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  1. YNZ reckon a couple of ply shutters and a few screws would have fixed that. Actually windows probably small enough to get away with none, still giving Cat 1 to this model are they?
  2. So who's judging the engineering adequacy of these shutter things? Comments above point quite rightly to the possibility of some efforts making a boat less sturdy, let alone completely ignoring the engineering of a particular boats construction. Probably exactly what isn't appropriate in this case, too many variables. Do you really think some bits of ply screwed to the outside of this boat would have saved it? Far bigger issues at play this time I suspect, however we will never know. Boat didn't seem capable of handling conditions it was supposedly good for. I don't thin
  3. Any chance of a picture at some stage? I'm thinking of a similar setup, would love to see one already done.
  4. BOIGuy

    Fiddly Repair

  5. 8.5m Waves off Bay of Islands https://www.nrc.govt.nz/maritime/wind-and-wave-data/#maxwaveheight 7.5 off Bream bay https://northport.co.nz/weatherfeed/
  6. https://www.sail-world.com/news/237637/World-Sailing-wants-IOC-assurance-on-Tokyo2020?fbclid=IwAR3Dg1rXXlAKjg-wFJDs-jXADyXSVV92AIR8q8zxOhh6-8xgnAq5FuOIPz4 Lots of issues covered in brief. YNZ needs to take note, they seemed to be well down the track of following the old WS leadership policies. From the new CEO, who seems to pretty on the ball: " In my opinion far too much emphasis is put on the Olympics at the expense of other elements of our sport, and this unhealthy emphasis is not actually reaping rewards."
  7. BOIGuy


    At least give it some shape and lead, it's not that hard and makes a huge difference to the performance of the rudder.
  8. BOIGuy


    I've made and reshaped several rudders and always tried to get close to the basic NACA 0012 profile. Search online, you can get find calculators that will print out profiles etc. For what you have it's a lot cheaper to stick with transom hung and there is nothing wrong with that. If the pintles etc look strongenough. I would try add a couple of inches on the front of what you have and get a bit of foil shape in it. That will take some load off the tiller, improve performance and won't cost much. You really need to sail it a bit after that to decide if you want to put big mone
  9. BOIGuy


    Rudder balance comes from the line of the pintles relative to the blade centre of effort, the rake does not matter. Hard to get your head around but the water doesn't know its raked and that's what matters, don't do what your proposing no matter what you decide. It could probably do with a bit of a lead on it to get some balance and a better foil shape. What's actually wrong with how it works at the moment?
  10. Tim - Ocean surveys -0274208212 Nathan - BOI Mobile Marine Services - 0226925703 These guys surveyed my last yacht for the buyer in Opua. I thought they both did a pretty good job and would recommend them for Northland. Buyer paid for everything but it's all negotiable.
  11. Look up a few posts, my last one, the crystal clear answer from the rules.
  12. Air NZ and Unilever are not lead and staffed by career bureaucrats. Promotion from industry avoids that too. Real world experience, frowned upon by current government, has benefits in management but conflicts too much with the dream.
  13. The last course I did spent a bit of time on the defib thing. A couple of points I picked up. You are something like 400 times more likely to need a defibrillator than a fire extinguisher, have a think about which one is mandatory in the workplace, or boat. Seconds count when it comes to resuss. Getting a defibrillator on someone as fast as possible should be pretty near the top of the priority list. Download the AED Locations app, there are a surprising number of them around.
  14. I have been shopping online for years, caught on early. Google is my first stop when I want to buy anything. Wheels is right. If its easy to buy online you get the sale. I do the same at work. If I have to do more than a few clicks to make a buy I look for it somewhere easier. I will buy off a NZ retailer if the price is close, maybe 15 - 20 % max. That water pump excluding freight was nearly 500% up from NZ agents price, what world do they think they are living in?
  15. Yanmar, same agent for Volvo though.
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