Looks like the horse has truly bolted on this one . https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/waikato/300888463/invasive-clam-found-in-waikato-river-could-decimate-native-species-infest-lake-taup-and-clog-hydro-dams
  12. Anywhere could’ve been the vector not just Auckland . If for example if it was off an anchor the boat could’ve have been heading north , stopped at mercs first then Barrier . That puts every harbour and domesticated inlet south and inshore of the mercs in the realm of possibility
  13. It could probably survive a trip down the drain from east coast road to the nearest beach ? How would you empty 100+ litre saltwater aquarium ? it could be well established in a corner of some murky harbour were no one dives and it doesn’t get enough wave movement to get washed up
  14. Can I just point out this is the best debate on crew org in quite some time .
  15. Love the stuff ! I’ve saved a bit of coin on silicone since I got a roll .
  16. Yeah well I’ve been stockpiling cyclone ruined pvc wedding marquees and I’m on the hunt for some cheap chlorine , just need some dive gear and I’m in business
  17. $20 AUD https://www.z-aquatics.com.au/caulerpa-brachypus-macroalgae/
  18. Stranger sh*t has happened . Did you hear about the bloke that traveled nz releasing coarse fish for a lark ? Started out wanting a coarse fishery but it got a bit sinister towards the end it seems .
  19. Having a punt at how it may have got there . looking at how much got displaced at barrier during cyclone Gabrielle and seeing the drift path of 888 from Fitzroy it may have just got there on the wind and currents . Going back to the 888 drift path , if some of the stuff did get displaced out of Fitzroy it could be all up the coast already .
  20. I fear that most people’s first knowledge of it will be on 27th of December at red head or Albert passage . Good chance you will get turned away from entering the inner bay . Hell , even whangamumu and whangaruru could be affected by then .
  21. If a spotted bohemian gadfly ever turns up in Whangarei town basin there will be MPI folks there within hours installing pheromone traps all around the nearby suburbs . 1 year later with caulerpa ?
  22. But seriously . Someone needs to talk to the Americans yesterday about their eradication techniques . Rather than piss around with think tanks with boaties . The horse may have bolted for barrier and the mercs but it could possibly be kept under control if action is taken very soon . I imagine it would be a game of whack-a-mole but the alternative is rampant spread whilst hang wringing think tanks are taking place .
  23. What’s the chance of finding some 888 wreckage nearby ?
  24. Maybe it’s now the epitome of cool to sail straight back into the slower boats ?
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