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    Route 66 2024

    we got in last year and we are 3.0m
  2. TCat

    Route 66 2024

    Well we can - but we didn’t. We wick up pretty quick and there isn’t a lot of wetted surface in the hull form. We can fully retract the cannard, and the keel fin is very narrow - so anything lower than a full beat we are very low drag without and need for a lifting surface. From memory it was a A1.5 start into a 0/ reach for quite a while and at that wind speed and angle we can better than windspeed
  3. Is there anything to applies to the installation of batteries? Does changing to LiPO batteries require any standards to be adhered to?
  4. we have been using the spinlock extension for ages, and recently added the “short handed” option which has a different connector but you can swap between them. The short handed is great - sailing short handed you let go of the extension and it stands vertical from the tiller so it’s well out of the way and ensures never gets in the way of autopilot steering.
  5. We were definitely quite surprised when there were no flags. We had a smaller boat trapped completely over the line down towards the pin ( i don’t recall who it was or whether they went back but they were making every effort to get down prior to the gun and they alone warranted a flag). As we were a bit early ourselves we were low and not quite full chat on the pin - but with 10 seconds to go looking back along the line i couldnt see the start boat at all so it looked to me that the bunch to windward of us which was quite a gap to windward was well over. So we were expecting it to be blown u
  6. Ive got one someone could borrow as doesn’t look like we are going. 4 person
  7. we are going to have a b&g h2000 nmea0183 system coming out soon if you are interested - not including displays and wind gear but there are options for that. All good working order.
  8. Thanks - done. We should have a chat - i could do with a plan about a h2000 system upgrade.
  9. No idea where i would put it but i’m sure it can go somewhere in the flotilla - so what the heck $1250
  10. TCat

    Lead Casting?

    My understanding is the price has increased quite significantly - there are health and safely issues working with lead so that may be part of it - as well as general supply and demand. The tauranga option was cheaper from memory but then you have to factor in transport.
  11. TCat

    Lead Casting?

    Mike is now at Skellerns engineering - ask for Arthur. They did my new one a couple of months back. I also found an option in Tauranga that looked very good - but being auckland based we used Skellerns. Let me know if you need the Tauranga company and i will look it up.
  12. Back to 149? Unless we are going single handed weve got two boats as entries in Div 1. All going well we will take the Toy.
  13. woah there - there are some challenges to overcome. Like a potty and other more important stuff!
  14. LH1 entries looking flash - is this the highest avg handicap fleet ever?
  15. So a new main and beautifully faired for the coastal then.... if we can encourage the Marshall out of pretend retirement then you will be ready to give them a good thrashing!
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