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  1. Interesting list of who has been consulted with, doesn’t appear to include any recreational boating representatives. also, it seems contradictory to allow commercial operators to continue ?, if bow riding is bad, surely it should be restricted for all groups?, but it appears ok to continue to make money from them. I get the need to do more to protect but all stakeholders should be consulted especially the group that appears to be most effected.
  2. Hi, anyone got a couple of snatch blocks surplus ?, for use on a 12m yacht. Cheers
  3. Quote a swell at Northport....
  4. Lol - I can confirm that it’s still going strong !
  5. Well, that might explain it and apologies for the kerfuffle if I’ve got the wrong impression !
  6. I saw only one barge and it had two diggers working on it and when I looked again about ten or 15 mins later there was a pile of sand in the middle of the barge. I watched it for half an hour or so altogether.
  7. Will do, it was a strong easterly on Sat. I usually see the self propelled barge on its way up to Pakiri on Sat/Sun afternoons in Tiri channel, if we are heading back to our marina. This barge was one I hadn’t seen before.
  8. Was anchored in North Cove and could see that a large barge with a couple of diggers onboard was working at removing sand from the Iris Shoal area near Kawau - does anyone know about this ?. It’s always been a good fishing spot and popular for scallops as well, but no more ?
  9. Dudes - you’ll get a lot more use and enjoyment from a nice new stereo - I,m open to offers....
  10. There is a MS-RA70N model which has the nmea2000 socket and cable, but the MS-RA70 doesn’t have the socket. The N model allows you to control the stereo from a compatible chartplotter (eg ray marine axiom).
  11. Fusion MS-RA70 stereo for sale. Installed in the boat for a week and then realised I needed the nmea2ooo version. Like new, bought from Burnsco for $449. Asking $350. Perfect Xmas present.....
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