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  1. Has anyone seen an explanation about the difference between the Mercs CAN rules and Barrier ?, why is it ok to anchor and then ensure a clean anchor and chain at Mercs but there is no anchoring at all at Barrier ?
  2. https://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/news/2023/11/the-landing-concept-design-gets-go-ahead/
  3. From the Orakei Board email newsletter today : During its November business meeting, the board asked for two amendments to the plan which was presented to members, acknowledging the strong support in consultation feedback for a short-stay haul-out and hardstand facility for boat cleaning. If commercially viable, the board will adjust the plan to keep approximately half of the previous hardstand area. This area would be for a smaller, flexible-use site for a short-stay haul-out facility to be used from May to December each year. The rest of the year it would be cleared a
  4. Yep - agreed it’s about a different variant, but the realisation that eradication isn’t feasible and a “sensible” approach to containment is what I found interesting - how long will we as boaters put up with blanket anchoring/fishing bans ?
  5. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/aquatic-biosecurity/pests-diseases/marine-pests/seaweed/caulerpa-taxifolia
  6. The response by NSW agencies - What is DPI doing? After 15 years of published research and scientific observations in NSW, the behaviour of Caulerpa in the NSW environment is now better understood and we are changing the way we manage it. We believe our efforts will be more effective if we focus on preventing the spread of Caulerpa to unaffected estuaries, rather than on activities that have little effect on established populations. Large outbreaks of Caulerpa are almost impossible to eradicate, require extensive resources and cannot guarantee that Caulerpa will not reocc
  7. some interesting info about the eradication methods considered, sadly also mentions “long term management plans to limit spread” (page 2) and the use of moorings to avoid anchoring… https://www.gbiet.org/s/Technical-Advisory-Report-Biosecurity-NZ.pdf apologies if already posted (it’s a long thread)…
  8. Hi all, does anyone have an old Raymarine Fluxgate Compass laying around or unwanted ?. I’m after the older model (I believe it’s a M81190 ?). cheers
  9. . One important point to note - if your cell phone has zero bars then a ‘normal’ cell phone call won’t work. If the modem has some bars, you can make a call via an internet app like messenger, what’s app, zoom etc. This modem enhances internet connectivity, it’s not a cell phone signal booster, that’s my understanding.
  10. https://wirelessnation.co.nz/lifestyle/ have a look at their website, essentially they provide a small receiver (modem) that has a better signal reception (more bars) than your phone and that allows for “more” coverage. your phone or laptop or iPad can connect to it and that means you get connected to the internet. We find that we can be anchored in some bays where the phone signal “bars” is zero or low, but the modem has a connection, so we can continue to be connected to the internet (read the news, email, make calls, etc).
  11. Try Wireless Nation, they sell a wifi router that seems to have a much better signal reception than a phone, plus all your devices can connect to it (chrome tv, vesper ais, tablets). They do a coastguard package deal. You have to pay for the router and the 12v adaptor, but we’ve been very happy with its reception, plus your phone battery lasts a lot longer.
  12. Hi, anyone got a couple of snatch blocks surplus ?, for use on a 12m yacht. Cheers
  13. Lol - I can confirm that it’s still going strong !
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