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  1. can you still use tidal grids to remove slime?or has council put a stop to this?
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-907316742.htm good safe davidson 28
  3. just had it clarified,need to register to have it sent out,but can buy off shelf once they have given you all saftey data rang head office as it seemed strange
  4. Thank You for the info on a side note.Who knew you have to register to buy antifoul paint,just did it at burrnsco?
  5. Ok IT,where do we get the correct information from?have asked a couple suppliers and they are in the dark but general consenses is are current vhf will work on the available channels we are currently using.My set needs updating but if I need to change who has the new sets?If i do buy a new set will mean another new set in 2016/2017?
  6. yes can confirm that we need to do nothing to our vhf radios,as our frequencies remain the same.maybe a issue if going overseas though.
  7. designer grinders and a couple others + dean,maybe the backers need to ask grant to move aside?
  8. i am guessing here ,that for clubs holding races to ensure vessels have the right safety gear,not skipper just signing declaration,ood has absolute control whether to start a race or abandon?not just skippers responsibility as we know some skippers apply pressure to ood to hold a race,can see this leading to clubs to pay a higher acc levy worst still the ood saying all must have one reef in and a number 2 headsail and no use of kites in 20knots or more. The fun police stopping fun.
  9. could please tell many what sort yachts and many do you think will enter non extra division?thinking of entering wednesday if i get things sorted,thanks
  10. who remembers back in mid 70s,the sea egg,theory was it could roll over and over like a egg and come upright,left nz and never heard of again. Does he plan on coming to nz? remember the guy in the dove,24ft but never went south,stayed up in tropical zones,and proved it can be done using sense.
  11. When Dalton steps down or sacked is when I will support Etnz,so looking good for the Japan
  12. vhf on ch 16 till anchored,epibs etc if vessel is in close proximity whats wrong with a good old smoke flare?, vhf is line of sight only and relies on repeaters,should of kept the old ssb (fair was to many vessels)clogging it,so we were sold the vhf as new technology
  13. With all good intentions of getting all the niggly jobs out of the way,the sunshines good breeze and bingo lets go for a sail.always tomorrow to re run those cables that have been in the way for the last 12 months.
  14. having a bilge keeler in raglan with no haul out facilities,why not go the extra expense and apply coppercoat,then you only need to beach boat for wipe down,should get more than 5 yrs from coppercoat.(something i need to think about.)
  15. will investigate further,there is no rush
  16. my problem is a mainsail nz $2200 hyde $1200 3 seperate quotes
  17. Did you ever make the trip?1983 took a hartley 16 out,never again though!
  18. harrytom


    when light first came on i checked oil and it was down,topped up to slightly over filled so next best thing was (unsure of last change)so did oil/filter change,older 2 cylinder 16hp yanmar,not using any oil to speak off or leaking
  19. thanks,certainly would place order through a nz agent
  20. harrytom


    Has anyone had a set made from the Philippine loft? Thinking of getting mainsail made,sail maker reckons cheaper for a standard Dacron sail to be made and shipped than local?is this correct?
  21. just changed my shaft seal to a blue water chatfield,brilliant service and advice,dry bilge now and they recomend to grease every 150hrs so all good,
  22. how often would you suggest to change water trap and main fuel filters?150hrs average yearly motoring
  23. harrytom


    as above,my oil light came on when idling so checked oil level,all good but very black so changed oil/filter now alarm is off so maybe i was lucky?
  24. thanks,did not realise 1/1/14 law change to mondayise anzac and waitangi,
  25. are you sure monday is holiday?anzac day not normally moved.
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