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  1. Is there a way to get a gpx file, or any other file, onto the mfd without removing the sd card? Ive got a tablet linked to the mfd, wireless but cant find a way to transfer files.
  2. I bought a cheap tablet as a backup, put it in a rugged case, used it happily several times. Get one with plenty of memory, most apps won't go on a card these days. Not waterproof but you can put it in a plastic bag if you really need to. Open CPN is pretty good but might be a bit more than you need, it depends and can be a bit quirky to learn. I think its better on a laptop, I use it at home for planning. Navionics is good, and cheap, on a tablet or phone.
  3. Quite a few idiots make regulations too
  4. Apparently I can still row a dinghy, left the oars on the yacht though. I can swim to the yacht to get the oars and bring them back, that would be much safer than just using the outboard wouldn't it? If I had a kayak I could fish from it, but I don't have a kayak. If I finally get to the yacht in the dinghy can I stand on it at the mooring and fish? Its less than 200m from shore. Why is everything so confusing now?
  5. last surveyor I was involved with use a nylon head hammer, was inspired to buy one myself before checking next yacht. If you didn't authorize destructive testing for the survey I would be looking for some repair money, its not necessary to use a steel hammer, nor hit the hull that hard. The Surveyor is incompetent. https://nzsafetyblackwoods.co.nz/en/thor-nylon-hammer-th708-25-25mm-each--00017476
  6. So how do overnight stays on a boat increase the risk of spreading covid?
  7. Hope you all got your council approved cleaning plan in place to get that pesky worm off your boat before you go out on Wednesday.
  8. Sailed out to the chicks, GB looked pretty tempting, perfect day for it. Anchored up working out what to do with this
  9. This is what I was looking at, seemed pretty clear to me. https://www.customs.govt.nz/covid-19/maritime-border/private-yachts-and-small-craft/ "Permissions Foreign registered vessels must have first received an exemption from the Ministry of Health... It is an offence for a foreign vessel to arrive in New Zealand waters without permission"
  10. This one fits mine. https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/johnson-09-810b-1-mc97-f4-pump-impeller-kit BUT there are two pump sizes listed in the parts manual, its a bit confusing. Check here then google the part number https://dieselpartseurope.com/media/onderdelen_catalogus/0CR10-M56001_en.pdf They are usually on the shelf at Burnsco or most marine stores so you should be able to check your old one there if there is any doubt.
  11. Pretty sure you need to change to NZ registration to get permission to enter, border is closed to foreign registered boats, unless they promise to spend lots of money. doesn't matter if the crew is all kiwi. Easy to change to NZ reg. and come in with all Kiwi crew. Cat 1 doesn't apply to boats coming in. Windows are only dangerous once they get here.
  12. BOIGuy

    SSANZ Race D

    9am start 1159 finish, 3 hrs to do 20 - 40 or 34-58 miles? Doable but pretty tight. Sort of hoped you meant 2359hrs Sat.?
  13. BOIGuy

    SSANZ Race D

    Good luck, fingers crossed. Can you have a look at the time limit.
  14. I don't believe that at all, and am sorry if I gave you that impression. I believe catching it is a very good way of boosting your immune system to reduce the impact of further infections. There is ample evidence to support this perspective and that it would be more effective than more jabs. Liken it to the recent RSV out break, much worse than usual reaction due to lower cases the year before. Let the bug become endemic and let nature deal with it, with a little help from science. The main point I would make is that you should not necessarily fear unvaccinated people due to Covid, y
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