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  1. Weiti are struggling to house boats at the moment. Members who wish to have a mooring go on a waiting list, whilst you are on that list you go on sublets which means if the holder of a permanent mooring goes away for a decent period, or goes on the hard, or sells their boat but is replacing it and continues to pay their full mooring fees - the club can sublet that mooring out to someone on the waiting list (draft and length permitting of course). Downside for people on sublets is they don't have access to the dinghy locker and often have to relocate at reasonably short notice.
  2. So after a week of fiddling, testing and measuring it would appear I have excorised the demons from my freezer. Wound txv in a couple of turns and back out to original position half a turn per day. Been keeping a bunch of bottles of frozen water and hello fresh freezer packs in there and running motor freezer every day at random times, and happy to report its worked every day. Not an easy task when not on a marina! My jubilation at possibly saving $1000 or so was short lived this morning when I found that the knead-it repair I did on the exhaust elbow last year was indeed t
  3. Thanks Psyche, yes had a read of those earlier. As always, well written and easy to follow. Have a couple of questions, re: sight glass being full - does this mean solid liquid right up to the inside of the glass itself when running, or full to the orifice inside the unit? I ask because mine has a conical dish above the orifice to refrigerant pipe with the word 'Full' on the tapered face. When running the liquid in the line rushes past only occasionally wetting the very bottom of this dish, never getting up to wet the bottom of the glass itself. Second question, in Matts article he
  4. Don't fret - I'm not about to start undoing any pipes or anything - not a refrigeration technician by a long shot but also not an idiot! Just wanting to learn as much as possible about what is in the boat and hopefully make a more accurate diagnosis of what is causing the issue. If tapping or adjusting the txv (in and out but finishing back at same point as it started at) and checking location of bulb plus maybe exercising it a bit (plunging it alternately between cups of ice and hot water) doesn't cure it I'll get it replaced and regassed.
  5. Looks like I have some insulation mining in my future What would be the best pipe for the thermostat bulb to be attached to for efficient temperature control - txv exit or tank exit?
  6. What's the purpose of the big springy coil attached to the txv?
  7. Hi Matt Yes the compressor works as should, and the sight glass behaves as described (fills up.and bubbles clear). It has R154 in it, the Engine is only 700hrs old and it would appear Compressor is same vintage. Once I realized we had an issue I could tell within a minute of firing the thing up if Mr Cool was in the house by touching the outlet pipe from Fridge back to compressor. It would very quickly get icy (but not at compressor end so not concerned about slugging). It would appear that something is randomly deciding whether or not it's going to let things happen, a stuck TXV sou
  8. The Engine driven compressor/plate/brine freezer on our 1020 is hell bent on sending me to the looney bin, and possibly divorce court. Its a standard factory fitted interior with a top loading stainless lined freezer in chart table surrounded on all 4 sides by the brine tank and front opening fridge utilizing the back of 1 freezer wall. Load boat up for Bay of Islands trip, go down and fire it up, Load freezer, flick compressor on and within 5 mins there's a healthy frozen line moving it's way up the walls of the freezer. Running it for 1 hour has the whole thing chilled down super w
  9. Tony's was the first 930 I ever crewed on, and I ended up buying one due to it. Judging from the Swiss cheese bulkhead and missing shelves visible in the background of his interview I'd wager there's less of her there than when I raced on her though!
  10. The clarity of that water at such a depth is amazing.
  11. Just grab one of your extinguishers!
  12. I've got a Prince I took out of the 1020. Complete barring one piezo I robbed for my Princess
  13. All the same place, Deep Water Cove in B.O.I. We were tucked up in North East Corner in about 4m but looked like 1.5
  14. 8 months on from purchase and we made it back up to the BOI. Even knocked most of the things off the wife's list including pressure hot water and shower! What a game changer the extra meter on waterline is. I spent 14 days in total on her, wife and kids 10, even had a friend and her kids stay for 2 days and nights (7POB), came home with still frozen food in bottom of freezer and water in tanks. I'll call that a win!
  15. BOI wasn't super packed. Headed up boxing day. Only a couple of windy(ish) nights. Snorkeling at Deep Water Cove was a highlight. Currently motoring solo off Whangaruru straight into Southerly... waiting for the Easterly which I can see approaching. Might get a bit breezy!
  16. I remember coming into Tairua once on our family's Moonraker 23 trailer sailer, we had holidayed there for years in a caravan and had a 16ft Pelin Aquarius fizz boat, heaps of bar crossings with no issues (if not a bit sketchy for an overthinking kid). But the old man had decided Waterborne holidays were the next thing. I'll never forget it... outgoing tide, heaping up breakers hovering over the transom while the long shaft 8hp motor struggled to move us over ground, survived half a dozen dumpers in the cockpit (fortunately shutters in) before dad decided maybe we should extricate o
  17. Polyethylene irrigation pipe Jon You of all people should be familiar with it?
  18. Anyone smarter than me or with a subscription to a decent weather predictor care to make a call on the boxing day weather? Hoping to singlehanded mission the 1020 up to B.O.I. From as far out as I can look it appears a large high may be approaching meaning some south in the breeze but we are talking 11 days out!
  19. Looking at a mates motor yesterday, leaking a fair bit of diesel from what appears to be the threads on top of injectors. They seem Uber tight, so I'm assuming they have some kind of olive/crush washer in the stack that you can replace? Any leads on where to get such items? (alternatives to Ovlov welcomed!) Cheers
  20. Last year I was anchored in Oke Bay swimming on the boat and a pod of dolphins came in and frolicked for a good 30 mins close to shore. Apparently since boats have been banned from chasing them they have come looking for interaction . 2 days later, same spot I was in the water again and 3 Orca came in and checked us all out. One swam under me twice while I held the anchor rode. First he looked at me with his right eye, then spun around and looked with his left. I'm a pretty confident sort of guy but I still made a hash of 'nonchalantly' meandering around to the ladder and getting the hell
  21. Rob from Gulf Harbour rigging replaced all standing rigging for us, new chainplates, windows, mast wiring done. Now back in the water it's a push to get all the plumbing/cooking/nav systems installed and operational before Xmas... no popping the champagne cork just yet! Fortunately the mechanicals are pretty low hour and the fridge freezer works like a mad thing, so I can concentrate on niceties now.
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