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  1. Ed

    Fire Extinguishers

    When was the change in commercial training... Did some myself in that last couple of months?
  2. Yep, apparently tucked up safely in westhaven now. Hope any damage is just superficial
  3. One boat away at northcote already....
  4. Ed

    One Ton Cup

    Never have I been so scared going so slowly...the gybe on Result, well we are still not entirely sure how the rig stayed in the boat
  5. Ed

    One Ton Cup

    There was coverge on one news on Wednesday night I think, and heaps of great photos on oceanphotography.co.nz Also rbsailing has daily updates of the racing
  6. Hi paxfish, A lot of the boats here run 2 stroke 8 HP as that is the lightest motor they can carry for racing, and would be propped slightly differently. Personally On my GBE I have a newer version of your motor with the high thurst as well. My logic is that I am happy to sacrifice a knot or two of top speed in return for very positive response while manoeuvring and the knowledge that if the weather is bad there is heaps of low speed grunt on tap to get out of a sticky situation Cheers
  7. Who gives a rats ass if jm has a stop loss point beyond which he is not willing to go, it's (currently) his boat so he makes the rules. If you are serious about buying the boat then get in touch with man privately, trolling on the thead has no benefit for anyone
  8. Ed


    ..or polycarbonate, anybody recommend a supplier? Parted company with a washboard today and need to make a new one
  9. Can this run on a windows phone in some form?
  10. Ed

    New dinghy

    2nd the takacat, awesome little inflatable.
  11. 18m2, 1275mm wide roll $500 Message me through trademe, mention crew.org and I'll drop the buynow Appropriate fee to the crew.org coffers if sold via here of course http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =805235597 Cheers
  12. You ans Squid should have a chat about his anchor setup, I reckon he needs a upgrade
  13. Alfa Romeo II elapsed time 06:43:32 Just saying...
  14. Is it just me or is pacific sundance going very sideways and about to broach in that photo?
  15. Looking at the nor and the rules, you need to have been a rated boat. If they are short of entries I wonder if this will get loosened to boats that were designed For the rule, like the 1104 and cav36, but never actually got a formal rating from rorc or ior
  16. IRC measurer.... Do you really need an endorsed IRC cert for what is basically a classic's event, surely self declaration would be sufficient?
  17. Interesting.... I'd come to the conclusion he was talking about the new Vamos/Calm 2 boat
  18. A few people have asked for a price, as there's about 6K worth of gear plans materials etc I'm after $3000 for the lot Cheers
  19. Farrier F85SR Plans, the extended version of the F82 to fit the corners of the 8.5 multihull box rule. Note at this stage I have not purchased the foils cases for the curved foils, but the plans have the additional construction elements should you get the cases at a later date. Ian Farrier's plans are highly regarding for the home builder, with excellent detail around all elements of the construction and laminate schedule, and also for all rigging, sail plans, foils, manufactured parts(folding struts etc), trailer setups etc. Due to a change in circumstance, I'm not going to build thi
  20. This place has it at $90 per Kilo or $23 100gms. http://www.ecplabchem.co.nz/ I've had lots of dealings with ECP over the last 8 years, great bunch of guys
  21. I admit I had to google it, my Middle Dutch is a bit rusty. Make sense though. Easy one... cunningham
  22. Maybe not quite the answer you were expecting?
  23. Again on similar lines... Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
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