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  1. I worry about low zoom gps losing important detail. My practice when embarking on a new or unfamiliar passage is to get out the paper chart. List the hazards and major way points expected and then transfer to the GPS. I then cross them off as I pass them. For a night passage, an old seadog showed me the benefit of also making a light list. Has proved worth while at least once.
  2. Do it! But Maybe not in 40 knots. First time I hoved to was a disaster and I wish I had practiced first. Was a long time ago (40 years?) off kawau in a ply 21 foot quarter tonner. While being blown sideways the solid keeled dinghy got flipped because it couldn't go sideways at the same speed as the boat and ended up being dragged under the boat. While retrieving it one of the crew ripped a stanchion out of the (obviously) rotten deck as we lurched due to having too large a Genoa. Learnt a lot about the technique though, but have been wary of ply boats since. The corollary to t
  3. 93 knots! There's got to be a story in that. I can't comprehend survival at that wind. My worst at 55 knots gives me nightmares still.
  4. Talking with my neighbour in the marina on Saturday and he casually mentioned he was delayed leaving for Fiji as his lithium batteries had swolllen up and he was waiting to get them looked at. He said he thought that there was no charge controller on them. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen so I asked him to disconnect his cables and perhaps move his boat away from mine. Perhaps I should also move mine away from his?
  5. Same for when someone wants to use the head. Way easier.
  6. Sounds idyllic. Not sure how that tech talk got in your thread. Keen to know where you got that big mat. My wife wants one for next summer. (She just doesn't know it yet)
  7. "witnesses report a rogue wave. Even MNZ have conceded rogue waves are a real thing." On my last cruise in March i was in 25-30 knots SE heading from slipper Island to great mercury. Big lumpy sea from starboard quarter. One wave appeared from abeam much larger and moving faster. It crested and hit athwart ships and moved us bodily sideways, I don't know how far. Tui is a Farrier 41 and we had the Boards up (running) if they were down I don't know what would happen- break the Boards? Flip the boat? We were in +50m water. I don't know what that wave would have done to a boat when i
  8. Just looking at the 1050 for sale reminded me to post this. Two years ago we wrapped our boat dark blue. Looked beautiful. Until bubbles started to appear on the hull. Surveyor tapped and concluded delamination. He said he was working with another boat with same issue. Long story short and $000's later have just stripped and repainted. Turns out the builder didn't put enough effort into prep between layers and the heat generated by the sun on the dark colour encouraged separation. It occurred mainly in the fairing compound so a lucky escape. Not really anything to discuss j
  9. Where are you based. Not clear which part of both island you are in.
  10. I'm not a fan of furlers. Had 3 occasions where they have stuck which can be tricky. Also had a sock jam at the top of the mast - even trickier. Don't get me started on in mast furlers they must be a disaster waiting to happen. As you say nothing beats letting the halyard go and tidying up afterwards. But I'm also well past sail changes on a pitching deck so have a furler and try to look after it really well.
  11. I agree neuruter family. When we visited the gulf last month we kept our fishing rods in their racks. It's nothing like it was even when we left Auckland 25 years ago let alone when we were kids.
  12. Weekend still going but this comment shows the commitment to allow us to work on the mast
  13. Never had the pleasure but been aground plenty dropped numerous stuff off them. Including a brand new house battery.
  14. Just arrived Navionics in Tauranga to avoid the blow. Marina is full and car park is empty. Might be better tomorrow
  15. Addem


    They delayed for an hour last year when dolphins appeared.
  16. The Heading is a little more melodramatic than necessary but I'd like to get hold of a fuel cap for a mercury outboard. 4 hp four stroke. I arrived in the gulf last night to cruise for next 2 weeks and dropped it overboard. Any chance someone nearby might have an old one laying around? None in the country and 2 weeks delivery from Aussie. It's about 50mm diameter. Ta
  17. Great prognosticating!
  18. Agree. And I love her dry European humour.
  19. It seems it all just over the place depending on insurer, underwriter and (probably) the clerk processing the paper. The Davidson I crew on had to do the gas (and replace most of it!) No survey or rig check.
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