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  1. I need to get to the top of the mast on my gbe in the near future, any hints and suggestion on how to do this easily/safely? Bear in mind I don,t have clutches, just horn cleats, and small (16) winches. I do have 2 mast head ropes available, but they are only 8mm or so. Ideally I would pull along side somewhere with a handily placed balcony, but can,t think of anywhere of the top of my head. Ideas?
  2. Noticed a SeaCart 30 has entered the Coastal... anyone know if it is just visiting for the race or here to stay?
  3. Is it just me or is pacific sundance going very sideways and about to broach in that photo?
  4. Looking at the nor and the rules, you need to have been a rated boat. If they are short of entries I wonder if this will get loosened to boats that were designed For the rule, like the 1104 and cav36, but never actually got a formal rating from rorc or ior
  5. IRC measurer.... Do you really need an endorsed IRC cert for what is basically a classic's event, surely self declaration would be sufficient?
  6. Interesting.... I'd come to the conclusion he was talking about the new Vamos/Calm 2 boat
  7. A few people have asked for a price, as there's about 6K worth of gear plans materials etc I'm after $3000 for the lot Cheers
  8. Farrier F85SR Plans, the extended version of the F82 to fit the corners of the 8.5 multihull box rule. Note at this stage I have not purchased the foils cases for the curved foils, but the plans have the additional construction elements should you get the cases at a later date. Ian Farrier's plans are highly regarding for the home builder, with excellent detail around all elements of the construction and laminate schedule, and also for all rigging, sail plans, foils, manufactured parts(folding struts etc), trailer setups etc. Due to a change in circumstance, I'm not going to build thi
  9. This place has it at $90 per Kilo or $23 100gms. http://www.ecplabchem.co.nz/ I've had lots of dealings with ECP over the last 8 years, great bunch of guys
  10. I admit I had to google it, my Middle Dutch is a bit rusty. Make sense though. Easy one... cunningham
  11. Maybe not quite the answer you were expecting?
  12. Again on similar lines... Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
  13. And they're out... http://www.thedailysail.com/offshore/14 ... ocean-race
  14. In the interest of supporting those who support us, I've had really good service from PIC, did a lot of work in finding insurance solutions for me when other doors were closed, but still come up with competitive solutions on the easier stuff like cars.
  15. If it's not going to see a huge amount of load, just glue onto the sanded paint
  16. Is there a way to look at the tracking on an iPad without having to download the app then pay to watch the race?
  17. New Shiny Blue Farrier 32 spotted out and about round waiheke over the holidays.... local boat?
  18. Ed

    deck non skid options

    If you can cope with the look, cork is awesome Soft underfoot, very grippy, drains quickly, doesn't destroy clothing Shame it's brown
  19. Worked fine on my iPad with no fiddling. Really cool to watch, the commentary was good as well
  20. Maybe this? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 163115.htm
  21. Ed

    SSANZ Ball

    Considering how much can get drunk on a slow simrad, it would be very realistic to show up in that condition...
  22. Ed

    If the Volvo

    Olympics and the billionares pissing contest are the two the immediately spring to mind
  23. Ed

    If the Volvo

    Easy, Bay week and the Coastal
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