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  1. no, thats the impact across the entire economy. It includes labour, power companies, food sales, taxis, supermarkets, hookers, the casino... Lets contextualise further. Canterbury's GDP in 2022 was almost $45,000m (https://webrear.mbie.govt.nz/theme/gdp-totals/map/barchart/2022/canterbury?accessedvia=canterbury&left-zoom=1&right-transform=absolute). Sail GP economic activity has been estimated at around $4.5m, so therefore represents approximately 0.01% of GDP for the year. Margin of error stuff. Big in raw numbers, but not substantial in context. Or, in common sens
  2. And this, friends, is part of why I went to kerosene...
  3. no, what I am saying is that the rugby and six60 each produced 75% of what the SailGP did with 100% less govt funding. Taking it further, they produced that at one-day events, so on a pe- day basis they actuially exceeded SailGP by around 50% each. And no wrangling about wildlife.
  4. While we are applying science, here's some from the dismal science. SailGP is estimated to have generated a nett economic benefit to Christchurch of about $1m. Nett local and national government contribution to the event was approximately $2.05m. So a nett $0.50 of benefit for every $1 invested. Yes, it generated an estimated $4m of activity, but half of that was money from govt - in other words govt paid people to go and spend. "Fresh Info said the estimated net benefit to the city - which measured the gross benefits minus the gross costs of hosting the event - was more than $1m
  5. perhaps this might assist those afflicted types
  6. As sighted by my brother this afternoon
  7. is this a case in point? 😁
  8. I feel better about my cell phone now.
  9. 100a/hrs a day? Bloody hell, I'm even more put off starlink...
  10. I'm less worried about AI replacing work than I am about AI replacing democracies. I will allow that, in our case, AI would probably work better than the type currently on the Treasury benches.
  11. Hi TimeOut thanks for dropping in. The build has taught me lot, but Im a bit of an old dog and new tricks are getting tougher. The build is essentially as described earlier. I am considering V2.01 which would be based on a 4B but with 8gb, not the 2gb onboard the present CPU. I'd also go full into the new (as in, not released yet) McArthur HAT to have everything under one roof so to speak. It's likely this will happen in a different yacht (Mrs Aardvark wants more elbow room) so not soon. I made a conscious decision to run very simple so no touch screen, and the keyboard and
  12. Is it the raw seawater pump, or the engine pump? Either way, you can get a brand new replacement for 25% of that repair cost
  13. I think they put the decimal point in the wrong place.
  14. Depending on your risk appetite, AliExpress has options at 25% of the wallas unit.
  15. a disposal bond on all moored boats. Bond is held by the applicable regional authority. Just like a tenant bond, but different. It would probably require registraion and formal ownership tranfer I guess...
  16. Looks like it would even tow a dinghy to a boat ramp. Beats an old Fergie TE
  17. WAF is an important specification across a wide range of toy instalations in my experience.
  18. your ebike charger consumes around 400w. Hair dryer is probably four times that. Derate the inverter by 2x for safety, you need a 1000w for the bike charger or a 3kw for the hair dryer. I bought a cheap chinese one off aliexpress, labelled as 2000w. It runs power tools fine until I load it with the circular saw... I reckon it would cope with your wife's hairdressing routine. Trick is making sure the supply cables are suitably beefy. At 1500W and assuming 12V system you are pullling down a lot of amps!
  19. If I was going to go that way I'd get a proper industrial ruggedised tablet. Yes, they are about twice the price of a mid-range brand name device, but they generally have better, brighter screens for daylight use, and they come already IP67 or better waterproof and somewhat bounceproof. This sort of thing https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/computers/tablets-e-book-readers/tablets/listing/4623710434
  20. The reality of any long weekend in Auckland. Glad to see it's global!
  21. in Auckland. I guess it's chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, and maybe the first indoor fire of winter. Have a great weekend if you are heading out.
  22. Amazing that only 6 people have been reported lost. The collapse was spectacular and disconcerting to watch.
  23. If he's prepared to release accounts showing this amount and it's direct relationship to unwarranted minority input, I'm prepared to consider it. Otherwise it's just a handwavy claim. It would help if he positively identified these shadowy minorities as well.
  24. So, no one is vetoing the date or the activity, a contract is in place, but Russell (sail GP) continue to thrash about throwing allegations about unnamed parties who are stymying the entire New Zealand economy. Conspiracy theory much? Let's be honest, unless you can show up with a marine biology qualification with a major in mammalian sealife, your thoughts on the capabilities of dolphins vis a vis an F50 are conjecture at best. Well intentioned and honest, but uninformed in its most literal of senses. The people who do have this expertise seem to think there is a problem. For
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