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  1. Hahaha Fish I did warn Joel to look out for 830 rigs when we were eeking our way up the river on an ebb tide with f all breeze. We only went backwards a couple of times, custodian motored his dinghy down river when he couldn't handle watching us contemplating kedging but respectfully stood off while we eventually made it to the dock! I agree it seems a long shot to lose it to a thief, hoping the vendor sees reason and sends someone down to have a look. Fingers crossed
  2. Yeah sometimes I'm just too accommodating for my own good. He rents the berth, has owned the boat 20 years, advanced in years been and had a prospective purchaser back out recently. When it failed to drive out the furthest thing from my mind would have been a missing prop. I was thinking sticky gears, sea life or fishing line preventing it from opening (Gori folding) Stuck head under the water there (eeeew) with mask but too murky to even see leading edge of rudder. So figured better to get it nearer home and have a look. The boat has recent new motor and sail drive (500 hrs) sh
  3. No sadly I have been 930-less since just after Bay Week. I've done the grown up thing and bought a proper family yacht. Picked it up from Westhaven yesterday at sparrows fart and found it had no propulsion when trying to leave the berth. Assumed stuck blades from little use, was on a deadline to get back to Weiti for tide so sailed it out of the Marina, up the coast, over the bar and onto our club wharf. Went to work for a few hours, came back armed with mask and budgie smugglers and jumped in for a look. Sail drive there, as is spline and thread but no prop! Ve
  4. Haha although she can hold her breath long enough to do the deed she lacks the opposable thumbs and I suspect the correct tools to complete the job.
  5. Have you, or anyone you know ever had a propeller pinched off a yacht whilst moored in Westhaven marina?
  6. +1 on the CFX-40 Did 2 weeks last summer with one of these on the 930, with 170 watts of available solar and 196 amps of deep cycle batteries. Started with all the meat packed in and frozen while on 240v at home, drove to BOI with it running on 12v in the ute, chucked it in the boat and buggered off. Ran it on -18deg C during the day and switched it off at night. came home with still frozen meat. And during the day, as the food ran down I replaced the gaps with water bottles and beers. They went from bilge temp to frosty in an hour... One day I'll have a grown ups boat with charging syste
  7. If Boatworks changes his mind I'd be keen
  8. We on the Mean Streak (Class 930) had an interesting race, hoping to better our 4th in div 5 last year we ended up 13th on line... after snapping our tiller off at the transom 10 minutes into the race! Had a bit on with fractional Gennaker up off North Head, loads were high in the half broaches and the thing just peeled off in my hands like the top of a can (work hardened stainless tube about 25mm from a weld) Ended up head to wind with kite behind us, took a while to get it in and get the boat under control. Couldnt believe what I was looking at, all that time money and prep and race
  9. I'd take that one in a heartbeat! Not keen on two on the wind Coastals in a row
  10. Too early for weather predictions? I certainly hope so after looking at Metvuws 1300hrs Coastal Friday forecast!
  11. I'll take it when it's in the offing! It was easy to see the apparent pace of the boat but yes they had a couple of mares in that race. 90k not a lot for a new boat but in saying that - I'm leaving my 20k 80's ross tip truck at Russell again after this years Coastal to do another 14 day xmas cruise with the wife and kids and that's the saving grace for my yacht racing campaign! Mum would let me spend $89k on a Young 11 but not on another skiff
  12. Mean Streak hoping to go at least 1 better than last year, including Grunt Machine, The Entertainer and Hot Diggity Dawg that's 4 930's so far - any more going to come out and play?
  13. This will boil your biscuit - for Saturdays SSANZ I ran the Multi unit (with the depth transducer unplugged of course) purely as a SOG repeater. It was also displaying depth, and based on a few checks against the plotter throughout the day... seemed to be reading pretty accurately. For the life of us, we could not ascertain where the unit was getting its data from! Is there a possibility, that when connected to the Vulcan but not getting a transducer signal, the depth according to the plotter and tide info is calculated for your position and displayed? Was weirding us out a bit
  14. We finally managed to join all the dots on Mean Streak and had a largely mistake free race. Held masthead symmetric from start right on C.U's hip past brown's then had to run off a bit in the puffs and finally decided to foot a bit for speed , then hoist jib and come back up around whatever that big point is called, before setting fractional Gennaker and carrying that all the way to shag island. Rounded that leading all but C.U and then proceeded to play the 'Overpowered Skinny 930' game all the way up the north coast of Waiheke. We took our foot of Mercenaries throat long enough for them to
  15. I've got Advansea S400 Wind and Multi instruments on my boat, hooked up to a B&G Vulcan 7 plotter/Autohelm via NMEA Backbone. The S400 was chosen as a direct replacement for the old Navman units as they can use the Navman transducers. All has run well for 2 years however the water speed stopped reading about 6 months ago (thought maybe transducer). But after coming out of the water for a keel reset and hull scrape/coat when we fired the instruments up the Multi display up and quit. Got a new one, put it in for the Enduro however on the way to the start the screen started sh
  16. Not to mention an anderson bailer would create drag
  17. Originally I wanted to do just that- drill a hole in a low angle a d epoxy in a pvc tube slash cut underneath to let the rushing water vacuum the excess out. I mean the plugs only in there when you're sailing and by rights that should mean you're moving forward? But Ive been told that doesn't work on a 930. What kind of 1 way valve can you get for a tube - buy a warehouse snorkel and cut it down?
  18. Lost our outboard well plug coming home from the windy SSANZ 100 and have had to make a new one. Need a method of draining residual water trapped after fitting it and my tame Serbian 930 owner friend informs me a venturi style bailer is the go. Does anyone have such a thing taking up space at home?
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