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  1. 5kg bottle - 4 weeks give or take a wee bit. 2 people, hearty meals cooked from scratch, using the oven for baking etc about every other day, sparing use of the Califont. Use a wee bit less when it's warm, a wee bit more when the temperature drops.
  2. 1 Dunedin to Havelock and back over the December to February period, immediately followed by a run down to Stewart Island which was cut short by lockdown. Pity it had to come to a halt. 2 Back down to Stewart Island in one of the good weather Winter spells (we have a good cabin heater.....)
  3. AlastairW

    Old life raft

    Thanks IT, we have a Waypoint Ocean 4 person, also in a soft bag, vacuum sealed, and kept out of the sun. We got that one, even though it wasn't the cheapest, but the manufacturer gave a 3 year service period, and it worked out better value over the longer term. I am bothered though, that the problems seem to happen after service, and it would be good to get a feel for how common it is for issues to be found when the raft comes up for it's second (or subsequent) service.
  4. AlastairW

    Old life raft

    I know it's kind of beside the point of there being emergency survival gear in the raft, but knowing that the gear in the raft is probably inadequate just hammers home to me why we carry a grab bag with water, food, torch, plb, first aid kit, etc. As for the deflation etc, how old are these rafts and what is their service history? Genuinely interested as I have a raft coming up to time for it's first service, and the cost of it makes me question if it's worth having it done until we actually need the certification for heading offshore.
  5. AlastairW

    Keel cooled

    Before our time, Wild Bird had a keel cooled system for the engine (60hp Nissan). Had a 500 litre tank of fresh water low in the bilge. The previous owners had issues with the cooling being inadequate to let them develop more than about 40hp. This is a steel boat, so good thermal conductivity. They could get better in Winter when the sea water was a bit cooler. Boat was based North of Auckland. I suppose that a larger keel tank would help there, but say you had a 1000 litre cooling tank - you'd be lugging an additional 1000kg of water around all the time. What we have now - which the previ
  6. Just checked the Environment Southland website. Seems very straightforward, and not really anything you wouldn't be doing to make sure you aren't losing boat speed anyway. The pass lasts for a year, is free of charge, sounds a bit as if it is as much of an exercise in ensuring that folk going into the area are aware and have thought about pests etc as it is about enforcement.
  7. You need to make a declaration (I think you do it on-line) that your hull is clean before you get into the fiords, and are liable to be inspected - don't ask me where or how. It's probably on the Environment Southland web site somewhere. As you say though, look at the number of cruise ships and fishing boats around down there.
  8. We're looking to do this from early December, and taking a leisurely 6 months over it, but going up the East and down the West coasts. Starting from Dunedin, and aiming to be back down in Fiordland/Stewart Island for the more settled period of March - April. Paths could cross......
  9. There are enough different models of integrated lifejackets/harnesses about to give a good choice. I find that having an integrated unit means I have all bases covered when it's needed. And the L/J's are so compact now you don't even notice it is there. For me, it's the only way to go.
  10. Have had a Rocna and now on an Excel. I find the Excel a better anchor for a wider range of situations, but, as SM has said, you do need to use good technique/practise when deploying it. But then, ought we not be doing that all the time anyway?
  11. +1 Why bother about all that minutae. There are far better things to be spending time on.
  12. AlastairW


    Looks a bit on the expensive side to me. Have been running Oziexplorer on a couple of Android tablets for years now, Suitable tablet costs a couple of hundred at worst, the program costs about $40, and the charts are freely available from LINZ.
  13. AlastairW

    Gas storage

    Just been through this discussion elsewhere for a land based application, and apparently full bottles must be stored upright at all times because the contents of the bottle MIGHT affect the valve...…… More OSH doodah. Personally, having spent many years operating mountain huts and having 70 odd cylinders stored on their side outdoors for up to 2 years, we never once found it a problem.
  14. Dr W, I can flick you through the data sheets if you want, but you'll no doubt find them on the net easily enough. Efficiency is good as compared to an FLA, they can regularly be discharged to 50% with no undue effect, can be taken down to 100% discharge and will recover well, and, important for a solar set-up, can be left at a less than full state of charge for some time without deteriorating. Not sure I would go mixing them with different types of batteries, that's never been a good idea. pricing will vary, but is about what you would pay for a good AGM of comparable size, but the lead c
  15. I've sailed across the Atlantic on smaller commercial cargo boats than that, and worked on passenger boats with less comms gear !!
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