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  1. http://www.marinesurveynewzealand.com/ Dean Kennedy did a survey for me a few years ago, very thorough. Pretty sure he was based in Tauranga but came to Auckland for the job, very knowledgeable and willing to share it.
  2. The two panels on my boat total 140w , I easily get above rated output on a good day when the batteries are needing it, quite surprised at that and at how much they put out when things are not so ideal. Have gone several days sailing on and off anchor, running fridge and pilot, no engine. Solar is pretty good from my experience.
  3. You do realise these are the trucks that have been driving in and out of Auckland Port and region all day every day, about time they got noticed.
  4. I have many times fished by heaving to, even when the wind is quite light, the yacht is much more stable and you drift much slower than with the sails down.
  5. And this bit really makes it interesting: "These regulations do not replace, but rather supplement the requirements of Maritime New Zealand and the World Sailing and ORC safety requirements for racing yachts." So why the hell have we got this whole book of rules when you actually have to follow the WS OSR any way? When the NZ regs are different to the OSR which one takes precedent? When something is in the OSR and not in the NZ regs do fail your inspection if you don't meet the OSR? It would be quite a laugh if it weren't so serious, its about saving peoples lives.
  6. Here is the OSR for Anchors, Cat 1,2,3. Nice and simple isn't it, lesson to be learned there YNZ 2 un-modified anchors that meet the anchor manufacturer’s recommendation based on the boat’s dimensions with suitable combination of chain and rope, ready for immediate assembly, and ready for deployment within 5 minutes except that for a boat less than 8.5 m (28’) LH there shall be 1 anchor meeting the same criteria. Remember this bit, need we say more? The Maritime Transport Act 1994 states that the master of the vessel is at all times responsible for the safety of
  7. If you mean Nanni 3.75HE then: Oil Wix 51358 Fuel Wix 33149 BE CAREFUL I checked the specs for some other cross referenced filters for the Nanni and they were wrong, including having the wrong thread. I am using the ones I listed, much cheaper than Nanni.
  8. Yes, it's basically the first part of the charter wharf before the gate.
  9. There is a public dock on the inside of Opua main wharf, hardly ever see anyone on it, you can get quite a big yacht in there.
  10. I would suspect that they actually made a mistake, the OSR regs. are a pretty good guide to what will be I hope. The rules on sails were due a change as they didn't make sense and were poorly written. (as were a lot of other rules)
  11. Looks like they have taken down the link, that could be a good thing. Needs a massive revision to make it coherent, let alone sensible. Hard to believe thats going to happen over Christmas.
  12. Here's the link to the WS OSR, https://www.sailing.org/documents/offshorespecialregs/index.php Here's the bit about Mainsails (edited) Cat 3 either a storm trysail as defined in OSR 4.26.2 d), or mainsail reefing to reduce the luff by at least 40% (or rotating wing mast if suitable) Cat 4 either mainsail reefing to reduce the luff by 12.5% or a heavy-weather jib as defined in 4.26.2 a) (or heavy-weather sail in a boat with no forestay) NZ Version Cat 3 and 4 Mainsails shall have a set of reef points capable X X R of reducing the effective luff by 5
  13. Might be about now that immigration NZ might consider your plea to enter NZ from Fiji.
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