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  1. There is a fair bit of 'nonsense' in the other forums too, quite a bit of it sailing related. I think we should have someone censoring all the posts before they go up to make sure they are the truth and nothing but the truth, some of it is definitely just opinion and should not be allowed.
  2. Who said its a sailing website, I signed up to crew.org.nz, when I'm on a boat we talk about all sorts of things.
  3. Is this what you are talking about? I sent them an email last week and got this back Thanks for your email and showing interest in Firefly's Microcell Carbon Foam technology. We currently do not have any distribution agent in the New Zealand region. However, if you can please let us know what your requirements are. And accordingly, we can supply you with the batteries from our manufacturing unit in India. Firefly currently has 12V 116Ah and 4V 450Ah model readily available. Catalogue for the same are attached herewith for your ready reference. Request you to please go through them a
  4. It's smart when it chooses what you watch and you like it, it then subtly works on what you like until it has complete control over you.
  5. How many people do you think "read the report" before they go ahead and vote for a government and local council? At best some one reads a report, posts online some where about it and the masses will believe its the whole story. Pretty easy to lead the blind either way, just depends upon who can be bothered.
  6. Crewed on a friends 930 a few weeks ago for winter series race, took my 8 year old son, the owner had his son on board - similar age and we had a girl from the highschool team who we got to helm for the whole race. I raced a lot years ago and it definitely wasn't like this. Turned out to be one of the most enjoyable races I've had for a long time, good breeze about 10 boats in the fleet, flew all the right sails, no yelling and screaming, no agressive match racing wannabees ... We got back to the club and found about 4 or 5 more kids had been out on some of the other boats too, they all had a
  7. Pretty consistent, one side presents science to counter the "science" (written by politicians) , the other undertakes character assassination to divert attention from science that doesn't conform to the PC story. https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-07-12-climate-change-hoax-collapses-new-science-cloud-cover.html
  8. School holiday cruise me and my boy
  9. Should do lots of things. If I did all the things I should be doing I wouldn't have any time for all the things I am doing. No problem with jack-lines, got them permanently on my boat and I use them, you do make some good points. Just don't like bureaucrats, or others, telling me what I should do all the time.
  10. Do you get a proportionate share of the profits if a voyage goes well?
  11. Managed to get quite a bit of room around me at New Years after the neighbors saw how much my boat sailed around at anchor. Launch would park up watch my boat do a few windward leewards, sometimes with offset mark, nek minnit they up and off, brilliant. Left the boom tent up during a couple of days of good 25 knots at the barrier, boat didn't move, wouldn't want to try it in a storm but I certainly been thinking about making a riding sail, seen them work on other yachts too.
  12. There was a world champs, in NZ, this year where PL was mandatory, an arrangement to provide cover was advertised for $65 to cover the event, could have been $95 - memory failing.. Someone must have kicked up a stink because the NOR was amended to make insurance " highly recommended". Pretty good earner $65 x 120 boats for 3days coverage. At annualised rate its ridiculous. Add it up for all the regattas and classes, never heard of a claim being made. Pretty good earner for some outfit close to YNZ.
  13. Could someone please advise how an 8 year old can take out public liability insurance for dinghy racing as required for most regattas? I was under the impression you had to be 18 to enter into a legally binding contract at least. Comments also appreciated.
  14. I know my bollards solid now, how about everyone else?
  15. Probably Original, maybe 35 years. Bronze Bolts into Bronze Bollard, eaten away where they pass trough the glass/balsa/glass deck then teak?backing board. Little bit of water ingress, nothing obviously wrong visually.
  16. Doing a bit of PM after seeing a bit of water staining around one of the bolts holding my mooring / anchor bollard to the deck.
  17. I recently sent an email to update my details for a PLB. Reply was that they had no record of my registration so I sent them the email I got back when registering. A bit disconcerting but they assured me they would have come looking if I set it off but just wouldn't know who or what they were looking for.
  18. BOIGuy

    NRC on fan worm

    I made this submission on the current discussion document: "I am being charged for a pest monitoring program because I own a mooring. I find this grossly unfair. I did not cause the introduction of the pests, the pathway for fan worm has been clearly identified The likely pathway for further pest introduction is not likely to be local vessels- as clearly described in the documents discussing marine pests. I regularly antifoul and clean my vessel, if it becomes infested, it is from a source out of my control or causing. The benefits to monitoring are the same for the whole population, al
  19. Kids had a ball at the BOIYC O'pen Bic Skiff, see their face book for the video, Pitch poling a BIC was new trick. https://www.facebook.com/sailthebay/videos/vb.148702468502146/2349202528474680/?type=2&theater
  20. Bought one of these, still going strong and seems to charge well, readout shows almost 2 amps on my phone. https://www.trademe.co.nz/mobile-phones/accessories/chargers/car-chargers/listing-2038576181.htm?rsqid=c9861802c4f74d919c9f702806fdd08b-001
  21. I have been looking into antifouling chemicals for some time and have concluded that Selektope is our best bet for an effective additive that may be acceptable to our regulators, supposedly very effective against Barnacles and Tube worms. A number of currently used additives are no longer approved for inclusion in a couple of years, quite a few are already banned. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago I saw two posters on a yacht club notice board, one government agency announcing their desire to remove all toxic chemicals from the marine antifouling market, another government agency announcing their co
  22. Had to ask, The NOR still requires a Cat 3 cert, you need a liferaft to get one.??? The nice people at YNZ sent me this "The yacht club has been working in consultation with Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) to find the right level of safety requirements for this race and NZMYC have agreed to run this race under the YNZ Category 3 requirements, minus the requirement for a life raft or dinghy. You will still need to get a Cat 3, but the certificate issued will be a Category 3 minus." Great I guess, still points to some issues with the whole Cat 1- 5 inspections and requirements, gettin
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