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  1. Anyone here purchased their Cat 3 exemption pack for $115 and tried to get reimbursement from Yachting NZ now the race is not happening or will be Cat 4? YNZ are refusing to reimburse me, even though I haven’t started the process (other than purchasing the pack)
  2. Hey Splat, I’ll measure them and take pics in the next couple of days
  3. I’ve got a collection of a few older headsails for an Elliott 1050, giving away in exchange for rum. 2 x #1 genoas 2 x #2 jib these haven’t been used for over 7 years. from memory at least 1 of each is in good condition, the others no idea. You’re not likely to win regattas with them but they should all have a few miles left. pick up Point Chev or Westhaven. PM me for details. cheers, Tim
  4. If I recall correctly, one of the girls in the last RNI did two of the legs with a broken collarbone after wiping out with big gear up in 35 knots exiting Wellington harbour
  5. I'm with Smithy on this, Boating NZ had an opportunity to cover a major event and could possibly have made a full magazine out of it, but they didn't. It's not down to the competitors to provide content, the people not competing are asking for it and the media are not providing, yeah I know how it works commercially, but Boating NZ just appear lazy in their reporting
  6. There was a Mayday from Squealer at The Brothers, they wrapped a kite around their keel, prop and rudder and were drifting into the island. We were 5 miles behind on Spearhead doing 12-14 knots, so 5 miles was not far/long to get our genny down and go to assist. We were just about to call up on the VHF to tell Squealer we were coming to help when we heard them cancel the Mayday as the current was now pushing them away from the rocks. They eventually got the mess sorted and carried on, but retired rather than face the hell that was the approach to Wellington in 30-35knots northerly. Th
  7. He's changed his number, 022 520 0647
  8. Speared

    Kaikoura Wharf.

    Way back on page 7 someone said "Thats my last comment on this. I wish him allthe luck under the sun and hope he makes it." Shame that wasn't true
  9. Good post. I'm having trouble getting an auto-pilot system together for the Round North Island. Got a quote of $11k for a real AP on a 35 ft boat, so the delta between a sub-$1k for the likes of my current tiller pilot and the real deal is huge (and way more than I can afford). Makes it tempting to buy lots of $1k tiller pilots as it will still be cheaper than an AP system (even if they do break). There must be a gap in the market
  10. Thanks IT, the LINZ charts solved the problem. The other charts I had were from another source.
  11. Yeah, tried that. Either charts haven't downloaded correctly or it's not finding the files. Or more likely I've screwed something up
  12. Right, I've managed to download and instal OpenCPN correctly onto my mac, but I'm struggling to open chart files. Anyone got any ideas or tips for this please?
  13. I agree with Raz88, difficult situation and at least Westhaven are working to come up with the right answer. My 2c wrth - more can be done to get the 3 clubs to manage illegal parking in the yellow spaces by their non-sailing guests. I often struggle to find a park near my boat thanks to users of the squaddy at weekends and mid-week (often by muppets who park across the yellow lines taking up 2 spaces)
  14. Are you taking a light airs specialist?
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