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  1. The GBE's and 8.5's are, by modern racing multi hull standards, somewhat under canvassed, and will carry full sail to 20kts plus. For crusing, a smaller jib with the full main would give you plenty of range without feeliing too underpowered. If you want to have a crawl round a gbe, Mine is on the hard at pier 21 doing a bit of maintainence this weekend, drop by and say hello
  2. New phrf numbers are interesting, no special designation for shorthanded now as far as I can see... is this correct?
  3. I need to go from the main beam to the aft beam, so around 4m I would guess, I'll have a measure to at the weekend. Thanks for the replies
  4. I need to get some new rods for the pocket along the edge of my tramps on the GBE, any suggestions as to a supplier in Auckland?
  5. Due to work commitments, I struggle to get to the boat to clean every week, so looking at something towards the softer end of he range There's a substantial price difference between the extra and the 66. Any cooment on what i get for the higher price of the 66? The promotional blurb is unsurprisingly vague
  6. What are people using for antifoul on 8.5's at the moment?
  7. I've got the Yamaha 9.9 4stroke, it's a bit heavier than Voom's motor, top end is about the same but has heaps more low speed bite. Also the power tilt and start is handy as you don,t have to leave the tiller to get the motor running. Whatever you get, defiantly get the long shaft
  8. Sledge is a modified custom build F82R, carbon I think, where as a F28 is a gelcoated glass production boat, slightly longer, but likely a bit heavier. Tri's generally outperform similar cats in the light due to being able to induce a little bit of heel and tack more easily, and will have slightly less wetted surface area. However the cats catch up once the breeze comes up a bit. You'll likely be racing the 28 R on the water, if it's hull flying weather you may have a sniff at the 31's depending on how race orientated they are
  9. When was the change in commercial training... Did some myself in that last couple of months?
  10. Yep, apparently tucked up safely in westhaven now. Hope any damage is just superficial
  11. Never have I been so scared going so slowly...the gybe on Result, well we are still not entirely sure how the rig stayed in the boat
  12. There was coverge on one news on Wednesday night I think, and heaps of great photos on oceanphotography.co.nz Also rbsailing has daily updates of the racing
  13. Hi paxfish, A lot of the boats here run 2 stroke 8 HP as that is the lightest motor they can carry for racing, and would be propped slightly differently. Personally On my GBE I have a newer version of your motor with the high thurst as well. My logic is that I am happy to sacrifice a knot or two of top speed in return for very positive response while manoeuvring and the knowledge that if the weather is bad there is heaps of low speed grunt on tap to get out of a sticky situation Cheers
  14. Who gives a rats ass if jm has a stop loss point beyond which he is not willing to go, it's (currently) his boat so he makes the rules. If you are serious about buying the boat then get in touch with man privately, trolling on the thead has no benefit for anyone
  15. Ed


    ..or polycarbonate, anybody recommend a supplier? Parted company with a washboard today and need to make a new one
  16. Can this run on a windows phone in some form?
  17. Ed

    New dinghy

    2nd the takacat, awesome little inflatable.
  18. The new rig was done at southern spars as well I believe
  19. 18m2, 1275mm wide roll $500 Message me through trademe, mention crew.org and I'll drop the buynow Appropriate fee to the crew.org coffers if sold via here of course http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =805235597 Cheers
  20. You ans Squid should have a chat about his anchor setup, I reckon he needs a upgrade
  21. Alfa Romeo II elapsed time 06:43:32 Just saying...
  22. Went up the mast on sunday morning, my stretchy main halyard is now 10mm vectran with a technora sheath. Used that to pull up a proper rope access setup, with a climbing static line, ascender and decender, foot loops and a decent harness. Made it really easy. As a backup had a friend tail me up on a second halyard, but to be honest I would be happy without this now I have done it once. It was blowing a bit, maybe 20-25 kts, but from the west so the water was pretty flat, nice view up there
  23. Too soon Vorpal, too soon. The reason I want to get to the top of the rig so that it doesn't end up on the deck. Martin/otto, thanks for the reminder about industrial rope access/climbing gear, I have access to some of this so should be sorted now Cheers
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