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  1. I have one about 1.4 ton ish. Unfortunately the fin got cut off it a week ago but bulb and fin is still there desperately.
  2. So far we have had a few showers of rain on Friday and cleared by about 1pm. Had a nice sail over to Waiheke yesterday and have had no more than 10knots of wind in our bay. Today has been perfect nice sunny day 👍.
  3. Will be interesting to see how she goes, think she might be a canting version.
  4. Anyone know how we get to see handicaps before the start on Friday?
  5. Can anyone guide me in the direction where I could find some of these replacement hinges? They are off the fridge door but unfortunately have seen better days.
  6. New channel markers are on their job list.
  7. Is there anyone on here that could help with the diameter of the crank on a yanmar 3gm30f for the front and rear man seals? Am wanting to get some speedy sleeves to fixe oil leaks but need the diameter to order the correct sleeves? Any help would be appreciated
  8. Further up the river by the old Stevies yard 15knots was clocked on the speedo, big rooster tail coming off their rudders. Unfortunately a big piling barge dragged and struck their pole damaging it then impact into their hull leaving a big crack and marks all down one side before dissapearing off to stillwater where it struck some more boats before it was secured! Spent the morning rescuing 2 boats from broken piles... Mother nature can be bloody brutal!
  9. With the forecasted rain and wind it wasn't worth us staying out with young kids onboard! So we have just made the trip back from Te Kouma to Gulf Harbour in 3 hours 40 minutes, was pretty wild out there but thankfully we were going with the wind! Top speed of 14knots and average of almost 9knots, boat felt like a heavy tug boat as we were provisioned for another 10days on the water. We may head out again for a few days if this weather clears up!
  10. Managed to dispose in the township 👍
  11. Have Been told there is a rubbish Barge but where is it located? Or where is the best place to dispose rubbish?
  12. Will be a sticky txv valve, went through this on Kick, spent way to much money on the system so ditched it all for 12V havnt had a problem since. Possibly wind the valve in and out a few times to free it up?
  13. This is what we built for Kick Elliott 1050. Since this one there have also been 2 more made for Sniper and Enigma 1. We cruise with anchor in place while flying zeros and A sails.
  14. As soon as an NZ boat is sold offshore GST has to be paid by new owner when returning.
  15. But there is no duty payable for an NZ built boat.
  16. Good luck trying that. Tried that exact thing and boat all but got chained to the customs dock until GST was paid. I tried pulling the wool over their eyes but think I wasn't the first to try that as they knew what questions to ask.
  17. Tracker should be part of your entry fee.
  18. Would be great to have boat names posted with their design as there is alot of new boats!
  19. As per title, if anyone has one in the garage no getting used would be interested in buying. Just a small unit as it is for a staysail on the 1050.
  20. We rounded the king's 15minutes behind Omega, unfortunately don't do upwind like she does, they did superbly well!
  21. Thanks, I have plenty of lead but want it in shot. I have a plan to make some diy lead shot 🤞
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