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  1. So if the river flows were back to what they were before all the irrigation take offs and diversions would the bird sh*t get flushed a bit better? At a basic level the rivers used to run, they had clean swimming holes. They don't anymore. It points to farming practises, the birds didn't take the water. The farm lobby has a huge amount of money to find science that makes them look not so bad. Do you think the farmers would be making such an effort to clean up if some mad greenie hadn't started kicking up a fuss and then councils eventually telling them to? If the farmers wer
  2. This isn't the only topic with a doco doing the rounds that doesn't paint NZ so rosy, Aljazeera has put out a few too. The truth gets out eventually, in New Zealand's case the truth is often out before its in.
  3. It's like we have a lobbyist amongst us. When the experts say nitrates should be x and the government sets the limit at 2.5x then agrees to revisit it when the fonterra lobby complains. All your local catchment group wishes are exactly that. Taking over ecan so new irrigation and fertiliser use can be approved tells you how effective your local publics wishes are likely to be. I'm backing the Maoris on this one, I'm sure they got an agenda too but at least the water might get cleaner.
  4. Go ask them where the nitrates are coming from
  5. How many times have we heard the "following the advice of experts and science" lately? Seems to only apply to one subject, pity because I had high hopes for this and the previous government to sort out fisheries and fresh water, not seeing it happen yet. Seems like Fonterra is calling the shots. Your dirty dairy cows got a disease? no worries we can pay you for that. When I was growing up you could drink the water in pretty much every river, now you can't swim in it.
  6. I have been shopping online for years, caught on early. Google is my first stop when I want to buy anything. Wheels is right. If its easy to buy online you get the sale. I do the same at work. If I have to do more than a few clicks to make a buy I look for it somewhere easier. I will buy off a NZ retailer if the price is close, maybe 15 - 20 % max. That water pump excluding freight was nearly 500% up from NZ agents price, what world do they think they are living in?
  7. Yanmar, same agent for Volvo though.
  8. I rang the local agent to get a price for a new water pump. The old one was leaking and I wanted to carry a spare anyway. Sit down they said, $1900 they said. So for $537 I got a new one from overseas. For another $23 I bought a new seal and bearings for the old one. In NZ it looks like the cost of a pump equals about 15 to 20% of the price of a new engine. I'm not sure what to say next?
  9. So world sailing have tidied up the sail bit quite well, wouldn't have been too hard for YNZ to have just copied that, it makes a lot more sense, if you actually want a rule. Cat 3 "either a storm trysail as defined in OSR 4.26.2 d), or mainsail reefing to reduce the luff by at least 40%" YNZ say you are meant to follow the OSR rules anyway, just to add to the confusion. I hope they didn't pay anyone for that 3 years of revision that wasn't. The NZ regs pretty much leave it up to you if you read it certain ways, why they felt the need to write another 2 pages after that I'm no
  10. The electronic flares are approved for NZ use for racing / recreation, you still need to carry the smoke flares. They were allowed as alternatives a round a couple of years ago. Check the rules for the exact criteria.
  11. Good luck explaining that to a coroner. Either it's a regulation or it isn't. Your also supposed to comply with OSR but they are different again. This has been pointed out many times but it doesn't seem to register. There is a long way to go before I would call it simplified.
  12. Until the refinery shuts?
  13. "Jackstays shall have a minimum strength of 2000kg. Webbing that lies flat is recommended." https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/resources/yachting-new-zealand-safety-regulations-2021-24 I would use dyneema, webbing doesn't seem to last to well. OSR is a bit more explicit, technically you are required to meet this standard too, YNZ seem a bit lost on this though. "have a breaking strength of 2040 kg (4500#) and be uncoated and nonsleeved stainless steel 1 x 19 wire of minimum diameter 5 mm (3/16”),webbing or HMPE rope" https://www.sailing.org/documents/offshorespecialregs/i
  14. Use the cheap stuff, take the money you save and spend it on hauling out for a clean, swim in the summer, you will still be better off.
  15. I was at the ramp in Opito Bay BOI when the local fisheries officer wanted to know what I had caught, he was doing the survey of two species for Niwa?, same every few years, Kahawai and terakihi or gurnard? Two weeks in he was still at zero.
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